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Don't look down or talk down of any Saint or SadGuru

We only know what we have learned through the screen of our own prejudices. What we have learned from our environment and society, and that differs from one society to other, one environment to other. This is the root cause of conflict, inward and outward.

Sai Baba often used to tell not to look down or talk ill of others. In one incident described in Sri Sai SatCharitra chapter number 24, Sai Baba expressed his displeasure when a devotee called Mausibai was serving Sai Baba in Dwarkamai, and other devotees felt it could be harsh on Sai Baba’s body and asked her to be moderate and gentle in her services. Sai Baba got enraged and forced the satka (the short sturdy stick which He kept with Him), in his abdomen and pushed the other end of satka against a pillar. Sai Baba’s eyes were like burning embers. Those present there, could not have thought of minding the other devotees way of worshiping Sai Baba, thereafter.

The following incident with Shama (Madhavrao Deshpande) illustrates the similar viewpoint but rather more serious one.

Saibaba often used to gift Shama with spiritual and religious books. He would also send him to various spiritually charged places, Tirth Yatras and sometimes had to coax Shama for the same.

Once Shama visited Nagpur and Amravati. On returning to Shirdi, he went straight to Dwarkamai to see Saibaba.

Straight away Sai Baba asked him, “Arre Shamyaa, what were the places that you visited?’

Shama replied that he visited Nagpur. Sai Baba furthered his query, “Arre Shama did you go to South Nagpur? There is a golden tree there. Did you see it?”

Sai Baba mostly spoke in symbolic language. Shama was quick to grasp the symbol; he knew that Sai Baba was referring to contemporary saint and a perfect Master, Shri Tajuddin Baba. He replied, “Yes Deva when I was at Nagpur I did visit South Nagpur, Bhosle’s (Raojee Raja’s) garden and had Darshan of Shri Tajuddin Baba.”

Saibaba continued his query and asked him about the other places that he had visited. It is quiet obvious that Sai Baba knew everything, it was displayed all the time while Saibaba meet a new visitor of Shirdi, or the regular devotee, that He knew everything they do or even think, giving them examples. Sai Baba’s inquire to Shama about his visits and experience was to give Shama, very important lessons and teaching, which we will see as the dialogue progresses.

Shama in reply was much eager and excited about the other proceedings. He said that he went to Amravati, followed by darshan of Shri Narayan Maharaj in small village of Bet in Kedgaon. Shama was quite impressed by the big Durbar of Shri Narayan Maharaj, the huge number of people visiting Him for his blessings. He repeatedly showed his getting influenced by the thousands of visitors to Shri Narayan Maharaj. Incidentally the numbers of visitors to Shirdi were quite low comparatively, in those days.

Ganesh Govind Narke who was seated nearby was rather apprehensive, and was eager to hear Sai Baba’s reply. Sai Baba remained silent for some time and then replied, “It’s like this Shama, only your father is your father. No matter how much He may beat you, shout at you, disagree with you, or punish you. He will always have sympathy and empathy with you, no one else will. I am your father, so what have you to do with others.”

It should be noted here that Sai Baba symbolically used the word Father for either one’s religion, the deity one worshiped or Spiritual Master or SadGuru.

In His characteristic way Sai Baba gave a very valuable lesson to Shama and through him all of us. Saibaba said, “Don’t look down or talk ill of others, especially a Satpurush for the ill effect of it will be seen on the future generations. Your Guru and Father should be treated with love and respect, do whatever Seva you can do for both of them. Have total faith in them, “

Here we should take this lesson of Shree Sai Baba seriously, often we in the heat of our environment can talk ill about other religion, or saint or Sadguru or highly spiritual person. We can never gauge a Sadguru, from our limited knowledge earned form our environment and society, and if we do that it can be very prove very harmful for us and our dear ones.

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