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GuruSthan In Shirdi online tour

Old Picture of Gurusthan In Shirdi

Sai Baba, was first seen as a young lad of about sixteen years in Shirdi. Even at this age he looked full of knowledge of Brahma. There was no desire of worldly objects. And it is this desires of worldly objects and worldly honours which troubles us much, if we make some efforts to watch our lives a little more closely, to see what brings troubles to us the desires of worldly objects and the honours of the society. Of these two SSai Baba  cared least. He used sit under the Neem tree, absorbed in the knowledge of Brahma, the knowledge of infinite, the knowledge of Almighty, the supreme, the only one. Sabka Malik Ek (Proprietor of All is just One) as he used to say often. Being thus absorbed in the sacredness, even though he would not communicate with any one, people of Shirdi felt attracted to him and were awed by his beauty and at the same time was Enigma to all. People of Shirdi were too curious to know about the great being, a lad of just sixteen years. Once it happened that God Khandoba possessed the body and the mind of a devotee. Being much curious about the enigmatic boy, people of Shirdi asked the God Khandoba about the whereabouts of the Sacred Lad. As described in Sai SatCharitra : God Khandoba asked them to bring a pick-axe and dig in a particular place. When it was dug, bricks were found underneath a flat stone. When the stone was removed, a corridor was seen in which four Samayis (lights) were burning. The corridor led to a cellar where cow-mouth-shaped structures, wooden boards, necklaces were seen. Khandoba said - "This lad practiced penance here for 12 years."

Certainly Sri Khandoba must be talking of some previous life of Sai Baba as He was seen as a lad of sixteen years then and if the penance of twelve years was done under the Neem Tree, people of Shirdi would have certainly known Sai Baba since long. What a sacred place were four lights were burning underneath the ground since centuries, and Sai Baba choose the sacred place for his penance and stay absorbed in the sacred energy.

Further in Sai SatCharitra it is stated Then the people began to question the lad about this. He put them off the scent by telling them that it was His Guru’s place, His holy Watan and requested them to guard it well. Gurusthan is the holy Watan, the Sacred home of Sai Baba in Shirdi.

Shiv Ling of Megha in Gurusthan

Megha was a devotee of Sai Baba. Initially when Megha went to Shirdi the thoughts of himself being a high cast Brahmin, and his sacredness could be spoiled by meeting a Sufi and Muslim Saint, were present in his mind. So when he reluctantly went to Masjid Mai, Sai Baba got enraged with him, and spoke out his mind. said, "Kick out the rascal" roared Sai Baba, and then said to Megha - "You are a high caste Brahmin and I am a low Moslem; you will lose your caste by coming here. So get away." Hearing these words Megha began to tremble. He was wondering as to how Sai Baba had come to know about what was passing in his mind. He stayed there for some days, serving Sai Baba in his own way, but was not convinced. Being not convinced Meha went to Tryambak (Nasik District) , where Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva is present. Megha worshiped Lord Shiva there for three and a half years and again returned to Shirdi, drawn by the love and grace of Sai Baba. SaiBaba worked on him internally through his Grace and Love. Megha started looking at Sai Baba as Incarnation of Lord Shiva and used to pray to him staying in Shirdi. Megha would go miles from Shirdi to get the bel leaves used to perform worship of Shiva, which he used to worship his Shiva (Sai Baba).

In order to confirm his Faith and show the appreciation of his devotion, Sai Baba gave him a vision. One morning when Megha was in half sleep state in his room in Shirdi , half awake but the eyes still closed, he saw Sai Baba's form. Sai Babathrew rice grains marked with red kumkum and said, "Megha, draw a Trident" and disappeared. Hearing Sai Baba's words, he eagerly opened his eyes but did not see Baba, but saw only rice grains spread here and there.

He wen to Sai Baba and told about the vision and asked permission to draw the Trident. Sai Baba said - "Did you not hear My words asking you to draw Trident? It was no vision but direct order and My words are always pregnant with meaning and never hollow." Megha said - "I thought you woke me up, but all the doors were closed, so I thought it was a vision". Sai Baba rejoined - "I require no door to enter. I have no form nor any extension; I always live everywhere. I carry on, as a wirepuller, all the actions of the man who trusts Me and merges in Me."

Megha returned to his room and drew a trident near Sai Baba's picture which he used to worship as Lord Shiva's incarnation. Next day a devotee of Sai Baba came from Poona to Shirdi and presented with a Shiv Linga, at the same time Megha also turned up. Sai Baba said to him, See, Shankar has come, protect (i.e., worship) Him now." Megha was surprised to see Pindi following Trident immediately. The Shiv Ling present in the Gurusthan in Shirdi is the same one.

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