Monday, December 24, 2007

Saibaba materialzing in Physical body for Tarkhad son

Shri Saibaba had deep rinanuband relations with Tarkadhs. We find many stories of Tarkhads visit to Shirdi, their devotion towards Sai Baba and Sai Baba’s love and care for them, in the sacred text Shri Sai SatCharitra.

On this blog we have seen Saibaba’s approval of worship of His photo as His own worship, and acceptance of offerings made to Him mentally with love and devotion, both incidents with the Tarkhads.

The son mentioned in both the story, his name was Jyotindra. He was studing in St. Xaviers school (the writer also did his schooling in the same same school,
Surat branch). It was habit of Jyotindra to have lunch at an Iranian restaurant across the street. Once after the lunch while crossing a street, he was asked for bhiksha by a Fakir. The kind hearted boy gave a paise (a copper coin with a hole in the center), and proceeded further. He was stopped by the Fakir who said that the coin was of 1894. This baffled the boy a bit and he replied that it was okay as he got daily allowance of 4 annas and that the coin he gave to the Fakir was of the current one and so, the Fakir should not worry. The Fakir laughed and said, “Allah Bhala Karega.: (God will do good)

A simple incident as that, rolled out his memory soon. His mother Mrs. Tarkhad was tormented with intense headache and the growing frequency of the same. On being advised by a local Saint of Mumbai (then
Bombay), Pir Maulana Sahib she decided to visit Shirdi. She took his son Jyotindran with her on this pilgrimage.

When they stepped in Dwarkamai, they were received by Sai Baba as if He was waiting for them. He turned around to Jyotindra and said, “Bhau (brother), have you recognized me?” Obviously he did not. Sai Baba further lovingly asked him to try and remember if he recognized Him or not.

Then Sai Baba reached for his pocket and withdrew a copper coin from it. Showing the copper coin to Jyatindra, Sai Baba said, “Don’t you remember this copper coin dated 1894? The Fakir you gave alms was none other than Me.”

It is well known that Sai Baba never left Shirdi except to two surrounding villages in the radius of 5 kilometrers, thus He showed how He materialized in physical body in Mumbai for his love for Jyotindra.

Then Sai Baba returned the same coin to him and said, “Keep this coin and preserve it carefully. It will breed a multitude of paise.” Jyotindra use to light diya while he worshipped God. He placed the coin at the base and through the hole in the center of the coin, stood the wick, which he would light.

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