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My first experiences - Shirdi Sai Baba - Alpesh

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Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!!!

Sai Ram Sai Devotees.

I am and was much interested in spiritualism and in transcendence of the self. I use to read many books of philosophy and religious scriptures. Also I would visit many saints and gurus in the search for truth. I was (and am) very much attracted towards J. Krishnamurti’s words. I was experimenting with the awareness of self. And whatever feeling I use to get I let it flower without naming it and only as energy,  not judging or theorizing it. The general tendency of human being is trying to run away from the painful psychological and emotional experiences. I do not do that and let the pain or pleasure flower.

Somehow I had respect for Shirdi Sai Baba. Once I tried reading Sai Sat Charitra, and had put down the book thinking it has stories of mere miracles and not much about self transcendence. However respect for Sai Baba was the same. While experimenting with different styles of meditations which I used to do with awareness on self I had started feeling subtle vibrations at holy places like temples and pilgrimages.

It happened that two of my friends decided to come with me to Shirdi, as I had and have this passion to visit pilgrimages. We reached Shirdi and had darshan at the Samadhi temple. It felt nice, however I could not feel much vibrations there, there was a feeling of calmness, serenity and silence.

After sitting for a while before Baba's Samadhi we went to Gurusthan in Shirdi. (Picture on the right shows how it looked during those days).

Then we moved towards Masjidmai or Dwarkamai. We had the darshan of Dhuni Maa, the holy fire that Baba himself lit up and which burns 24 X 7.

Moved around in the Masjidmai then outside the Majid or Dwarkamai there is a stone on which Sai Baba used to sit. Right hand side picture shows how it was in those days. There were few people placing their head with reverence on this stone. So i decided to stand beside the stone facing Dwarkamai and wait for those few people to be done with their ritual.

As I was standing I felt as if someone was hitting my legs with the sand from behind. I was wearing jeans. I thought, "Who is hetting my calfs with sand?" Then I looked down on the floor and said to myself, "Hey the floor is of the stone, no sand here" and the thought continued, "perhaps there is a small pit of sand behind me, and some child is picking up handfuls of sand and hitting my calfs vigorously in the playing mood."  So i turned my neck to have a look at that small pool of sand and that nasty little child.

As my felt on the floor, there was the same stone flooring. The feeling of getting hit by sand sand soon overtook whole of my body.

I had never felt the subtle vibrations so strong, ever. I was getting overwhelmed. We stood in the queue which was reduced to about three devotees. I placed both my hands on the stone and then the head. What great energy I felt! Whole of my vertebrae column was vibrating and I felt energy rushing between my eyebrows. I stayed in that position for about 3 minutes. My friends later told that a devotee wanted to disturb me as there were devotees waiting in the queue. But another devotee stopped him by saying Achi Bhakti kar raha hai( he is doing good devotion). I was like totally drunk, drunk with the divine energy of Baba. I sat besides the stone enjoying the bliss and the energy I was receiving. Both my friends had felt the same energy. We sat there, again and again after short intervals, we put our heads on the holy stone with the same effect. The feeling of that great energy, the presence was felt even when we reached hotel and thereafter for few days. This presence is always felt when ever I go to the holy land Shirdi.

While in Shirdi we had bought Sai Baba’s pictures, the original one with the umbrella. After reaching home I was watching the photo and the energy began to rise within and accumulated between the eyebrows, I kept watching and felt the presence within and without. What energy that is, one thing is sure that such energy cannot be created by us, but can only be received. I feel so thankful to merciful Sai Baba who showers this grace on unworthy child like me. Yes when ever I feel this presence I am sure that it cannot be produced by my efforts.

Once I got impatient and thought why I cannot have this energy every second of the day. I want to be in the same energy always. So I decided that I will sit watching Sai Baba’s picture until I get the self realization. I decided that I will do nothing else but keep watching Sai Baba’s picture. I watched Sai Baba's picture for about an hour. Then, I thought that I should also read Sai Sat Charitra, as the energy felt was too much.

I casually opened the book and began to read. The chapters 18 and 19th, i was reading. These chapters had the story of the author who had the similar thought of impatience. Sai Baba had sent him to chit chat with another devotee Shama. Shama then narrated the story of Mrs. Radhabai Deshmukh, who had decided and gave up food until Sai Baba gave her a mantra. 

Then Sai Baba called her and told her his own story where he had said that he had served his Guru for long and his guru had asked him to shave his head and asked for two paise, shaving the head which symbolically means emptying the mind. Those were Shraddha( faith) and Saburi( patience). Here I was struck with the word patience with great impact and also in the second last paragraph the words to some devotee, who was practising Hath-Yoga, He sent word that he should leave off Hath-Yoga practices, sit quiet and wait (Saburi) struck me. 

I then left the idea of hath and decided to remember and watch his picture with Saburi. Here I remember the Shree Ramakrishna Paramhansha’s words that, how could one who think about consciousness get unconscious. So how can one who watches the picture of consciousness incarnate get unconscious. I still meditate on Baba’s picture and feel this consciousness within and without. I was also very much against the miracles.

 There is a very good book Meher Baba on Sai Baba. In which Meher Baba had explained that to perform miracles for the awakened ones is not a big deal( here I am writing as how I have remembered or interpreted not exactly what is written) they perform miracles so that they can attract devotees and give them what they want them to give. And also there is nothing like miracles. Our small mind when it sees something happening, which it is beyond it’s grasp it calls it miracle. And nothing was and is beyond Sai Baba’s grasp.

For instance television, or phone or radio or even switching of the light bulb would be termed as miracles by the people living in 15th century. 

In the similar manner many times when I would feel troubled and casually read Sai Sat Charitra. I have opened the chapters that would get my agitated mind and lead it to peace, the message required for that particular time always pops up during the reading. 

Other great thing about this blessed book the invaluable gift to us by Sai Baba is that even holding it makes me feel the presence.

Once I was in deep emotional pain. I felt that the very roots of my being were shaken and I choose to get in this painful experiences rather than avoiding them. The pain was deep and I thought I would go mad by this painful experience. My body was like paralyzed by the emotional pain and I was lying on the bed. At that time I put Sai Sat Charitra on my heart I felt much energy going from the book in my heart and balanced it. 

The pain was there but the energy to sustain was received. On another instance I had gone to meditate in a group conducted by a well known guru (here I am not in anyway trying to write against that or any other Guru). There were about 15,000 people mediating. The energy went so high that people began to scream and laugh and cry. The energy within me was also going high and I thought that my brain will not be able to take such energy. I had taken Sai Sat Charitra with me. I held it and all the energy was diverted to the place between the eyes. 

The energy was well directed by holding this precious gift by Sai Baba. I have also bought a shawl from Sai Sansthan Shop in Shirdi and get touched by Samadhi of Sai Baba. The shawl when placed on my body also makes me feel this presence.

 I had this desire of touching and placing my head on the articles used by Sai Baba. Last time I was I Shirdi and was visiting a house of a devotee of Baba, when Baba was still in the human form. The ancestor of the devotee suddenly stood up and started showing me the articles used by Baba, the Kafni, the footwear, which were gifted by Sai Baba to his forefather devotee. Not only this, he insisted that I hold them for a while. There were devotees in queue before me and after me, none he asked to hold them but me. Sri SadGuru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

Also Baba has blessed me with a wonderful son who loves to repeat Baba, Baba,Baba…..


Sneha said...

As you talk about your experiences i also have experienced Sai's presence in my life. Whenever I have any problem in my life I read Sai Sacharitra and in the adhyay which i read i find the solution for my that problem. In Sacharitra they have mentioned about some slokas of Bhagvad Geeta in many of adhyays (like according to Bhagvad geeta) SO whenever i used to read Sacharitra, i used to feel that maybe someday i shud read Bhagvad Geeta, but then second thought used to come to my mind that Geeta is in Sanskrit and I wont understand. But i felt I shud read. One saturdaymy husband I went to S.V. Temple in Malibu, CA. Initially we did not have plan of going but anyways we went. ON the way it was raining very heavily. I thought we can't reach but somehow we managed to get there. Once we reached there, we got from the car and came towards the entrance of the temple, suddenly one stranger came from somewhere. He first gave a small Bhagvad Geeta and a self realization book to my husband and then he gave a big Bhagvad Geeta As it is book to me and said this is for you. He handed the book and before i cud react he vanished. And the important thing is book is in English. I really believe that it is Baba's gift for me which i will cherish lifelong. Baba makes me his presence felt in my life by always helping me. I know he is within me. I talk to him, I feel him and yes i feel I am blessed one. Thanks Baba for everything that you have given me and my husband and blessed. Be with us forever.

Anonymous said...

For a long time, I have put off reading about Sai Baba or believing in him so wholeheartedly as my husband and his family did. After almost 9 years, I finally decided to read Sai Sat Charitra (for whatever reason). It would give me chills everytime and now, thinking of Baba, I can feel tears in my eyes. Jai Sai Ram.

రామ ShastriX said...

Thank you for this lovely XP, Alpesh.

Had a very nice dream with Shirdi Baba. More….

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram,
Today I like to share one of my experience which once again proved that if you really pray whole heartedly with out any promise for offering to baba... he will surely help us. I came to Switzerland for my studies in Sep 2005. It was my first experience outside my home and with out seeing my family for so many days. With baba's grace after my academic part of my MBA, I got internship in a very good MNC in Swiss. Finally, I even managed to pay the rest of my fee and succeeded in my thesis defense also. Nearly after 2 years, I planned to visit India and blocked my ticket as of Aug 17th 2007.
Before to that in Jun 2007, one morning when I was traveling to my office... in my hurry I forgot my handbag in the train and got done at one station where I had to catch the connecting train with my laptop bag. When I was about to catch the connecting train, I realized that I lost my bag. But that was too late as the train was already left in which I forgot my bag. I was completely helpless. I don't even have a single penny in my hand. I was crying literally as I got all my debit & credit cards, my one train pass for year along with my office mobile, keys, id card and few other important things.
I called my friends. They asked me to stay cool and lodge a complaint in the station and one of my friend started immediately, and other friend of mine started speaking to me continuously to keep me cool. I vow them a lot. I the mean time I tried to find out the means to lodge a complaint at the station. They asked me to go to the main station to Lost and Found department to do that. After my friend came, we both came back to the main station of Zurich to that department. They told us that the only way to lodge a complaint is through internet and they gave us the information about the website. Slowly, I was loosing hope. Suddenly, I got remembered of my one year train pass which was lost. I thought of applying for the new card as I got to go to office from the next day. When we reached the counter, the person over there asked me for an id proof. Then I was completely broke down as I came to remember that I eve have my passport in that hand bag.
I couldn't resist myself from crying hardly as Passport is very important and I have planned for my India trip with in next 2 months with out which it will not be possible. I cried literally bad. We immediately went to the police station and lodged a complaint. They suggested us to wait for the result from Lost and Found for one week and then to approach Indian Embassy for the new passport in Bern. We came home. In mean time my friend at home tried to find out the procedure to be followed at Bern Indian Embassy and the time they would take to issue me a new passport. Every thing was quite messy. I opened the Lost and Found Department website and lodged my complaint providing all the details.
In my heart, I silently prayed to baba. Once in parayana, I came across Baba's saying that there is no need of your offerings, no one over here is waiting for them. Just pray whole heartedly, and I will be there for you where ever you are and help you out. So, I wanted to follow his saying this this time... and told myself that... Baba knows that I am in trouble. He also knows that I trust him. So, he will surely help me out. And I simply prayed baba for my lost hand bag... mainly for my passport. This happened on Tuesday.
The day after, that is on Wednesday evening, I opened my mail after coming from my office. To my surprise, I got a mail from Lost and Found Department stating that they have found a bag and I can verify it on coming Saturday morning. I was eagerly waiting for the Saturday morning to come. When I took my handbag in to my hand on that morning, I first looked for my passport. It was there. Nothing was lost. It was simply a miracle of Baba.
Thank you baba... I vow a lot and I please be with me through out my life. I cant do with out you.
Baba you know the current phase of my life... I am quite disturbed... please help me out... I need you baba... please...
Om Sai Ram (forever Sai devotee)

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram,
I have been a sai devotee for 3 years now..but I am sure my relation with him is a very long one.I am here to mention one of my experience that I had promised baba, I shall post it here if it came true. But, before that I would like to apologise to baba for being lazy and not posting this soon, though I had all time in the world. I am really sorry that I dint do it all these days. Well, I am almost done with my MS and was looking for jobs in my field. Also, I wanted it around my university area. I had to make decision soon if I had to continue looking for jobs in my field or to go ahead with software. So I prayed/ or just sincerely asked him for a job in my field by the end of semester. And baba told me that I would get it before the end of my semester. True to every word I got an interview on a thursday and the week later I got the job. By the end of my sem I had a job on hand, also this was close to my university. Now, I am very much thankful to him, if not for him I would not have got this job. he has given me everything even before me asking him. He knows what we want and my trust is he knows the best. what i have mentioned here is just one instance, there are many more miracles that I have seen happening with me..All I had put in was a sincere prayer and my Sai has given me everything that I have needed. My faith in him has just increased everyday. All I want to say to baba's devotees is that dont give up faith in him even if he himselves asks you to. Trust in him and he shall do the rest.
Om Sai Ram,

Anonymous said...

Dear saibandhu's,
Like every year baba bless me as darshan of Lord Ayappa (son of lord Vishnu and lord Shiva) for past few years. I feel great at that place and new energy every year. This year before going there i went to babas mandir and gave baba dakshina,coconut and asked his blessings and ask HIS darshan there also. Every year i had seen Ayyapa in ghee abhishekam to this year i requested him to give his darshan in flower. I started my journey on HIS name. And by HIS grace i reached the place without any problem.
Then we had our holy bath in Pampa (holy river) and started climbing the hill.As the place was crowded with too many devotees being th holy month we had to wait 24 hrs to have darshan.We stood in line at 6.30pm in line and spent the whole night and day in 'Q' sheds provided for devotees.And the next day at 6.00pm iwe went near the temple the temple was 50 steps.In that last shed the 'Q' was very much and a swamy acompanying me said its suffocating so i made him sit inbetween the lines and gave him my Irumudi"pooja things for lord" said will join u on the otherside of the 'Q' as i was also very much tired.It was mistake to give mine to him but i had no option bcos i had lost most of my energy.When i later completed the line and came to join that swamy.To my surprise he had gone away with my 'irumudi'.And our deeksha is of no use if we dont climb the holy 18 steps of the temple and without that we are not allowed to climb the steps.So i was lost with no option one person near me told tell lies and climb the steps i thought otday i amy lie but what when i satnd infront of baba? so i thought i will plead the temple person to allow me witout that 'irumudi' if he allows i will go otherwise babas wish.I closed my eyes and asked baba"with ur permission i came here baba plz do something i have no way other than to ask u,i might have done some mistake plz forgive it and give me strengtht not to repeat it"And as i had thought before i was about to step to the temple person a oldman stepped infront of me and blocked my way.I took a stepped back and allowed him to cross thro me.Then to my sudden surprise he took out a 'irumudi'from a tree near by and saw me i asked"baba can i take it plz mine is misplaced.He just said one word"this is sent for u by lord Ayyappa"my heart knew no words to explain my happiness.I knew that was none other than baba who came for my help.I saw baba in him and said thank u baba.He smiled and said dont worry"this i have to give to my guru after u climb the steps give it back to me" i said as u wish baba.After having darshan i tried to figure out baba but as i had gussed he was not to be seen :-).So as said by him i offered all the pooja things to Lord Ayappa there and thanked baba there and gave dakshina there in his name.Baba never leaves our hand was proved thus in my life.

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram,
Till now what I got all are because of saibaba, so many times he blessed in my dreams.The tough time means its a test to sai bhakth... at that time we need sradha and sahanam if we do so finally we get gud things, but in that tough period every day is very very difficult we can't express in words.. all the feelings, but at that time by concentration on sai we can get some relief.
I got my First job because of sai first day I went to office and second day is THU and its holiday all are said 2nd day nirvighn nahee honaa hi. but I thought I got time to do sai pooja. after long time I started my job trails to change the company. I have so much fear even though I prepared. finally I left to sai. even to take some time for the interview I switched off my mobile at that time. but finally I attended and result I left to sai. I never thought that I will select this time. I need to help to my parents financially and its very tough time at home.
if our wish is gud then sai also will help us. finally I got selected, and in my marriage also he helped a lot. we planed to invite only for 300 but Invited 450 members, in this also he helped. I like to read this mail every time. when I see this first time I thought if I get a gud match then I will post my exp. but I failed at that time. Every time when I visit sai temple I like to give 2/- one is for sradha, one is for sahanam.I believe if he will give bhakthi on sai and these two then our wishes will come true because he knows our wishes no need to tell.
Sai Ram

Unknown said...

Hello to all fellow Sai dvotees,
I am a student pursuing my masters in UK. I had been trying to download the Sai Satcharitra pdf and came across this site. All the incidents i read here have givenme a lot of insight about life.
I am 21 years old, and am in a little confused state of mind. I have complete faith in Sai. He has fulfilled most of my wishes. ( i mention it as 'most' of my wishes,coz i only dont remember half of what i wish!)
Whenever i pray to Him i do feel that He listens to my prayers. But somehow i feel i ask for too much. I dunno if i am sinning by asking so much from Him. the wishes may not be too huge, quite regular infact, stuff like, i wish i pass my exams, which reminds me that i shud mention this experience that i realised happened while reading the blogs other fellow devotees have written. as i mentioned i am pursuing my masters degree from uk, and due to my completely laid back attitude, gave pathetic papers, I feared flunking 3 papers of six, and in our degree scheme, we are allowed to re-attempt 2 papers. flunking 3 papers meant that i wud not get my degree. i felt miserable, for acting so stupid and ruining my parent's money and i kept praying to Him that some miracle happens and i get my degree. to my surprise (this i ralised just now) that my result came on a thursday. ( i remember the day because i have been fasting on thursdays, and that particular day also i was fasting), and though i had not scored the deadline marks (as i expected) in 3 modules, i have to re-attempt only 1 exam, and i will get my degree! A MIRACLE!!!! (and I was naive, that even though the incdent came right into my face, i did not give it as much importance as it deserved!)
I have had such other experiences too!
but coming back to my confusion..i always get this feeling that i shud not ask so much from God. feels like i am being selfish...i try to justify myself when i am crying and praying desperately for something, that if it is not You, who else will i other times when i sit to rationalise my demands from God, i think, it is probably the age that i am in, the age to ake myself, to become an identity..and this is why i have so many demands...but then one part of me still does not feel sure enough if it is ok to ask! i keep feeling that i have asked so much and He HAS given me all that i ask for always, that it is a sin to ask more!
at this moment, when i am writing this comment, i still have some, (rather quite a few wishes), that i wish came true...but i feel guilty t ask!
I am open to any comment or advise any reader has to this...
So i hope to read an answer to my doubts soon..
I want to learn till i can confidently call myself a good person!

Anonymous said...


I have just recently started believing in Sadguru Sainath. Read a few paragrphs of Sai Satcharita everyday. I sing the Shej Arthi every evening. I have a daughter born to me first and so much hoping for a baby boy. Just like Swapna who has published her anxiety, I am in a similar situation- In my 5 th month scanning they said it was a baby girl. I pray to Sainath every day that may be the techinican has made a mistake, may be I am one of those people whose ultrasound went wrong and they made a wrong guess. I would still love my child no matter what, but I so much am hoping for a baby boy- Sai nath, I swear if I have a baby boy, I will surrender my life to you , and name my baby Sai Samarth or Sai Vishnu or Sai Nath and only call him Sai. Please forgive all my mistakes I have done knowingly or unknowingly and wash away my sins and bless me with a baby boy. I will publish your miracle in all possible websites I can.

Anonymous said...

My experience with Sai Baba.

I know Saibaba from childhood, i used to visit Sai temple along with my parents on thursdays. Even I had been to Shirdi once. After moving to another city for education, visit to Sai temple stopped.
I moved to B'lore, got job, got married. This year my parents had come to my house in June. I usually do not watch TV, but that day my father was watching some news channel in which there was a program about Shirdi Sai baba. I too watched the program, after watching I felt like knowing more about Sai baba and I started reading information available on the internet every night. I was getting very much interested to know life and teachings of Sai baba.
During that time, my parents were about to go back and I went to railway station along with them. On the way back I saw Sai baba idol in one of the car at traffic signal. One day on the way, I saw poster of Sai baba. I was very glad to see this, and was feeling like Baba is calling me.
Eventually I decided to visit Sai temple and also came to know that there is Gurupurnima festival in July month. I visited Sai temple along with my family and was very happy after having Sai baba's darshan, after that, in next week I went to Sai temple on Gurupurnima day, I was going thru many ups and downs in my professional as well as personal life, while aarti was going on my eyes filled with tears and I asked Sai baba to remove all my miseries. Also I asked him to give me his darshan. After aarti was over, I took prasadam and came out of temple, and there saw an old man wearing white dress, he was saying "Om Sai Ram" to everyone who was coming out of temple, he was doing "Namaskar" to everyone and also giving blessings by showing his hand.
From his cloths he was not looking like he is poor and wanted something from people. He did Namaskar and gave blessings to me also, and was smiling, his eyes were filled with love and smile, I was thinking of offering some coins which were in my hand but was not sure whether I should give him or not as he was not asking for any money. I was feeling like he is Sai baba, I did namaskar to him and stood at some distance and was looking at him , then suddenly I saw a person giving some coins to him which he kept in his pocket, I too went and gave him coins, he again said “om sai ram " and blessed me. He gave me wonderful smile and looked straight into my eyes, his eyes were filled with love and smile, I feel he was Sai baba who gave darshan to me.
This month I came to know about Shri Sai Satcharitra , and thought of reading it sometime later. Eventually I started it reading it online and completed my reading in one week. While i was reading it, one day just after finishing reading one of the chapters from Shri Sai Satcharitra in the afternoon, I was about to take nap and laid down on bed, then someone came at the gate which was locked, thinking that it may be salesman i was about to ignore him but after hearing sound of gate, I got up and went to see who is there. A person was there who was doing checking of LPG Gas leakage in every house and was asking me do get it done. Usually i do not entertain strangers when my husband is not at home but that day I thought of letting him to do checking and asked for his identity card, he gave me his identity card, to my surprise there was a photo of Sai baba in one corner of his I-card and the name of agency was 'Shree Sai Krupa agency'. I was very much delighted to see Baba's photo and felt that he is telling me that he is with me.
On sixth day when I was reading Sai-Satcharitra online, as I finished the chapter, the internet got disconnected and I was trying various options (in laptop) of connecting to internet (connect , disconnect, find wireless network etc) as I thought the wireless network (between our wireless router to my laptop ) might have got some problem, suddenly I saw my latop, it was showing a wireless network whose name was 'sairam'. I tried to connect to that network and it was showing following lines -'you are connected to wireless network - sairam'. I was very happy to see this. One of our neighbours name is "Sairam" and it was his wireless network which my laptop detected and since it was sunday he was at home and might have enabled it. But what a coincidence it was, I never saw my laptop detecting this network earlier and the day I was reading sai-charitra and finished one of the chapters I had above experience which showed Sai baba is with me.
After finishing reading of Sai-Satcharitra at the last day i wanted to give food to poor people but was not able to cook at home so I decided to give prasadam to people at nearby Hanuman temple. So one day before I went to temple along with my husband and gave money to priest and asked him to prepare Prasadam and also asked him to give it to all people coming to the temple as well as to the poor people sitting outside the temple. I was feeling very guilty and nervous that I am not able to prepare and offer food myself, while handing over money to priest I just looked at the wall just in front of me, to my surprise again Baba was there in the form of Calender, I thought he is telling me not to feel guilty.
After reading Sai-Satcharitra I am feeling very happy and peaceful and was thinking of posting my experience after few days, but today i started to write the experience and finished it and also posting it here.
I pray to Baba to shower his love and grace on me and my family and also on all Sai devotees. I also pray to Baba that I become a good human being and travel on the path shown by Baba.

Om Sai Ram
- Monika

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram,
I do not know whether I can call myself a true devotee of Sai Baba or not. I worship Baba from the bottom of my heart, I always believed that whetever is happening is happening for our long run good, whether it is good or bad because we only think about the immediate results and not knowing about the future. I have full faith in Baba.
Recently I lost my son due to some mishappening. My son was also a devotee of Baba,he was a loving son, sobre and cool person. I lost my faith in Baba for some time as I thought that Baba had not helped him from committing suiside. In the Sai Sachcharita there is a mention about Shri Gopal Narayan Ambedkar overtaken by calamities decided to commit suiside in Shirdi and Shri Sai Baba saved him.
I still could not understand what is lying good for me in this situation whether in present or future. I know this is the result of my previous Karma. May Baba help me to overcome from the grief and help me to make my belief much stronger than before.
I always prayed to Baba that He should always be by my side whether any other person support me or not. May some day I understand the reasons of what has happened to me. Baba surely will help me to understand this.
Jai Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

OM Sri Sai Ram ,

I would like to share my experience with you all.My mother is 80 years old she was very sick for more then one month she used to get cramp in leg and hand all nights i cried to baba to show me some way that she should get well .one day she was not well immediately i tool her to doctor they took all test and found that her potassium level was very low she was admitted for a day in hospital got diagnosed and she is keeping well with baba grace .i promised baba that i will share this article with all and have her snap in the web .

Baba is there in my life he is guiding me i could feel that .....i love baba he is my father mother and brother . i dont have father i lost in in my early life ....

Praise the lord !!

Sri Sai Baba

Anonymous said...

Im very pleased to read all your comments and to feel Baba's presence in everyone's soul...Well, Im now 22....till 20 I just use to pray God to fulfill my material desires, but I never expected them to happen because Im not such a great devotee..Later I came across a severe problem in my life..though it never seemed to be a problem,I never use to have any peace..Then once when I was really out of best friend suggested me to pray to Baba and get your problems solved..As I could find no other option rather than praying God..I did so...And it was unbeleivable that all of my problems started getting down...I use to cross the hurdles and came out of it one by one.....I was damn surprised of how can such situations be dealt...Actually I can say that no one on Earth can save me from such situations where I was landed..I had no support or no scope of coming out of that problem.....,but I could not even bleive now that how am I able to laugh whole heartedly(I thought I can never)..Now my problem has been completely solved........Always I had Baba with me...I use to share my agony only with Him...and I also use to feel Baba conversing with me...Once I met my childhood friend and she told me abbout Satcharitra....then I decided to read it...first my mum started it...within a week she came across Baba in her dream...I was so overwhelmed, immediately I too started the parayan...wile I was doing it..I had a dream where I was called to Shiridi during Pongal....then i just forgot about that dream...and the next day again when I was doing the prayers, I could recall that dream when I was looking at Baba's picture...I was shocked..and I told my mother about it..she was also very much surprised...and we waited for that day to come...And one more thing is that we never visited any place with our family together and we never ever visited Shiridi...Then once we told our father how about going to Shirid for that Pongal...He did'nt repond...and later after 3 days he came upto us with the tickets to Shiridi.....My God..!! Hope u can feel my happiness.......I was over excited and I could not beleive even...Finally we went to Shiridi...and my experience there was so excellent that I didnt not feel like coming home again.......that was my 1st experience at Shiridi.....the place, the people, and the atmosphere........till then no one in our family were really devotees of Baba..all of us use to just pray........,but from then.everyone in our family became very great devotees of Baba...and now Baba is one among our family....We feel Him in everything we do......Many incidents took place after Baba entering our lives, which were more than miracles...I can never imagine my life without Baba.......Hope Baba would bless all of His people in the same way...and help everyone in the every step of their lives.......Baba never leave me....Om Sai Ram...!!!!!!

Alpesh Patel said...

Aum Sai Ram,

There are many devotees who have been helped in this matter by Baba's grace. Keep praying from the depths of your heart and read Sai SatCharitra if you can. Also if mother reads Sai SatCharitra when the baby is in womb, it is great, as the child in the womb gets easy contact with the grace and divine love of Sai Baba.

So the mother should read Sai SatCharitra as many times, during pregnancy.

Swathi said...

I thank BABA for everything in my life and I want to share one of my
experinces, I attened to the interview for Internal transition in my
company and I have not done well in that so I felt sad and I left it to
Baba and I wanted to read just one Baba's Leela in your(Alpesh) Blog and
just selected one and felt really great after reading Payal's Experience
which exactly suited to my situation at that time As she cleared her
examination with 60% though she has not done well in that, After
Reading that I strongly felt that I will definitely succeed in the
transition, Baba done the same thing, I got call from the same team
again and I successfully joined in that Team. Thanq So much Baba. Keep
Faith in him he definitely listen to us.


Anonymous said...

I would like to share one of my recent experiences.Recently i was put on bench in my company.You all must be knowing how risky it is to be without a project these days.I was really worried and i started reading Sai Satcharita hoping to finish it in 7 days.On the 5th day (It was a Thursday) i got a project all of a sudden.I was really shocked as other people were waiting for months to get a project.After 2 days i was told i would have to go abroad for training for that project.I was really on cloud nine.But my parents were worried as i was a girl and had to travel to an unknown place without a proper person for company.Again Baba came to my rescue and sent a another girl with me.We both will be travelling together and will share accomodation also.To me Sai is like a loving mother.He gives sweets or bitter medicines according to my need.He knows what i need and always does whatever is good for me.All he expects in return is love and devotion.

Thank you very much Baba.

Anonymous said...

Hello All Devotees, I am very much happy to see so many devotees at one place,everyone had his own experiece to tell,what baba had done for him.can we ask our self what we had done for baba? usually we go to Shirdi or in Mandir and pray for self?is that only ok.If we give him askashta,phool,poja is that only ok? then what we learnt outof him livelyhood[Charitra],today so many devotee come to shirdi for Darshan[Sorry you may feel some thing anti sai,but sorry,I am not Anti sai,I want to show you that there is everywhere yes dear everywhere there is sai]walking, by car we spend so much of our[?][It's actual given us by baba's grace] money.And If we see some begger asking some food we try to avoid him,Is it ok? that is only baba teaches us. some body state that some one had attacked a women why baba not saved her? do you think that you are enough evidence that the story happened like that only.there were so many accident happens on the way to shirdi,you may feel that only baba is liable for this ok??? attitude????........Definately no...
There is one classic story about existence of god..." there is one man in barber shop for his hair to cut. the barbars are very expert to tell he is telling about God.[ you may cosider about sai].He says," there is nothing like a god in this world ok." and then he started to tell the supporting stories.the man who is listening to this stories really shocked by the argument and explainations.then the barber finish his work and the man went on outside of shop for his own way.On immediate outside of the shop he find a person whos hairs are grown like anything and has no money to pay for barber,the man stuck up for some moment and went back to the barber shop and says to him that,"he.. look, there is nothing like the barber in this world ok.",the barber dazled and nearly shouted"what sheet you are talking about,I am here",the person replied then why the person like him(indicated to grown hair fellow)is there in the world" "he don't have money to pay"barber replied,"then why you say ther is no god,God is also ask for devotion from devotee"

moral of the story is when we pray we got help.remember the 11 promises by baba, this promises are also said in geeta,kuran,bible in same or in other form or way and these are same reassurance from baba,there is 'deep'meaning from it.o.k.
for today..
May SAI bless us all, with his love and we may sprade them to all around the world as we are children of our baba we should work for him as he love we love that o.k. ......with love

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Rama,

I would like to share my personal experience with all of Sai Rama followers.

I am a simple (the so called "saadharan" as mentioned in Sai Satcharitra) bhakt of Shiri Sai Baba, and pray to him daily. I had a beautiful stone statue of Sai Baba, which I used to pray and purposely look at this feets to get some "spiritual darshan"- Adhyatmik darshan.

One day unfortunately, my one year son went inside the mandir and pulled down the staute of Baba. When I came back from office I saw that the statue is broken, but to my surprise only Baba's right leg is broken and rest all is good as before. I was really sad and thought how will I see Baba's feet now?. How will I have the spiritual darshan?.

I was really quite sad and was wondering what Baba wants to say to us? Did he want me to bring new statue or what else???
Now the main incident begins..
After 6-7 days,on 1st sept 2009, all of a sudden, I observed black patches in my right eye !!. I could not see and almost 70% of the vision was not there.

I immediately rushed to the doctor, which referred me to hospital for emergency. There the doctors asked me to do various tests,and looked at the condition of the eye. The problem was big as I had some bacteria in the eye and was spreading.

(I wondered that was it this that Baba wanted me to tell?)
The doctors also said that I have TB symptoms and the condition of eye is serious and the vision could be lost.
The news was a big shock to me as I could not believe at all, that I have TB symptoms.

Unfortunately all the TB tests, one after the other, were coming positive, making it confirm that I have developed active TB.
In the mean time I kept praying to Baba, but I and my family were in such condition that there was tension in the house, because with active TB there is risk that the family members can also get it too, especially infants.

"I kept drinking some Udi with water in these days".
Before the last test result I offered two coconuts to Baba and prayed for my eye recovery and I should not get TB at all.
when I went to the doctor, he told me that your last test result has come and it has turned out to be positive and thus "confirmed" that I have active TB.

I was like heart broken, that Baba also left me when I needed him the most. He did not listened to my prayers and was really angry, upset with Baba, and it was Thursday that day and I did not lit any lamp in front of him. next day also no prayers. I had no clue why,and how it happened to me and no help from Baba also.

I had been put on very strong medications, called steroids (which I never wanted to swallow)for treatment but with no improvement. and then new prescription with other strong side effects medicines for 5 weeks, which showed little improvement.

As a routine eye checkup I had to see the doctor every week, so on my last visit, few days back, he said that you Don't have TB !!. I said how come, on which he replied that full report for your last TB test has come now and its some other bacteria and not TB.

I was surprised as to what is this. It was again Thursday that day and I could not stop smiling as wondering on Baba's Leela. Very amazing.
Now my family is also safe as I don't have any TB and my medication was also cut down to easy and simple ones.There is lot of improvement in my eye now and I have full faith that it will be cured permanently with the grace and Blessing of Sai Baba.

I thank Baba totally from bottom of my heart for helping me in tough times and I pray that I can worship him more passionately and lovingly, and give me "Shraddha and Saburi" for which I need his blessings.

I also ask Baba to bless all his followers and help them.

Jai Sai Naath.
Baba Aapko koti koti pranaam.

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram..
Hello Everyone..I would like to share my experience with all of you.We live in Mumbai as my husband works here in IT company.Few days before only he got selected in one of the most reputed company,located in Pune.At first I was not interested for Pune but then I turned out my mind anyhow..Meanwhile a lot of misunderstanding happened between me and my husband.Because of which he rejected confirmatory calls from that company 3 times.When my husband told this to me,I went very upset on his decision.I never ever wanted him to lose this job b'coz of me..My God knows it very well.That time My Sai was the only support for me.I prayed him from bottom of my heart.I made a wish that "Plz Sai my husband should get just one more call from that company today and he should accept it".Don't know what is there which is pointing me to write this experience as I am still waiting all of this to happen.It's 12:58pm now..
It was 02:20pm....n my phone rang.That was my husband telling me that he got a call from the same Company again asking for him..He has accepted that offer and we will be shifting to Pune soon..
I trust my God Sai a lot.He is always there around us.He never upsets anyone who calls him with faith and with a genuine feeling..I wish he should shower all of us with his blessings..
Let's assure our God that we are also with him and will remember him in our good times also..

Note : There is "9 Guruwarache Chamatkarik Sai Vrat" which is very fruitful.

Om Shri Sainathay Namah..

Archana said...

Om Sai Ram,
I am glad I found this website where I can share my experience with other sai bhakt
I wasn’t a sai devotee till few months ago .I have been married for last 3 yrs and I live in states. I have always been very lucky in life, getting what I wanted without any trouble, never worked hard still got good results. Everything was fine TILL I got married.
Mine was an arranged marriage and my husband wasn’t exactly the man of my dreams. I wanted to marry someone else but because of some reasons I ended up marrying my present husband. I soon realized that we didn’t have anything in common, we are poles apart and I absolutely hated everything that he did, I hated his ignorance about things ,his quite nature ,his attitude towards others ,I hated him in and out. No matter what he did for me it was never good enough. I would really think as to why god did this to me. I let go off the person I loved the most and married a man whom I didn’t love and I was punished for it . Because of all these difference we ended up fighting and arguing all the time and it started affecting his performance in his office. Things weren’t moving anywhere neither at home nor at his office. Nobody was appreciating his work at the office and he had issues which were pending for long now.
After 3 yrs of marriage I decided to talk to my parents about us and separate from my husband. My husband thought we could still try and give it one more shot. All the time in last 2 to 3 years I never thought about sai baba .For me he was just another god that I used to pray when I was in a temple.
Then one fine day I woke up and started surfing about shirdi sai baba.I am still not sure as to how or why I was doing it .that was Wednesday, so in the evening when my husband returned from his office I told him that I am going to do a reading of SAI SATCHARITA and I am going to pray that both of us should have some peace of mind in life .I had never done it before and I didn’t have a SAI SATCHARITA either. I just decided to wake up early every morning and finishing the pooja I would sit and read the chapters for the day. I did this for a week and on the 7th day on Thursday my life changed completely.
I cannot put it in words how it helped me. There were so many things in that book that I could really correlate to. I stopped looking at horoscopes and started to think that maybe I was supposed to marry my husband for a reason and not anyone else .It changed me and the way I used to look at things. I for once decided that I will stop hating my husband so much and will really try from my heart to like him and what do you know, I just started enjoying his company and everything he did, whatever I used to hate about him, I started looking at those things from a different angle. I felt so bad because of what I had been doing since last three years to him, constantly judging him all the time. Things didn’t end there. a week later his boss called him and told him about his coming appraisal and congratulated him about his performance so far. He was so shocked by his boss’s behavior because my husband has been working there for last 3 years and his boss never spoke to him much or anything like that. Things just started to change so suddenly that both my husband myself have completely left our life in the hands of Shree Sai Baba.If things have to happen, they will, if not then they wont.
After reading SAI SATCHARITA and other devotee experiences I started realizing that when things happen in life they happen for a reason. What HE expects from us is that we accept his decision and be happy with it and only then do we see the positive side of that thing. By His Grace I am happy today and so is my husband. I guess I learnt the way of life and love every bit of it.
Sai Baba please be with us always, please help and advice us always, please hold our hands always.

Bow to Shree Sai -- Peace be to All

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram,
I just returned from Shirdi and i want to share my experience...Since this is the holiday season there was unprecedented rush at Shirdi...But thanks to Baba, we were able to get dharshan in 15 mins on Friday night..We even got garlands..There are no words to describe the joy we felt....But our joy was shortlived...On Saturday morning our travel agent had managed to get abhishekam tickets at the last moment with great difficulty...We had left our hotel room to visit the neem tree and museum and had left our mobile phones in our room...So the agent was unable to contact us and we missed the abhishekam..Why does Baba do this???One day he makes us meet him in 15 mins while others have to wait for hours together and the next day he does not want us to attend the abhishekam inspite of getting the tickets...Baba, what leela is this???

Anonymous said...

Hi, am very glad to see all your posts with respect to Saibaba's miracles..
Even am a staunch devotee of sai, even if I dont perform puja evryday and light the lamp due to my hectic schedules he is always on my mind and I keep chanting his name cont..

He has been ehlping me since long in every walk of my life..due to him I got a good life partner and a great job too..I dint have kids for almost 8 years,I went for darshan in Apr 2008 and exactly during afternoon aarti I was in front of him and somehow could not control my tears and prayed sincerely for kid.
After coming back I realized that am pregnant..its just Saibaba's blessing that we are blessed with a sweet SON.I took a break after the kid for almost 7 months and later by Baba's grace got into a very good company with the job I always wanted..

Saibaba is always with me ..whenever am depressed and feel lo, I talk to him and am surea nd glad that he always listens to me patiently and resolves all my problems..

Saibabay parayanam is something which if done with full devotion, people can achieve whatever their desires are..I strongly believe in Sai...just hope that he is with me forever and showers his blessings on me and my family u lots sai..

Anonymous said...


Baba has changed my life and my views about life--- slowly. I cannot believe the transformation happened to me. I am a staunch devotee of Baba... surrendered my life to his feet.... what ever may come.... He will protect me. I had experienced many miracles ... last Friday , on 23rd April... a horrible pain started by evening... earlier I had done surgery for removing kidney stone. So, I never thought it will be the same problem. By 6.30 pm, it was raining and very dark outside... father had gone for a meeting.... my son and mother did'nt know what to do... I started crying loudly ... cannot withstand pain... "Baba...Baba...Baba" . At that time taxi was not available. Unexpectedly a driver came to taxi stand.... he took us to the hospital... Before going to the hospital I asked my son to give me Baba's Udhi... I ate a little Udhi... by the time I reached hospital, the pain slowly subsided and stone had moved from the position ... My son was alone at home.. and it was raining heavy with thunderstorm . I prayed to Baba to protect my child and my father reached home soon .

My only prayer to Baba is to show me a way to live ...with a good job and supporting my father, mother and my only son.....Help me Baba!

Unknown said...


My experience for the first time visiting Shirdi. We went to settle in India for few years for my younger daughter, I and my daughter had the OCI but my husband is a foreigner so he had to register. It was so hard as you know in India working with the government specially when you dont know someone it is really hard to get your job done, so we had the hard day in sunny weather the same day in evening we were leaving for Shirdi we all were very excited as well as tired all day running around in the office.
Finally we finished all the work by babas grace and we left in volvo bus next day we reached Shirdi we went for babas darshan and we come in the hotel after spending the time looking around. Next day we decided to go to the temple again, it was around 3:30am baba came in my dreams and told me to go for kakad aarti as we were so tired I told baba I am really tired and I would not be able to go but he kept on saying me what kind of a devotee are you. Finally, I woke up and I went to temple. Baba comes and comforts me whenever I have problems.
Jai Sai Ram !!!

Alpesh Patel said...

Om Sai Ram,
Wow Kalpanaji, It was great reading your experience. See! How Baba takes care of us and guides us even trough dreams. Just few hours back one devotee friend of mine told me Baba appeared in his dreams and gave him pothi (spiritual book to be read again and again). Baba even told him to take care that the prayan (reading of pothi) should not break!

Om Sai Ram.

Unknown said...


Jai Sai Ram,
This miracle took place in my life when I had started to believe in baba, my best friend Priya had gone to Chennai for summer we called eachother often when she was in India. She asked me what I want and I always said anything related to baba so she said I will get babas murti for you I was very happy and excited. One night when I was sleeping I saw my friend Priya running and coming with babas murti into my dreams and I woke up. When I called same morning and talked to my friend about my dream she told me just few hours ago I bought for you babas murti we both were shocked what a coincidence.
I felt baba was waiting to come to my house and bless us all.
Since I started believing in baba my life has completely changed.

Jai sainath

Alpesh Patel said...

Om Sai Ram Vidya,

Pothi is sacred text that has to be read again and again. Guru Charitra, Shri Sai SatCharitra, Bhagwat Gita, are some examples of pothi.

These books has spiritual force and grace with them. By reading them again and again our level of understanding increases. Pothi also guides us from time to time.

You may also refer to following post for more on pothi Sai SatCharitra . On following post you can know little more about Parayan of Pothi Parayanam Sai SatCharitra Also there is a post about another pothi Gospel of Ramakrishna

Unknown said...

Om sai ram!!!

I have been reading the experiences of many devotees for quite some time now. One day I thought I would post my experience if my wish comes true, and finally the day has come after a long wait. By the blessings of sri shirdi sai baba I am now expecting and I have complete faith in him that he would make my wish come true and very soon I will be holding a happy, healthy baby in my arms. Thank you!!! om sai ram!!!

Nehal Tanna said...

Om Sai ram.. i wud really like to share my experiences wit u. it is d most amazing thing happnd 2 me.. sai baba had blessed me in his most amazing way.. it ws in d year 2005 i used to work in a pvt firm.. it ws my first job so i use to just earn Rs 2500 pm. anyways i ws very happy and satisfied wit it. thr is a small sai baba temple in my colony. i use visit that temple daily. i still go there daily.. once a sudden thought came in my mind.. i wntd to take my family specially my father to visit shirdi.. i m really very close to my papa. that time i knew only one route to shirdi.. bus route.. at that time d volvo to shirdi ws 350/- one way.. 700 reurn.. my salary ws nt enough for me to take my whole family thr.That very night i prayed to sai baba to make sum arrangements of money so that i cn cum for his darshan with my whole family.. it ws sunday night.. nxt day i went to d temple as usual.. when i ws doing abhishek of shiv ling, a flower fell from a shivling.. maharaj in that temple told me its a gud omen n my wish is gonna get fulfilled. i went to office.. in d afternoon i spoke to my boss abt my increment.. i ws working thr since 6 mnths. he asked me how much increment i was expecting.. i wntd to say 1500 bt i kept quite.. i wntd my boss to decide it for me.. he said he ws very happy wit my work that i did in d last 6 mnths n he long back wntd to give me increment of Rs 7500.. i ws utterly suprised.. my salary ws been decided to be 10000 rs pm from that very month. the moment i got my salary 10000 in d nxt mnth . i went to a travel agency to get a return tickets for my family.. i ws very very very to see my family take darshan in shirdi.. in the very same year my dad passed away.. finally my wish to take him to shirdi ws fulfilled otherwise i wud hv always regreted for nt taking him to shirdi.. few months back i gt engaged to Rohan.. he is also a firm believer of sai baba.. every poonam he goes to shirdi.. we gonna marry sumwhr around 1st week of dec.. i m very sure that baba only hs made our jodi.. i really wnt all u sai bakht to bless us.. JAI SAI RAM..

Anonymous said...

I was going through your site its good to know you are maintaining such a lovely site of shirdi sai baba!

I am married but have no kids yet and its been 9yrs and medical help didnt work out and Iam now turning to sai baba for his blessings pls pray for me and tell me what vrat or anything that I can do which will help me.

Infact my inlaws are sai baba's devotee more of satya sai baba and I was not least interested in this becaz they treated and are treating me badly since iam not able to give them a grand child. So I thought how can they pray and do aarti and always praying but when they come out of them room they show no good words towards me.

Anyway i happened to have satya sai baba darshan in whitefield and i went becaz someone of my freinds were bugging me with it but I went with braod mindedness.

I was the last row in the que for morning darshan but when it was time for baba to come they told us turn to other side as he is comming from there so I happened to now sit inthe first row. When baba came near me i dont know my eyes were filled with tears and i was feeling I was spinning at high speed and i couldnt control my tears. I was like iam not his devotee but why iam feeling all these.

Then after few days I had a dream in which I saw Vishnu(sleeping idol) and near the idol was one small boy around 13yrs or something he was wearing pure white long dress and he was asking me do you recoginise me? I told him no I dont know..then he told me he is my son. I told him I have no son and I asked him who are you?

Believe me he told me dont you recoginize me just look at me...Then the small boy became shirdi sai baba. I told him still i dont recognize who this is..then he changed to satya baba...then I recoginized him.

Till that date i was not much aware of shirdi sai baba and when I saw his foto I couldnt belive in the dream it was the same exact sai baba whom I saw...

DO you know what is the meaning when sai baba sai IAM YOUR SON..?

Pls enlighnten about this. I strongly belive in baba and Iam sure baba will bless with a child!

Om Sainath Om sai Ram!

Rashmi said...

OM SAI RAM to everybody.

This is rashmi. I am in a very big problem, saibaba please help me. i was engaged to a boy named puneet jain he is from raipur, we both were in same school we met in the 2007 AUGUST over orkut. we started chatting and became friends after understanding each other we decided to get marry. His elder brother SANGEET JAIN was unmarried so for a safety purpose we got married in saibaba mandir lodhi road, and i was waiting fr the rite time when his elder brother get marry so we can disclose our relation to our family..that was a very very serious relation. he told his family about me in january 2010, his family decided to meet me..his 1st elder bro and bhabhi came to meet me...but after 4 months means in april 2010 his family forced him to discontinue the relation becoz am a non jain girl..then we have some fights but now we both are not in touch & got seprated. he ditched me. he never receive my calls neither he mails me nor he contact me over fone..he is my husband and i was very faithfully towards him..but i dont know why this happened to me...i know if my husband would'nt came back to me i will die for sure...see i was keeping karva chauth fast for him from past 3 years and see this karva chauth is coming on 25th october...baba please help me..please give my husband back to me...please forgive me for all the sins which i have done..

after getting separated in the month of july 2010 i went to shirdi and i was feeling that my husband is near to me even in samadhi mandir... baba please bless me my husband.

please saibaba help me else i will going in depression.....please help me.


Anonymous said...

dear all,
after reading all these posts I realised that I could relate to most of the posts here. I was also worried about job,I had to accept somebody's death and had to accept death of a relationship, had to wait a long time to get married and now I my marriage is in trouble. I don't know how to solve this and I have always believed that even though God is present - we have to do something to solve our own problems. And here I am absolutely clueless about what to do, I couldn't compromise on something which is very important to me and I dont wish my marriage to end because of this. But this marriage has given me a chance to know sai baba. Before marriage I realised that my husband and his family have lied about many things and that his views and mine are completely opposite. I asked Baba one day - that was the first time I prayed to Baba - to give me an indication whether to get married to him or not. We had to go to another town for a pooja and I asked Baba to give me an indication before the pooja is finished. That day I was very sad and I was praying to Baba - I saw his photo in the busstand in our town, he was in the bus just before my seat with a slogan " why fear when I am here", he was there in every room of my relatives house where we stayed that night and most of all I saw a small statue of HIM sitting beneath a tree just before the pooja mantap and I was asked to sit facing his direction and do the pooja. We went back home and that evening I was asking Baba, you haven't given me any indication,is everything a coincidence and am I silly in asking you - immediately after I finished this thought I got a phone call from my sister in law - she had an accident that morning at exactly the same time I was doing the pooja,the lorry tire just missed crushing her and instead she ended up with collar bone fracture. I didn't know how to interpret this - its good that she was saved, its bad that an accident happened - so I thought then Baba is really listening to us but I will take it in the positive sense and go ahead with the marriage. Our marriage lasted 40 days - and now after 6 months - I am facing a dilemma about whether to go for divorce or give my marriage another chance - now also most days I feel HIS presence - sometimes I feel that might be coincidence and sometimes not. I do not know which way I have to take - I do not hate my husband - he is like any other person with faults - but to go to him I need to lose my and my family's self respect and give up a job which makes me earn double of what he earns,give up my studies and my mother has to ask his fathers pardon because when he scolded her using bad words - she told him that she was not entirely happy with the lies they told. According to them they were not lies but just maintaining status - they lied about his job, studies. Sorry to air my personal problems here, but what can I request Baba to do now, which situation should I accept now - I don't know. I pray to Baba everyday to show me the right path and though I feel his presence in many small incidents - I still don't know which way to go and I really cant accept doing nothing and I am afraid to take a decision and mean while time is running out.

I too felt that we believe in Baba only when he satisfies our wishes or shows some miracles.Baba
has said that everyone has to face their karma and he can't do anything to change it. But every action of us leads to some more of it. He is energy and He is bliss but it is very hard to concentrate on Him when you feel that your life is going down the drain.Or is He a part of life which compels us to appreciate something beyond life? A part which is away from mundane problems. We look at Baba as a problem solver, a wish fulfiller, he may grant it or not. But I believe that He is a force who has existed before I was born and who will exist even if I believe in him or not. He is beyond our cares and opinions. I only wish that I always have the heart to appreciate HIM whether he solves my problems or not.

Alpesh Patel said...

Om Sai Ram,

In Sai SatCharitra Chapter 32 we read the following.

"Sai Baba never fasted Himself, nor did He allow others to do so. The mind of the faster is never at ease, then how could he attain his Paramartha (goal of life)? God is not attained on an empty stomach; first the soul has to be appeased. If there is no moisture of food in the stomach and nutrition, with what eyes should we see God, with what tongue should we describe His greatness and with what ears should we hear the same? In short, when all our organs get their proper nutrition and are sound, we can practise devotion and other sadhanas to attain God. Therefore, neither fasting nor overeating is good. Moderation in diet is really wholesome both to the body and mind. "

So we should put our attention more on bhakti (devotion) and love towards Baba, rather than fighting with hunger. Real fasting happens when we are so much absorbed in Sai Baba's love that we don't feel hunger. That is real fasting, not feeling the hunger and fighting it. So we should aim for real fasting, getting absorbed in His love so much that nothing else is felt.

Anonymous said...

om sai ram

frnds iwould like to share my experience with you iwas born in a good and respectble family and i was married with dowry and gold and after marriage i found i was cheated the person was deaf and does'nt have job ididn't reverl this to my parents and discussed abt this with his parents and kept quiet. as days were going no change in them and started insulting me for each and every thing and finally one day i told to my parents and after long discussions i got divorce and i statred my carrer one fine day due to babas blessings one person came to me and told that he will marry me i was shocked b'coz iam not atll interested in second life he came and talk to my parents and finally we got married and iam expexting tis all due to baba iuse to do sa charitha parayan every thursay and sai came into my dream and told me that the karma of past life is ended and i have glorious days ahead. baba will give us many tests and finally he will make us to win om sai ram

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram. About three years back, my family including my parents and mother in law set out for Shirdi. We started from Kochi and reached Mumbai.On our way, I was wondering how my old parents and mother in law would stand for a long time in the queue for darshan. At Mumbai, I got a call from a distant relative asking us to meet him on our way from Mumbai to Pune. It was raining heavily on that day. We met him and he arranged a sumptuous lunch for us. He also told us that he has arranged a VIP darshan pass for us to pray at Shirdi. We were very happy to experience this "leela" of Shirdi Saibaba. We had a very satisfying and happy darshan of Shirdi Sai Baba and are deeply indebted to Him. Om Sai Ram

pavan said...

Fourth Experience:-

This is my fourth experience. I was suffering with some health problem and i was not able to sit properly in the office, getting pains in the back and some differnt problems in the stomache. I clearly understand some thing seriously was wrong. I was scared of all these problems and thinking a lot what happend to my health suddenly. It was a fine thursday, in the morning i have finished my daily pooja and prayed baba to provide me health. After finishing my pooja, suddenly in my mind i got a thought of visiting shirdi. Then i have decided its really a good idea to visit shirdi, as i am also not feeling well interms of my health. Then i have decided to visit shirdi, before i visit a doctor. I came to office and checked online for tickets from bangalore to shirdi. Luckily i got the to and from tickets and i have booked them. After booking the tickets i got a doubt in my mind. The journey from bangalore to shirdi is around 17 hours in bus. I was not able to sit for hours in the office properly, then how can i sit 17 hours in the bus. Thought a lot and left it to baba and asked baba to success my shirdi tour and about the long journey.

On my travel day, i have put some udhi in that bus seat before i sit and continuously chanting saibaba through out the journey. I was just wondered really, i reached shirdi successfully without any pains and went to shirdi temple and sat beside samadhi mandir and read "sai Leelamrutham" book for 6 to 7 hours and i visited samadhi mandir for four times. I was there for 1 and half day. It was really surprising and wonder, i did not feel any pain.

And two incidents happend here. I reached shirdi in the morning 7 am and i have taken a room and wanted to take rest for 2 to 3 hours atleast. So i just slept on the bed. I really had a nice dream. In that dream, i was standing in front of the mirror and my sister was standing beside me in the dream. All the skin on my face was getting cleared and another skin is coming on my face. I was just scared and asked my sister in the dream, whats happening to my skin. My sister told me that, you're being given a new good skin, dont worry. Then immediately i got up and then thought about the dream. This means, baba blessed me with health.

the other incident is, I reached shirdi on sunday morning 7 am. It was holiday and fully crowded. I have visited samadhi mandir 2 times and dwarakamai 2 times. But in dwarakamai, they are not allowing the devotees inside the dwarakamai, where baba used to sit (just Opposite to dhuni). I was worried a lot about that and asked baba to allow me into dwarakamai. (Because, Baba Told, Entering into Dwarakamai, will resolve all your problems.) So i wanted to enter once into dwarakamai. But that is sunday and it was fully crowded. So they did not allowed to enter. I was a little bit worried and after shej arathi i went to my room slept. Next day morning i took bath and i came to dwarkamai directly and surprised to see that they are allowing the devotees to enter into dwarakamai. I felt very very very happy and started standing in queue. Then i entered into dwarakamai, where baba lived for somany years. Its really a highly holy place. I entered into dwarakamai, three times, in 1 hour and i felt very happy and prayed baba about my health. I thought that day is monday, because of less crowd, they are allowing into dwarakamai. But exactly after 1 hour, again they stopped that queue, and again they are not allowing to enter into dwarakamai. I was really shocked and surprised. Baba is really great.

After having a very nice visit of shirdi, i started for my return journey. I tired a lot and worried about my return journey of 17 hours. Again i did same thing, I put some udhi in the bus seat and prayed baba and sat. Thats it. Next day i reached bangalore safely. No pains, nothing....Not only in the journey, after shirdi visit also. Baba blessed me with health.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Sai Babaji for everything...always bless us like this Babaji...
I want to share one experience of my life..I have felt Sai Babaji's presence who helped us in foregin land...
I went on my holidays to visit my sister's family last year in sumerrs.We are very exicited & lookin forward to meet my nephew.I love him so much.During that stay we committed the life worst mistake.On one day i went to neraby market with my borther & my 3 old nephew for doing shopping.However,i shoplifted few things & were caught by police there.We were terrified as police came & they took my borther to police station.Somehow i managed to go back to my sister's home there & told here about this.I & my sister went back to that shop with my nephew & saw that our brother was siting in police car.They are taking them to police station for shoplifting crime.My borther took all offence on himself in order to save me though i comiited that crime of shoplifting of around 50 euros.That night we got the call from police station that you deposit the double amount of shoplifting artilces.We thouht now my borther will be relased,but it din't happended.They involved the alien polce there as we were on tourist visa.Me ,my sister ,my borhter all were shattered with this news.I was out of mind wha to do in that foreign land so that my brother will come out of all this ordeal.He spent around 7 days in retention centre there.We need to tell my mother that what we goig through there.On 2nd day I serached on lwayer number from net & surprisnlgy he helped me a lot & guided us what should we do so tha my brother will be deported as soon as possible from that country back to home.I am sure he was Sawyam Sai Babaji who helped me..I am so sorry..please forgive my sin Babaji..please frogive due to which my borther has suffered a lot.Due to me he was deproted back to home india...i even inssit m newphew not to tell truth to his papa so that my sister;s family life wil not distubed.It was all my fault & sin.Please forgive.Due to Babaji's grace me & borther will able to come back home safe & sound.You don't beleive that i litellary asked requeste babaji to accompnay me & brother till my home back in India & HE did.Thank you much for saving my borhter's life & my sister's life.Please forgive my sins babaji.I will not ever shoplift anything in my life.
Please be there for my family & me always...
Love you babaji...

Anonymous said...

Thank u sairam for helping me in each and every thing in my life.

I would like to share my recent experience with our beloved sai.

I was very much interested to visit shirdi , i was begging sai to help me in this regard, i completed my sai vrat parayan and after that i got an opportunity to book a ticket to shirdi via kopargeon this happend in the month of december 2010, i planned this trip along with my family ( my husband , two kids and my mother in law). We got the confirmed ticked from bangalore to kopargeon and wait listing ticket for our return journey and we have not booked any hotel to stay in shirdi. We travelled to bangalore on 25th Dec and stayed in our relatives house for one day and on 27th of Dec we travelled in a car to reach the railway station to board the train , the train was supposed to leave at 19:40 , due to heavy traffic jam we couldn't able to move from one point for more than 2 hrs , unfortunately not able to boad the train , we were very sad and tried to reach shirdi via hyd , but we were not able to get the tickets , thought of travelling from bangalore to pune and then to shirdi but my relative advised us with kids and old age mother it is not advisable to travel in a bus for long journey , he also told that this is for your good only saibaba has done like this because u don't have confirmed return ticket and the hotel is also not booked , due to holiday season it will be very much crowded (27th Dec to 1st Jan). With heavy heart we came back to chennai, the moment we landed we booked the ticket to travel in the month of Jan by 27th , this time i have booked the tickets for my parents too ( last time my mother asked why i have not booked the tickets for her , she is also intersted to visit shirdi, my parents have only two daughters, myself and my sister, she asked me if u are not taking me who will take me to shirdi sai, i felt very bad at that time for not booked the tickets for her).

By sai's grace we visied shirdi with confirmed tickets, good hotel acomodation , very good darshan and a very nice and peaceful trip. Thank u very much sairm. My parents are very happy and their health was good without any trouble during the entire trip.

After coming from the trip my uncle has given post dated cheque for my mother to take care of her monthly expenses. Thank u sairam.

You have also helped me in attending the interview in a software company . Yesterday night i prayed to recover the cough of my son thank u sairam he is better today.

Please be with me and my family always, i know whatever happens is for our good .

When God takes away something from your hands, don't think He is punishing u. But He is merely emptying ur hands 2 receive something better.


veena said...

iam also a great devote of baba i have many miracles in my life, my first visit iwent empty hand to temple seeing offerings of devoties i was just praying baba i have come empty hands to see after3-4 seconds priest who stands beside babas idol immidetly picked cions and called and told me to put it in hundi box which was in front of baba what else can i tell this is miracle of baba one more miracle when my elder son was going to boarding school i was worried about his food i got a dream in that baba is behind a cart filled with food i asked a lady beside me she told he is baba who gives food next day after going to hostel my son called me and told the one who was catering there was no other than sai caters in banglore so baba is there just trust him he will never leave our hand

Anonymous said...

om sai nathey namoh.I am very much attached to my sai.on guru purnima day,my husband and me went to baba's temple in chandigarh.After doing parikarma i saw at corner of the temple's hall a faqir resembling with sai baba was sitting there.He attired same as baba.He was sitting in the same way as baba in the photos sittiing in the dawarkamai keeping his arms on the grill.I was mesmerised to see my baba.I was automatically attraced towared Him.I tried to touch His feet but un luckily Ican;t.Heblessed me and gave tofees to me and my husband.on toffes wraper blessed waswritten on it.i have a glance of His lotus feet.they were not of an ordinary man.after meeting him i became bussy in temple;s arti.after few minutes i saw there was no one .i cant forget my this experienceof my life.when ever i remeber this tears rolled down in my eyes

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram...
First of all, i would like to thank the people who are behind the formation of this blog. It gives immense pleasure in reading the miracles of Sai baba. I am sure all the devotees are blessed to read it. I am one of them, i have been following sai baba from last 10 - 11 months. I was in a major problem from last couple of years. Baba gave me and my family the power to fight with that problem. With the blessings of baba I am partially out of that problem and in some time would be out of it completely. I can only say that have faith in sai baba, he knows what is right for you and at what time. With this I request baba to shower his blessings on all the followers, me and my family.

Anonymous said...

It is so true...that once you have found Baba , life is not the same anymore.There is a sense of calm and positivity. Myself too was going through a very turmoil filled time.Everything seemed dark and filthy in life .i had seen baba's picture many a times but prayed other God and Godess. Then suddenly came across Sai baba's life and story out of the blue and then my life turned.all those restlessness and commotion in my family life reduced to ashes. I read in one of the chapters of Sai satcharitra that ones your karmas actions dwindle down and reaches the end , the dev and Devis that you have been praying all the while to keep you going holds your hand and passes you over to the sadguru to finish the rest of your journey peacefully. Thatis what I think has happened...I have been handed over to my beloved Sai for the rest of my life.

sai parveen said...

Sai Baba

Naisha scored 72% in V th semester, it is miracle and u r with her it is again proved . Rest also u know,

always yours

sai parveen said...

Sai My husband was not able to click any deal from last 10 years . With your blessings 2 deals are finalised within 15 days. Thanks for your mercy , Rest all u know

sai parveen said...

Sai My husband was not able to click any deal from last 10 years . With your blessings 2 deals are finalised within 15 days. Thanks for your mercy , Rest all u know

Anonymous said...

I am a very pious women. I have done lots of pooja & worshiped & believed him a lot for about a year. But nothing happened. No miracle happened. I read sai charithra, did nav guruvar vrat & also did aarti regularly on Thursdays. But now I have no faith in any god. They just dont exist.

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram
Sir,your experience is amazing.I am inclined towards yog and meditation since childhood.With grace of Baba,I can also feel flow of energy or vibrations at holy places.I asked Baba for spritual progress and He gave me.I can feel Baba as a huge energy sitting in Dwarkamai.I feel myself there as a small tiny energy everytime.I have many expriences of grace of Sai Baba.I have no words to thank Baba for His grace on me.

Anonymous said...

I would like to share my experince with Sai. I have become a Sai devotee only a few months before. I am doing my final year now. Placements started few months before. Since I belong to a typical middle class family and I had few other commitments, I was very conscious about getting placed.
I attended nearly 6 companies. But I was not placed. I was really fed up, because I prepared my best for all the companies. Those who weren't prepared even a bit got placed.
And that was my last company to attend. This time I decided not to prepare anything and just go through the concepts. I prayed Baba that "This is my last chance. I just can't think of anything beyond this" . My 1st round was on September 28th which is said to be Baba's birthday. The question paper was very easy. I did well. But I thought most of the people would have done better than me. So I have less probability of getting selected comparitively. But still I didnt give up my trust. Only 19 from my college were shortlisted and surprisingly I was one among them.
My 2nd round and final round was on the next day. It was on a thursday. As soon as I completed my interview, I went to Sai baba temple and prayed him from my deep heart. The result was to be announced a week later. I was so scared. But, I got selected. It is only because of Baba's grace.
I was blaming Baba when I didn't get selected in the previous companies. But only later I came to know that, in those companies the training would be very hectic and the company which I got selected is the best among all.
I was also doing my 9 weeks vrat that time for someother wish. But my wish was not fulfilled. Still I believe that Baba is waiting for the right time to gift me with what I wished.
Om SaiRam.

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