Thursday, September 21, 2006

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Alpesh said...

Sai Baba's love and grace is always with us. We just have to give our fear and insecurities to Sai Baba. Sit before Sai Baba picture or remember Sai from the very core of your heart and ask Him to remove the fear.

Anonymous said...

Sai is my strength
sai is my god
sai is my family
i have full faikth in him
sai looks after all my problems
sai is great
sai mere sai

juan said...

I only want to thank you sri sainath for being with this your child who forgets you so easily,your grace protects him always,please come and drive out the mahar from this one´s body,shine your divine grace through him,all of this is your´s -you are the master. Aum sri sai ram.

sairam said...

Om Sai Ram,
I want to share a miracle of sai ram which is happened with me or my husband in the last Raksha Bandhan Utsav. After finishing our Office work we are going to home with the bike. My husband driving and I am sited back, after some while, I saw my husband is not concentrate and a bus is front of our bike, and the same time the traffic signal is also stopped. My husband is not balanced the driving and I saw our bike is going to be crashed with the Bus and, though I am holding him , but fall down from the bike and my hand is just near of the bus wheel. At that time, I am loudly calling sai ram, sai ram . And Baba save us both from a sure terrible accident. After that some boys are drag us from the road, because other vehicles are very speedily nearer to us. They asked about any injury, but we have not so big injury except a wound in my right knee, and the same also in my husbands left hand. Tears drip down from my eyes and I am restlessly think about Baba's grace, how he save us from that accident.

Param dayalu Baba, I love u very much, U always blessed me or my family with u'r blessings

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