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Free Udi Sacred Ash and Sai SatCharitra

Important update as on 26th August 2012.

By Baba's grace we few devotees were providing the service of sending free copy of Shri Sai SatCharitra including the courier costs. It has been 4 years of service and books in thousands had been sent to devotees in need.

However, things have changed now.

* The devotees who provided this service were never in strong financial position.

* The cost of book have been almost doubled. Also this sacred text was available only in Shri SaiBaba Sansthan's Shirdi shop, which made it difficult for most to acquire it.

* Now the price of this sacred book have increased, also vendors and shopkeepers can sell them with their margin of profit. So the book can be obtain from many places and for any individual the prices are not high.

* Also courier charges have increased.

* Lately a problem we were facing since beginning has increased considerably. People provide us with false addresses as they don't have to pay a single paise for this service. We are now getting many requests for fake adresses. Which is ending up in waste of money, time and effort for us. We get back many books due to above reason and courier and packing charges get wasted.

For all of the above reasons, we are stopping this free service. Devotees wishing for the book can contact Shri Sai Baba Sansthan's Website for the buying this book. >>>> Sai Baba Sansthans book store.

Om Sai Ram. May the grace and love of Baba be with all.

Importance of Pothi (Sacred Text) Sai SatChartira has already been posted on this blog.

Importance of Sacred Ash Udi
Another very important aspect of Sai Baba is Sai Baba's Udi. The sacred ash that is produced in Dhuni Maa in Dwarkamai. While Sai Baba was doing His leelas in physical form in Shirdi, He always use to give Udi to the devotees. We can read more about Udi in the chapter number 33 and chapter 34 of Shri Sai SatCharitra, not only that all through the Sai SatCharitra we can read and each and every devotee was sent with blessings and sacred Udi by Shree Sai Baba, apart from so many other incidents pointing to the importance of Udi (sacred ash).

Most important thing that struck me while i was reading Shri Sai Satcharitra few days ago was 'and Baba sent him with Udi and blessings', occuring again and again in the book. This alone indicates to the huge importance of Sai Baba's sacred Udi.

Ask for free Udi from Shirdi Dhuni Mai and Hard copy of Sai SatCharitra (It is 100% free ,Shipment free)
Shri Leeladhar who runs a very good website which have so much information like books and magazines and articles to read and for downloads, one can say it is a online library on Shirdi Sai Baba leelas,. Shri Leeladhar sends Udi of Shirdi and Shri Sai SatCharitra in required language free of cost to the devotees within Inida. also has a photo gallery which contains good old pictures of Shirdi and Sai Baba.

This message in bold letters had to be added on December 21, 2010. Devotees requesting free Sacred Udi from Shirdi and Shri Sai SatCharitra should know that this service to Sai Baba is being done through a couple of devotees who are not very strong financially. So there may be delay for some requests may be the stock of the sacred book and Udi gets over and it requires us to go to Shirdi for the same. We can send only one copy of Shri Sai SatCharitra for the above reason. Those in need of more Udi  can donate money at Shri SaiBaba Sansthan Shirdi donation counters and get big packets of Udi. By donating money in more names we get more Udi. Those who want to share this sacred gift of Udi can also contact Shri Leeladhar and send the same to him.So Saburi, please do not always expect fast delivery. For those in hurry or/and more copies of sacred book can directly order the sacred book from Saibaba Sansthan Shirdi's official website Sai Baba Sansthans book store. Om Sai.

Those who wish to have Shri Sai SatCharitra and or Udi from Shirdi for free or no charges, within India can kindly email to Leeladhar for the same.

Tips for sending the email while asking for Udi

Write you address in proper way


Your Name Middle Name Last Name (Surname)
Street address 1
Street Address 2
City or Town - Pin Code (essential)
Phone or mobile number (essential as courier service providers asks for the same)

If you are sending the same to someone else. Please check out with the ones you want to send Sai SatCharitra and/or sacred Udi to. Tell them that they will be receiving the same on your request and they are looking forward to read the Sacred book.

Those wishing to pay anything for the same, will have to pay by reading the sacred book with two coins Shri Sai Baba asks for Shraddha (Faith) and Saburi (Patience), and believe me you will be paid back immensely. Still you want to pay in money for Sai SatCharitra visit Sai Baba Sansthans book store and buy one. The option for bulk orders for book also have to be done at Sri Saibaba Sansthan book store.

There are other Sai Baba devotees doing the same kind of service visit for further details. From devotees from many country can ask for free Sai SatCharitra and sacred Udi.

List of other countries.
  • Australia
  • Hongkong
  • Mainland China
  • Tanzania
  • UK
  • USA

Any websites of devotees doing or wishing to do similar service can mail with the details, and it will be added to this page.

And not lets forget what Sai Baba told us in the sacred text, in chapter 50 about seva or service to Sadguru, 'Seva is not rendering service, retaining still the feeling that one is free to offer or refuse service. One must feel that he is not the master of the body, that the body is Guru's and exists merely to render service to him.'

Any devotee wishing to share their experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba , on this blog can share the their experiences in the comments of My first and other devotees experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba

I received wonderful experiences of a Sai Baba devotee, named Rahul Parthasarthy, in my email account.

I am copy pasting the mail as it has come to me. Only changes that are made are providing relevant links.

This starts a new label called devotees experiences of Shirdi Sai Baba. Sai Baba has many times said that letting His leelas known and reading them or listening to them is also a form of devotion to Him and it will increase the two essentials Shradhdha meaning Faith, and Saburi meaning Patience. Even when Annasaheb Dabolkar or Hendpant as widely known, when asked the permission from Sai Baba through Shama about writing about Him, Sai Baba told him to collect the stories of His leelas and write them, further saying that those who will tell and listen to His leelas with attention will be graced with Love and benefit immensely, both materially and spiritually. So sharing Sai Baba's leelas is one effective and powerful way to increase the quality of devotion in us and developing the two essentials Shradhdha meaning Faith, and Saburi meaning Patience which Sai Baba says are the two most important qualities. And we have a wonder full blessed book called Shri Sai SatCharitra, which is not just book, but Sai Baba's love and grace or Sai Baba's presence.

Below is the email from the devotee

Dear alps07,
I have listed my experience with Shirdi Sai Baba below. This happened on October 21, 2007 (Dassera Day) and for me it's the most memorable experience, ever since I visited Shirdi for the first time in August 1995. Could you please post it on your website so that it would be helpful to other devotees out there too?
Your help in this regard would be very much appreciated.
I work as a ‘Software Consultant’ in NJ, USA. On October 21, 2007 (Dassera Day), Shirdi Sai Baba appeared in my dream between 6:30 am to 7:00 am or so. It was Sunday. I have described my dream below.

“Sai Baba appeared in my dream. His looks were similar to the one in photo, which I have and which I worship. Also, he was looking younger than what is normally shown. I remember his beard was still predominantly black. He was clad in white ‘kafni’ and ‘sadra’. This dream was very different from all dreams I have had till this day in that it was strictly ‘black and white’ in color and was very bright and clear as if with some extra light on his face. I was with Mom. He told me that I’m looking ‘bit afraid and nervous’. To which I replied in mind that ‘You know past, present as well as future’. He took out a small plastic bag containing Udi and Vishnu’s photo and asked me to keep it with me. Later there was strong wind in the room and all people almost laid down flat on the floor because of the wind. He raised his hands up and started uttering some words. He gave some coins to me initially. Then he gave me some money (50 rupee bill, 100 rupee bill). A lady didn’t like that and came in between but he still managed to give it to me once she crossed. He was smiling all the time and appeared very humble, meek and polite while speaking. I also thought in my dream for one moment if such a humble and meek man could be so powerful to be worshiped by all? Then when I went to some other room, I saw Akkalkota Swami submerged in bathing tank till his neck and his devotees were doing the same too. On my way to home back there were Aartis going on road and people invited me but I rejected to attend since I already had darshan of Sai Baba personally and was on my way home. So I didn’t feel need to attend.”

Immediately on the third day after this dream, my manager told me that I would be laid off. I work as a ‘Software Consultant’. Then started a period of frustration and worries. Not to mention the money loss since I was renting an apartment without sharing plus visa-transfer fees, car loans etc. For two months, I was able to control my frustration and was patient. But then foolishly, I abused Sai Baba a lot and blamed him for my misfortune. The frustration and mental pains were very severe and were unbearable. I realized that he warned me in advance when he told me in the dream on Dassera day that ‘I look bit afraid and nervous’. It took about three months for me to find another job. I read ‘Sai Satcharitra’ in 7 days in January and on the first Thursday of February; I had an interview and was selected for the new position.

I feel that Sai puts you in different tests and probably has some intention in doing so. He himself knows why he does so. Sometimes these tests are very difficult and full of hardships and he expects your faith and patience, which is very difficult for one to maintain during difficulties. Frankly speaking, I lost my patience and faith after couple of months after I lost my job and abused Sai for all the difficulties that resulted. I threw away his photograph in anger. But again due to his intentions only, I read Sai Satcharitra in January and got a new job again. In the end he himself will take care of you and will pull you out of the difficulty.

also read a very good article on Shirdi Sai Baba by Mr. Shastri.


ShastriX said...

Thank you for the post and detailed explanation, Alpesh.

Found the dream very interesting. Have been fortunate to get a few dreams of Shirdi Baba, the most unusual one being the one i blogged here.

sud said...

Hi Alpesh,
Could you please post my experience with baba if possible.

Om Sai Ram!


My wife was applying for her residency in U.S with average resume. With competition being so high, we knew that our chances were very low. With Baba’s grace, she got interviews. Though we didn’t get any positive response from them, we had full faith in Sai.
While we were awaiting the results, a week before, I got the message from Baba to start 1 lakh Sai Naam Jap. The day before the results, I was praying to Baba to give me some hint. And I started to watch the Baba’s video when I got the message “Have Faith and Patience”. Then the same day we were supposed to prepare to apply for the unfilled positions and Baba gave me clear indications as there is no need to prepare for it as she would definitely be selected.
On the day of results, we completed the 1 lakh Sai Naam Jap in the morning. And I was watching Baba’s video and thinking if I should do the Ram Raksha stotra, and immediately I hear Sai Ram, Sai ram song in it, giving a message I should do it.
My 15 Month daughter was taking my wife's time and she couldn't start her daily reading of Satcharitra earlier, I was saying myself to Baba mentally, if my wife finishes her daily reading before the results( 12.00 Noon) it would be good and she finished her reading at 11.56 and I refreshed the screen on my computer and by Baba's grace she was selected and it was an absolute miracle!!! And also to get to know it few minutes before the official time.
Sai Baba…..Koti Koti Pranam.
Om Sai, Sri Sai,Jai Jai Sai .

Anonymous said...

Hi Alpesh.

Jai Sai Ram

Truly outstanding and remarkably incredable works yoy have undertaken,I must say you are truly blessed by Sai Nath.Please continue Baba works and help us reach and touch Baba divine blessings

Jai Sai Ram

Raj Sapkota

Anonymous said...

Jai Sai Ram

Hi Alpesh,

I am keen to have Baba udi,how can I can get ,please help to obtain.

Jai Sai Ram

Raj Sapkota

Anonymous said...

Hi sudharshan,

Its good to know that Baba has performed miracle in your life & has helped your wife.

I am trying to get a job in Singapore(for the past 8 months)Baba should bless me with a good job in Singapore.Please pray for me.

Baba has helped me in many instances...but now I feel he is testing my patience & faith in him.And even I have no other option...other than waiting!

Appu said...

Jai Sai Ram

Hi Alpesh,

I am keen to have Baba udi,how can I can get ,please help to obtain.

Jai Sai Ram

Neeru Alag said...

Sairam Alpeshji,

I am very much keen to have Baba's sacred Udi. Please cud you help me in obtaining it.

Warm regards,
Neeru Alag

Alpesh said...

Aum Sai Ram Neeru,

Just send your postal address and phone number at alpesh (at) saimail dot com. Udi will be sent to you.

Snigdha said...

Jai Sai Ram....
Sai Baba of Shridi is God who came to the earth to solve the problem of his devotees.

I will tell you my personal experience. My niece( Cousin's Daughter) who is just 6-7 yrs old was dignosed with kidney failure, it was diagnose that one of her kidney is 60% and other one 40% damaged, as there was some blocage in her urinary track.Earlier it was said that may be one of her kidney will be removed. Her mother is a follower of Baba.I am also a small devotee of Baba... I only said one thing to Baba that, Baba please increase my faith and keep the faith of my babi alive.....I had udi of Baba which I have brought from Shridi, I gave it to my babi & tell her give this udi to gudia with slight water and put some of the udi on her forehead, heart & the area were operation is to be done.... sort of a miracle happen when operation was done on one kidney doctor said the damage was not to the extend as it was shown by reports....also may be operation on second kidney is not required now, they also said she will get normal in few months..

This is the miracle of Sai..... Jai Sai Nath...

Victoria said...

I did not know who Baba was. In a dream a man appeared dressed in white with headdress. He stood in the center of a village. There was no one about and it was clearly evening. There were thatched huts and the stony ground appeared to be recently raked and cleaned. Not saying a word he gestured to me to accompany him. Through thought he explained each home. There is where this sadhak lives, and this is the tree under which I sat and meditated and here is the mosque, and mandir etc. We toured the entire village in this fashion finally ending up where we started. Then he turned to me and spoke aloud, "And next you will meet Upansani Maharaj." I awoke feeling blissful. It was a dream or an astral voyage which I remember without writing down. I knew it must be important because I felt so blissful and remember even today, over a year later, every tiny detail. About one week later a devotee told me about Shirdi Sai Baba. To my amazement He was the man in my dream! I immediately became His devotee. For the next year I would go to all satsang where sadhu, swami, guru spoke. Each time I would approach the holy person and ask, "Are you Upasani Maharaj?" Of course none were. It was only recently that I learned that Upasani Maharaj was a man who Baba has turned into a saint. To date I have not met Upasani Maharaj. But as Baba teaches, he asks only for patience.
Vikki Truver, Mandir Secretary
Shri Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, Riverside, CA USA

Alpesh said...

Thanks for sharing your experience/dream. Upsani Maharaj was the saint whom Sai Baba turned into a perfect Master. Upasani Baba has also taken Maha Samadhi (left His physical body). Upasani Baba's Samadhi and Ashram is about kms from Shirdi in Sakori

divya said...

Om Sai Ram Alpeshji,
Thank you very much for sending the Sri Sai Satcharitra.
Kind Regards,

liji said...

Thanku so much for the sai sat charitha buk and 3 pckts of udi....i really cud not exprees how much hapy i'm after gettin it...onc again thanaks to alpesh ji leeladhar ji nd all ather sai devotees whu r doin tis services...

Anonymous said...

Iam also a ardent devotee of Sai Baba.....I was in parents moved o Bangalore and I was looking for a job. Nothing ws working out when my Bhabhi in whose house I stayed told me about Baba and asked me to read Chapter 11 and 15 before going for interview. I used to keep reading the book when I got time and I got a good job in the every step Baba has helped me a lot. I got married to the person I loved who also became a devotee of Baba. I fought and stood against my whole family for the marriage just believing that he loves me and will be with me.But Baba has turned off that belief from my mind. From the day I got married I have been facing the toughest time of my life and dont know when it will end. May be i did not understand my parents love and worry for me for which Iam punished today. But with the belief tht Baba will do the right thing for me I start my day and end my day. I just pray Baba helps to take care of my old parents and my son thats all.

Anonymous said...

pl tel me sumthng by wich i cud alwaz be wid baba...he has becum my life...i wnt 2 leve eveythng n go 2 him....i cum in tears whenver i miss anythng of his...i realy cant live lyk dis....dere are so much of pain in my life...d person whom i love has cheated on me...i dnt want 2 end my wot im going through will soon let me do that...i read baba books , saisatcharitra....den also he be fine...i jz want baba 2 come 2 me and take me wid health , my carrier evethng has come 2 an end...i cant take dis pain coz im not that much strong....PL TAKE ME TO BABA....I DNT WANT NYTHG ELSE

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello My name is DARSHAN and i am staying in london rite now but my native place is ahmedabd gujarat.
I have read all about SAIBABA and i hope anybody will help i want UDI and last week i had read for the first time SATCHARITRA in just one week a miracle for me in gujarati it was download from the internet.

Can anybody send me UDI AND BOOK FOR ME i can bear the expenses.

Thank you.


Alpesh said...

For those who wants Sai SatCharitra and Udi please refer to

Siddhartha said...

Shri Sainathaya Namaha

A few days ago I read the incident titled "Baghh ki Mukti" in 31st adhyaya of Sri Sai Satcharita which mentions how an old and sick tiger died right in the feet of Shri Saibaba. I am a witness to a similar incident in Shirdi. I cannot recall the whole incident exactly as it happened but here it is:
About 2-3 years ago I went to Shirdi with two of my close friends. Me and my friends decided to sit in front of the Mukh Darshan (there are two Mukh Darshans, I am not talking about the one near Dwarkamai). At that time there used to be a raised platform with steps where people used to sit while being able to see just the face of Shri Saibaba's Samadhi temple statue through a small window (This place was kinda changed when I visited Shirdi in August 08). We were sitting at the same place along with a lot of other people sitting around or on the steps. I dont know the exact time but we were done with Baba's darshan and noon aarti then. While we were sitting quietly a very sick, pale, old dog, almost dieing, came there after some time. Barely being able to walk, it somehow managed to get there. Regardless of all the people gathered sitting, the dog managed to get to a small space near us, from where one could see Baba'a face very easily and clearly. After getting there the dog turned around and sat down facing exactly in the direction of Baba's statue. The dog closed its eyes and was very calm and quite, lying there careless of anything and everything around him. The dog appeared as if it was sitting in Baba's feet. After sometime we noticed that the dog was completely inactive, although, I cannot say for sure if the dog was alive or dead. But I can recall that some people were saying that the dog might be dead.
This whole incident seems to be a very simple one but when you see something like this happening in front of your own eyes, I cant explain how you would feel. We and the people there were so amazed to see the behavior of the dog.

I have had many experiences of Baba's amazing powers but I am so unfortunate that even after this I sometimes doubt the presence of Baba and lose my faith in Him when I go through bad events in my life. I wish I could feel the same blissful peace and calm in Baba's feet as that dog.

Also, I have been trying to get Shri Sai Satcharita for some time but have not been able to get one. I am in the US and dont know where exactly I could get it from. I ordered for a hindi copy from the online site of Saibaba's Chicago Temple but have not received it yet and it has been more than 4-5 weeks. It would be great if someone can tell me from where I can get a Hindi copy of Sri Satcharita. I dont want to read it online.

Om Sairam

Anonymous said...

Hi i'm sreerupa.....i am a devotee of sri sai...he always bestow his blessings on my family.i have full faith on HIM. initialy
i used to get tensed for every small matters.....i was over concerned about my family...then my sister asked me to read saisatcharita after which i'm quite relaxed now...whenever i feel tensed i think of BABA & surrender all my worries at HIS feet.
He is a great ultimate messiah!!!!
i would be greatly obliged if anyone of you could send me sai satcharita & baba's udi.....

Sreerupa Saha,
C/O Sujit Saha,
ABC Officer's colony,
Quater no-D1
indira nagar

Alpesh said...

Aum Sai Ram Sreerupa Saha,

Udi has been sent and you should be receiving the same in couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Seeing all these miraculous incidents, i too feel like sharing my experience which changed my life entirely. it happened 2 years ago in 2007,my life was fine , until the month october started coz i realized that my momhad an extra marital affair, my mom was everything for me and so i was completely shattered. she had started spending most of the time outside and whenever i tried to talk to her she used to ask me to mend my own business and concentrate on the studies as i was in 10th. i was very depressed, used to cry at night, had no one to talk to, till then i was not really religious but i guess god had an answer for me because on 13 december2007, a seminar was organized in our school on god's love and believe me throughout the 6 hours i felt that the seminar was held only for me, i got an answer to my question: why is my mom doing this to me, .ultimately the seminar worked for me and the main theme was
'if your earthly parents have abandoned you, god would never ' . i came out of the room completely trans formed. i cannot explain in words how i felt. i was completely overwhelmed and felt that i have been reborn. since then i changed so much. i became very religious and helpful, very positive and i also play the role of a motivator for my friends. and as far as my mom is concerned, she was ditched by that person and realized her mistake. do u know what day was it on 13 december2007, thursday. since then all my wishes are coming true and all my problems vanish even be fore coming in contact with me. last but not the least, sai baba has taken me to such a condition that whenever i stand before him in a tmple, i dont have anything to ask for. i just say thanks and pray for others to experience what i have experienced.

Anonymous said...

hii i'm satarupa...........could anyone tell me is there any sai sansthan or sai mandir in my hometown siliguri,west bengal.dist-darjeeling.............??
if so then plz do tell me its address.... i 'm very keen to visit sai's temple..i had searched 4 it but not succeeded till date...........


Anonymous said...

Om SaiNathaya Namaha...
Please help me how can i get a Baba's charitra book and udhi.I want it to be posted to my brother as he met with a serious accident and is in hospital now.I want him to read the book so that he can feel better and get the blessings of Baba.

Alpesh said...

Pleas send an email to Sri Leelahar for the same.
You can click on the name shri leeladhar to email him.

adipriya said...

jai sairam,
alpesh ji, you are abundantly blessed by sai nath for the wonderful work you are doing sir.
sir i need a sai satcharitra and udi. i have sent a mail also to you sir. please sir if u can send me one.

Alpesh said...

Om Sai Ram adipriya,

Please mail shri Leeladhar for Sai SatCharitra and sacred udi and you will receive the same in few days.

Mini said...

hi everyone,
listening so many unfathomable miracles of sairam would like to tell mine as well..

i had this very starnage dream where in i saw i temple like structure and on the temple stairs was this man in dressed in white sitting where i see a chaos every where ..people are running to save there life from a snake..and i see one person being bitten by a snake and i run to this man dressed in white to save that person crying on his feet asking him to save this person..then he gets up blessing me and telling he will always be with me and saved the man as well.this was the dream and i dint take it that seriously as i dint know who sai baba was nor had visited to any such temple..but one day all of a sudden of my friend asks to meet her in sai baba temple located in bangalore indiranagar area..i had no clue how to reach to this place howveer with great difficulty i reached this temple and to my shock i see the same temple which i saw in my dream and i just walked into the temple and sat there for almost 1 hr and that day till now ...i believe him..before teking nay important decisions i go to him tlak to him ...some times also fight with him and get angry on him because i never experienced father's love in my life i consider him everything..and sairam also is with me....may be this may sound a little silly but...the love i have for is unexplainable....i just pray that sairam's bless everyone....sairam


Alpesh said...

Om Sai Ram Mini (padmini),

It was great pleasure to read your experience, one more devotee to whom Baba appeared and blessed in dream and then come to know more about Baba, the compassionate one.

gaurav said...

am gaurav ...sai nath comes in my dream and waving his hand to me..and told me to come to this baba comes in my dream 4 times and called me...i want to go shirdi ...but none of my family members and my relativer worshiped sai nath...but if baba has called me..then baba has make the way....after 2 days of dream big brother was going to bombay...i has reached the station at 2 am at night... iwas thinking in my mind at that time 'y baba has not called me yet..i was thinking that by wrongly i had done any mistake...' then i had told sai baba in my mind there at station 'as ypur wish sai baba' next day one of my friend going to shirdi at morning train of 9 am....their ticket was on waiting as all train was full but still they r 2.30am at night when i am standing in station suddenly my friend calls me and told me'do u wanna go shirdi with us...i had said yes ....i know that ticket r not available but his father had gone station and asked for ticket.....his father shocked when he comes to know that only 1 seat is available in ticket has been sai nath has given me a seat in ful;l train...and then i reached shirdi

i has some more experiences with sai baba

my yahoo e mail id is

Webinfology said...

Om Shri Sai Nathay Namah..

I Have Attached with sai baba since 12 years. And I am also member of Sai Darbar Mandir, Bithur, Kanpur. And Regular visiter to Shirdi temple. as far as my experience is concern that sai baba help to me lot of time and always with me.I always try to increase sai baba devotees.since 12 years every Thursday and Sunday i went to sai temple when i put in kanpur or other part of the country and try to convince other person to go the temple and believe sai and sai baba fulfill your desire.And I have lots of example who the person went with me that person had get all the wishes.because sai baba always who believes in first time to him.and after that that person fully believe sai baba.and Conway that chain again.I m very happy every time and pray to sai baba always with me and also request when i do any wrong thing punished me urgently and also try to give love to every body.
Now I m in delhi. Here Every Thursday i go to temple that situated in Lodhi road.

Sir I request that please send me few packets of sai baba udi. before some time i have uddi but i gave any person who need that right now i have not.and many person asked me for udi.but right now i have leaved my job and search new job. So i faced some problem of money.If is it possible please send to me.otherwise i will come to shirdi when i will get my job and money as well.

My Address.
Anirudha Dubey C/0 I B singh 28 B/1,
Jia Sarai, Near IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas-110016 New Delhi.

om sai ram
"AnantKoti BrahamandNayak RajaDhiraj YogiRaj Prambrahm Shri Sachchidanand Sadguru Sai nath Maharaj Ki jay"

Alpesh said...

Aum Sai Ram Anirudha,

You need to send an email to Shri Leeladhar along with your address and phone number (required by courier service provider) for the same.

nithya said...

Om Sai Sri sai jai jai sai

Everytime i feel that my sai baba is always living with me.I love him a lot and belive him a lot as he is my entire life.When everyone rejects in interview due to my worst commuication and apptitude as well as attitude my baba gave a job to me all of a sudden.Then he shows my life partner too as per my expectations.He reduced my anger and saves me from so many problems.Belive sai not anthing else is my only saying.

I love him a lot.

Anonymous said...

Ananthakoti Brahmandanayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Parabrahma Sachidananda SREE SREE SREE Samardha Sadhguru SAI NATH MAHARAJ KI JAI.

Even i have a couple of experiances through which Baba made me happier and more faithful on Baba.

This is one of my experiances i tasted with the grace of BAB....

Recently i started doing 7 days Sai baba Parayana, as part of that on monday morning i prayed sai baba in my heart before starting that day's due. Soon i prayed baba in my heart my door bell knocked and opened door.I found some saint wearing the shirt with Manthrakshari words and showed me Baba photo said he came from shirdi and Baba satisfied about your activities(parayana and pooja) and asked to get blessings from that photo. we did that so. I tried to gave dakshina to him and siad he would not take any dakshina and i pleaded him to come inside the house to get take prasadam and he said we usaully will not come inside houses.
At last he accepteed to come to inside my house and took some prasadam and blessed us.Suddenly an interesting thing happened. he asked my wife to bring 1000 rs as dakshina and at that time that is the only money we had at that time. my wife said would not like to give money no money at that time keeping family expences for the remaining month in mind.But He said i know you have 1000 rs in your bag and asked to go and bring that money.She brought the money and gave it to him.He blessed us again and he left the house.Interesting thing is we did not need money till that month end and we found Baba only came to my house and made us more fiath full on Baba.


Anonymous said...


Sameer Sheth said...

Dear Aplesh

You are doing such a wonderful service, may Sairam jee bless you always... I reside in Canada and would really appreciate if you could send us the Holy book - Sai SatCharitra & Udi packets. I am a software professional and not sure in which way I can help you, but should you require any help then please do buzz me.

Thanks in advance.

Sameer Sheth
T-103, 17107, 63 Avenue
Edmonton - T5T 2K1
Alberta, Canada

Alpesh said...

Thanks Sameer,

For Sai SatCharitra and Udi packets in Canada you will have to send an email requesting the same to Deepa H. email id debu7366 at

Anonymous said...

Om Jai Sai ram.......Kindly solve my all problems.

Anonymous said...

Need help from God to protect my husband and I in the deal that we are going in to make our company bigger and to make payments to our vendors for it. Sai bhagawan needs to help us through this dangerous and difficult period. A lot of lessons learnt and your kndness felt very close. You are there in our lives and you are being felt. Please make this happen and protect us. WE will be ever grateful and are planning to come to Shiridi to offer our Thanks. Sai ram

Alpesh said...

Om Sai Ram Suman,

I will try to find out if some devotee sends the Sai SatCharitra in New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

Recentl had an experience visit my friend who held special Sai Baba Prayers in her home. The place fell so holly and I can feel the prasents of Sridi there. Thore I m not a sai devotee but I can fill something deep down me.
I very much will be pleased if I can get a copy of sai chitra either in english or in Tamil.

My address:

Mrs. T.J.Ananthavalli
18 Jalan Rama-Rama Enam 20/2F
Seksyen 20
40 300 Shah Alam

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
Fortunate was I to get the darshan of Sai at the Mylapore Temple 15 years ago. Now if I have to rewind all that i went through in the past 15 years, innumerable were the leelas that HE has performed in my personal and professional life. All I can say is, you never know what is good for be patient and have faith in HIM. He is the wirepuller and knows what you need. Even today, when I go to HIS temple once a week for the evening arthi, and when i stand in front of him with both my hands open, i cant ask for anything. Looking at his peaceful face and loving smile, tears start rolling down my eyes, i choke..I remember the saying 'if there is Hari, he will feed you on your cot'. So, leave your concerns to HIM and enjoy every minute of the day, the rest is taken care of.

Anonymous said...

I'm a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba. I'd like to get a copy of 'SAI SATCHARIT5A' in English Version. I can't read either Hindi or Sanskrit. I shall be very grateful to you if you pl. send it to my Address which is mentioned here. My mailing Address:

Yours truly,

Alpesh said...

Mr. T. J. Ananthavalli and M. Sarker,

It will take some time for us to send the same.

Om Sai Ram.

Anonymous said...


Pl. send me a copy of 'SAI SATCHARITRA' in English. My mailing address is mentioned below.

Mailing address;


Yours truly,

Anonymous said...

Dear All Sai Devotees,

Om Sai Ram.

It's 3a.m. here in Dubai and i want to share Baba's miracle with you all Sai Devotees, Yesterday i went to the only Temple in Dubai and after darshan brought a 2 feet garland for Baba's frame at my house, today early morning it became 4 feet and by evening its 6 feet and still growing..i had invited my friends by evening to do darshan i have been recording the difference on my handycam too. This is one or many miracles which has happened in my life, i have just surrendered to him for life...... Om Jai Sai Ram....he is here there everywhere you just have to feel him inside you and he is there with you.........Baba aapko koti koti naman karta huin.

Jai Sai Ram

Pankaj Parakh

Anonymous said...

Dear Aplesh

You are doing such a wonderful service, may Sairam jee bless you always... I reside in Chennai and would really appreciate if you could send us the Holy book - Sai SatCharitra in Tamil & Udi packets.I am a great devotee of sairam jee .Thanks in advance.

old no.9,New no.16,Sadayappan st,
Mandaveli,Chennai-200 028.

Anonymous said...

Please can I get sacred udi. I live in USA

Alpesh said...

Om Sai Ram,

To get the sacred Udi from Shirdi in USA please visit and send a mail asking for the same.

SriLakshmi said...

Hi, Am 5 months pregnant and i wish to read sai baba paryanam in english version.
Kindly help me by sending the link to my

kushi said...

om sai ram
kindly saend me sai charitra(english) and udi
my email id is

Alpesh said...

Om Sai Ram Khushi,

We cannot send Sai Satcharitra hard copy and udi on your email id. Please follow the instruction given in the post and send your postal address and phone number to Leeladhar for the same.

jhim said...


To everyone looking for Sri Satcharita,
you can download the English version at

saibaba dot org forward slash saisatc dot html

That way its fast and also u can print it just like the book until the book is sent to you.

Thank you,

Baba Devotee

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram
Hi, i am shiva santosh can i have some info reagarding the sai leelas and Stories books of Sai alreay i am reading Sai Satcharitra.

It will be very great ful if i have useful information.
Thank you. Sai blessess all.

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Srhi Sai Jai jai Sai I would like to have the Sai SatCharitra and Udi packets . I live in New York please let me know how I can obtain the same. thanks vedambal

Alpesh said...

Om Sai Ram,

For New York and other parts of USA. Please contact DeepaH

Anonymous said...

I am in UK ,and i have been worshiping SRI SHIRDI SAIBABA from laste couple of days,but one thing is missing is,i don't have any photo of BABA.I just read about a free udi,photo and saisatcharitra.I would be gratefull if you could arrange for the same for me please.
Please let me know if you could.

Anonymous said...

Can we get the Sai Sat Charitra in soft copy. If so pls get the web address

Alpesh said...

Links to Sai SatCharitra soft copies at Sai SatCharitra

Anonymous said...

i need a uddi,how can i get baba uddi pleses help me out...-DIPANWITA

Anonymous said...

sai baba
please give me a right job as soon as possible

Arti said...

Hi all saibhakt,

I lived in USA. I m tried so hard to find Sai Charitra in Hindi or in Marathi.
Could anyone pls help me. the site saiseva..... Is also not open. I want sai pavitra Udi and Sai Charitra.

My husband don't have any project or job from last 3 months, I have two kids. It is so dificult now here in USA to live.

I know if I read SAI CHARITRA sai will definetly gives us everything which we want. And maan Shanti and faith too.

Thank you

Sai bhakta

icha said...

hello dear brother and sista, thanks for great site i can learn many from here. unfortunately, i can not find my country, indonesia as one of the country list. If one of you are here especially jakarta, pls contact me, i'd like to learn more from to be right devotee, thanks.

roopali said...

jai sai nath

i had asked for free online udi service and i received that with in a week.These sacred ashes of dhuni hs major significance.
Thanks to sai baba

Anonymous said...

i got a job after completing saicharitra withn in one week

Anonymous said...

arati chk you can read it online.. be blessed...

sandhya said...

How to get free udi???Can any one tell me ???

Anonymous said...

Dear Sai Devotees,I am here alive to share my personal experience of OUR DEAR SAI BABA,with U,bcos of the mercy and blessings and love he has on me...I have been the devotee of Saibaba since last july..I had experienced so many miracles in my life for the past 6 months and got peace in my life...But,One week before,Due to some personal reasons,which i cudn't even bear,i took the worst decision in life that i wanted to finish off my life and i had some 10 tablets(dnt even know the tablet...)which was at home...aftr sometime i got so much headache and stomach pain...i went to bed,chanting baba's name and one picture of him in my hands..I got udi(shiridi) from my friend,2 months back,so before going to sleep,i'll keep in my foreheads and hav a pinch of i did the samething then also,wn i had the stomach pain....After 2 minutes,that miracle happened....I felt like vomitting and cudnt control that ....I vomitted completely and evrything came out in that....I dint even go to doctor after that...I am so fine n healthy ....BABA saved MY LIFE....Till the end of my life,i'll be thanking BABA and living with the blessings of SAI AMMA,chanting his NAME......THANQ BABA...
SAI BABA's everywhere and he'll not forget and forsake his children...
He is loving,caring ,guiding and blessing us all,each and every second of our life...

Anonymous said...

Dear Baba, I have heard of many miracles done by you to your devotees.You have solved many tough problems.please help me from this pain.i am not able to bear it Dear Baba.You know what all happened and why did it happen.My guilty conscience is pricking me.I am worried that because of my mistakes,I will lose my loved ones and this life.Please give me a chance.Please make that person happy and peaceful.Give that person peace and happiness and a good life.Its because of me that person is suffering.I dont hurt anyone Baba.I was a good human being coming from a family with good values.I dont know why all these happened to me in my life alone.I never want to be like this in my life.Now,no day and night I am able to be happy and peaceful.It pains a lot for me Baba.Please help me to overcome from this.I am not asking for money and wealth.Please give me mental strength and happiness and peace.please suggest me how to overcome this problem.I am not able to be happy with my current life.I am always worried and my guilty conscience pricks me a lot for my mistakes.Why did I do this mistake Baba?I was good when i started my career.I never expected that such things will happen in my life and I will do such mistakes which is unbearable.Baba only you can save me from this problem.Please help me to overcome from this trouble dear Baba.Forgive me from these mistakes.Please dont punish me.Please help me.Give me another chance.Please make that person happy and give good life and happiness.Please help me soon.I am been not able to be happy for more than a year.Please help me dear Baba.Please.Take me to Shridi or take me with you.I dont want to live with no happiness.Please take me with you Baba.please.Om Sri Sai Ram.Jai Sri Sai Ram


prerna said...

om sai ram alpesh ji...
I am a devotee of sai baba,,, and i have experienced baba's blessing... i was having problems in my hands of calsinosis in which the calcium gets deposit on your body joints but it hapens on my both the hands and the right hand middle finger got contractured due to it... but with the sai baba's blessings my hands got absolutely fine just a little bit contraction is left in my finger i knw this will soon be fine with baba's grace...
i daily put udi on my forehead put on my hands and contracted finger and take udi with water...
i told about all this to one of my friend as she is going through some problems in her house i want to give her udi and sai chartira to her...but when i clicked on email to leeladhar option it is not getting open,... kindly tell me how can i ask for sai chartira and udi for her..
if its possible can you send it on the below mentioned address:
mrs. varsha bakshi, # 252, samadhi gate,manimajra, chandigarh. pin code : 160101
and mobile number : 9501222882

Anonymous said...


I am a devotee of shri sai baba... i believe in him a lot.. i am married for 5 years but i dont have any children.. according to the docter we both r perfectly ok, but still facing problem for having a child.. please pray for me so that i can lead a good family life with my husband and my child. please pray for me so that i can have a baby as soon as possible... please send me a hard copy of saisatchartira and udi.. please sai baba show me your grace... om sai ram

karu said...

I am a devotee of shri sai baba... i believe in him a lot.. i am married for 5 years but i dont have any children.. according to the docter we both r perfectly ok, but still facing problem for having a child.. please pray for me so that i can lead a good family life with my husband and my child. please pray for me so that i can have a baby as soon as possible... please send me a hard copy of saisatchartira and udi.. please sai baba show me your grace... om sai ram

karu said...

Above comment and myself sailing on a same boat sorry, i copies and paste same content.I am a devotee of shri sai baba... i believe in him a lot.. i am married for 5 years but i dont have any children.. according to the docter we both r perfectly ok, but still facing problem for having a child.. please pray for me so that i can lead a good family life with my husband and my child. please pray for me so that i can have a baby as soon as possible... please send me a hard copy of saisatchartira and udi.. please sai baba show me your grace... om sai ram baba plz help me

Ahit said...

I, Ajit want to share my feeling about Sai Baba.
My brother working in Hyderabad and he came to home for solving our family problem after four days he return to Hyderabad, Rly. station is 30 mins away from my home before 25 mins back he ready and told me to drop him at Station but my wife (angry due to home problem) told me that "you will not go to drop ur brother" My brother feel bad and my 78 years old father ready to drop him by LUNA. Then I pray to Baba That Pl do some thing and my brother get the train after 40mins I rang my brother and he told me that train is late by 15 min. then I feel tear in my eyes and my mouth say SAI BABA ki JAY.

Nithya said...

I am from a remote village of tamilnadu, and a graduate looking for a job to run my family. Please pray for me so that i can get a good job. please help me in getting baba's udi ana satcharithra. OM SAIRAM

Ahit said...

I must pray to Baba for your smooth life

Anonymous said...

om sai ram everybody

i wish sairam bless u with a delightful life for your services. sir, could you please send me a copy of sri sai satcharithra in english version and udi to the address mentioned below....!Thnaking you in advance,


Alpesh said...

Om Sai Ram K Mahu,

Please read the post and follow the procedure properly for a copy of Shri Sai SatCharithra. You don't need to post a comment for the same. Also phone number is required along with the address.

Ahit said...

I am trying to send one SAI SATCHARITRA english verson & udi

Anonymous said...

I am searching for job .I know that sai baba is testing .so Please pray for me so that i can get a good job .

Alpesh Patel said...

Om Sai ram Nithya,

All the help and details are given the post above. Please go through it and you should be receiving Baba's Udi and Sai SatCharitra!

Anonymous said...

Sai Ram,

Can you please provide the email address to request Shri Sai Satcharitra in English and Udi from Shirdi. By right click on "email to Leeladhar" is not letting me send an email out. Please kindly provide an email address, so I can communicate with Leeladharji directly. Please kindly rush as i will only be in India for another two weeks.

Sai Ram.


Anonymous said...

Om sai ram
I am big devotee of sai baba and i am keen in reading sai satcharitra by hemadpant in english version. i have tried lot of places but its not there. How can i get the sai satcharitra by hemadpant in english version.

Shraddha Tiwari said...

i want to ask you one more thing that i have the sai satcharitra in poetic version and i have already read it half. Is it ok if i read both poetic version and prose version i.e In morning one book and evening one book. Or can i discontinue poetic version and start fresh reading of prose version. Please help me.Om sai ram.

Alpesh Patel said...

@ Shraddha. Om Sai Ram,
Both or any one of them are good enough. Reading should bring the feeling of closeness with Baba.

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