Thursday, February 3, 2011

The honor of the house is revealed by the dweller.

Sai Baba during the earlier years in Shirdi, was treated and seen as an ordinary Young Sai Baba Sitting in Dwarkamai Shirdi man, although He had was One with God or Divine. Very few devotees like Mhalsapati and Bayjabai recognized him as a holy  Fakir. Most of the people of Shirdi looked at His poor appearance with tattered clothes, with crazy looking behaviour, they failed to see the treasure.

Sai Baba was shown a broken house, a village Masjid, which was no longer in use.  He accepted this house lighted a fire in it, called Dhuni Mai, and filled the interior with Love and Divinity. Eventually, the people who could see the light were drawn to Him initially. Guru is the light, which dispels ignorance in us, also the agonies that comes due to this ignorance.

Dwarakamai_Old_1_Shirdi_Sai_Baba Out of compassion Sai Baba started fulfilling worldly wishes like granting babies to childless couples, curing physical ailments and restoring physical health. This attracted more and more people to Shirdi. Most people got attracted to Shirdi were for mundane gains, eventually they could feel the divinity and were drawn towards the divine aspect of Shri Sai Baba, they accepted Him as their Guru, God, protector and Guide. Nevertheless there were many spiritual seekers and God lovers who also were attracted towards Sai Baba for the spiritual progress and guidance and were lucky to get a rare jewel Guru.

The tattered house which He accepted is known as Dwarkamai. More  and more the house is being honored, for the honor of the house is revealed by the dweller. Dwarkamai is one of the most important places to visit in Shirdi.

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