Thursday, July 7, 2011

8 types of Spiritual ecstasy

Many devotees of Sai Baba of Shirdi go through experiences like uncontrollable tears, hair standing on the body, choking of heart, feeling a current is passing through some parts of their body or whole of the body, spacing out of mind when they visit Samadhi temple of Shirdi. Most do not understand this sudden happenings as they are not prepared for it, or have not expected it. These are signs of Spiritual ecstasy, something spiritual within is awakened with the love and grace of Sadguru Sai Baba. i was lucky to feel these spiritual fervor during the first visit of Shirdi and it continues and intensifies :).

In the just released book "Shirdi che Sai Baba" there is mention of 8 forms of spiritual ecstasy. Megha, the beloved devotee of Sai Baba went through all 8 types of Spiritual ecstasy. The readers of Shri Sai SatCharitra must be aware of the story of Megha bathing Sri Sai Baba with the sacred waters of Godavari.

Sai Baba often called Godavari river as Ganga. Megha's devotion towards Sadguru Sai Baba was total and he saw and worshiped Sai Baba as Lord Shiva. Since the Shiv Lingam is worshiped with bathing with the water, and the water of sacred river Ganga is considered very sacred.

Megha's heart thrived to bath Sai Baba with the sacred waters of Godavari river.

When Megha requested Sai Baba about his heart's desire. Baba replied, "Why Sachaila-Snana? In the whole body the head and the feet are the important from the worship viewpoint. So you pour and offer water on head and feet. That will be sufficient."

Megha's tendencies were that of a deeply devoted Bhakta (devotee). Standing near and Baba getting the permission of bathing His beloved God and Guru, Megha's whole being blossomed like Lotus. In this spiritual ecstatic state, quite unaware of what Sai Baba had just said, Megha emptied the whole pot of water, which he had filled with waters of Godavari. It took long walk of few miles from Shirdi for this devotee to collect the water from river bank and also bel leaves from nearby forest.

One hand of Megha was ringing the bell according to the customary temple ritual while worshiping the deity. After poring the pot-full of water right on Shri Sai Baba's head, when Megha opened his eyes, what Megha saw astonished him. He saw that only Sai Baba's head and feet were wet with water.

Then in this wonderful book 'Shirdiche Sai Baba' it states that Megha received the prasadam of divine love and bliss. All 8 signs of spiritual ecstasy were visible in him.

The 8 signs of Spiritual ecstasy.
  • Sudden perspiration.
  • Rising of body-hair.
  • Stillness.
  • Chocking of throat.
  • Subtle trembling.
  • Feeling nerveless.
  • Uncontrolled flow of tears.
  • Dissolution of existence. 

Megha went through all this spiritual states in an instance. With this Satwik-Bhava, he fell at the holy feet of Baba.

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Suraj said...

Hi Alpesh,

Its so odd , I felt it 2 days a go ... I was listening to Sai Baba's Aarti and i felt it.Its like mind has blanked out..the predominant feeling is of fear ... fear of losing myself... I was angry at Baba to make me feel like this as I was suppose to go to work... Do you have any Idea why Baba makes you go thru this ? I dont think I am prepared for all ths.

Anonymous said...

Dear Baba, Thank u for everything. Om Sai Namo Namaha.

Anonymous said...

My Sai Baba,
Please give me a permanent job in the place where i am working now temporarily. I know u and only u have helped me always.... I will visit shirdi by the end of this year... Om Sai Ram....

Anonymous said...

Baba, im really hoping this will happen this month......

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