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How Shirdi Sai Baba acknowledged the love of simple poor devotee

Om Shri SatChitAnand Sadguru SaiNath Maharaj Ki Jai !BabaCrossLegged

I feel so blessed and lucky to be able to work for what i love most. To devote most of the time on what i love most. About an hour ago i watched a Shirdi Sai Baba video and post it on Sai video blog. Watching the video song of Shirdi Sai Baba, listening to chanting of Sai Baba Mantra. It was all so pleasing.

Then as body felt a bit tired wrapped my body in Sai’s clothes hugged the Sai SatCharitra and had rested in Sai’s love and grace while chanting His holy name.

I am back into love from love. Back to, writing Sai Baba stories, which guides me and guides so many souls. In the blog post worshiping Sai Baba (<<<would recommend to go thru post if you have not yet) there is a mention, about a story of devotee named Mahali. Today this story of Shri Sai  is due.

Before it, i would like you to know the source of this story, it is a beautiful book named, "Baba’s Vaani" , His teachings and sayings by Vinny Chitluri.

Shri Sai Baba9The story in the book is titled as, "Mahali loved Baba passionately." I will not copy the story here exactly, the way it is written in the book. The story in Baba’s Vaani is referred from : Shirdi che Sai Baba by Dr. K. B. Gavankar. Incidentally, this book originally written in Marathi has been translated into Englis and Gujarati languages. Those interested to buy it can contact Dnyanesh Gawankar for the same.

There was a lady named Ravu, her in-laws called her Radhe. Baba used to assign names to many devotees which had meaning to those named. You might like to go through pictures of Contemporary devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba, which have names of devotees along with the names with which Shirdi Sai use to call them.

Sai Baba called her Mahali. She had visited numerous dharmik Kshetra (sacred pilgrimage places in India). She reached Shirdi, and she stayed there because of her intense love and devotion for Baba.

She was about 75 years old when she visited Shirdi. The villagersSai Baba picture thought of her as mad woman. Her behavior and mode of dressing seemed odd. She was rather short and walked with the help of a stick. Her hair, uncombed, loose and matted. She talked continuously and irrelevantly. She tied two pieces of rags around her feet. She wore a smile on her face. She would laugh for no apparent reason. She sat wherever she felt like sitting, and often lay on the ground or the road on her back. She addressed every male as ‘Baba’ and female as ‘Aayi’

This Mahali survived on the alms given by the devotees that visited Shirdi. The mode of begging was same from all. While begging from males she would say, “Baba feed me. I am hungry. Start giving me wages. Look after my welfare.”

sai baba original face The blessing she gave to the benefactor also remained the same all the time. She would bless, “You will remain married couple for all your life. You will have 5 grandsons, and my Shai Baba (She called Sai Baba as Shai Baba) will bless you. Give me clothes, start giving me wages O.K.”

Due to scarcity of water in Shirdi during those days, there were no gardens or flowers readily available in Shirdi. Nonetheless, Mahali would wander in forest in search for wild flowers and offer them to her beloved Shai Baba. Sometimes with love she would weave garland with these flowers. With overflowing joy from her heart and being, she would offer it to her Shai Baba. Shri Sai would accept this offering of love and would keep her garland around His neck the whole day.

At other times Mahali picked fruits from forest and offered them to Sadguru Sai Baba Sai. Baba accepted them and ate them. Sai would also call her out and offer her food from the Bhiksha, He received

Once Sai Baba visited her in her dreams. Mahali was too happy and exited to share her dream with everyone. “Baba came to my dream and kissed my cheek and said, “Mahali, I will bless you with spiritual upliftment. I will give you one finger. Whoever is angry with you, i do not associate with them. Mahali, I will give you jewelry and money. 1 rupee, 2 rupees, 5 rupees I will give you henceforth, and I will stay with you."

Saibaba_black_and_white_picture Then Baba stood in front of me and said, “Keep calling me Shai Baba Shai Baba, at all times, both day and night.”

One more similar story of this unique Spiritual Guru, comes to my mind. Once Shri Sai was sitting in the Dwarkamai. The sacred place was crowded with people, even outside the condition was same. People, seeking His grace, blessings and boon. Plentiful of dishes with variety of food were placed before the Gracious One.

Sai told Shama that Her aayi was waiting outside,Sai_Udi that he should go and bring her to Him. Shama piercing through the gathered crowd reached where Sai Baba had pointed. He saw and an old lady, too tired in ragged clothes. He respectfully guided and helped her way to the sacred Dwarkamai, in front of Baba.

Sai was too pleased to see her. The lady was chocked with the feeling if immense gratitude. Baba smilingly asked the lady about what she was hiding in her clothes. The lady reluctantly offered the chapatis she had. SadGuru Sai leaving aside all the other dishes, relished the chapatis, as tears of gratitude fell from the old lady’s eyes. Nobody can describe the joy that her heart felt. Nobody can describe the love of Baba she felt.

She hacharanpadukad traveled long on her feet. With intense love for Baba. The chapatis she carried specially to offer them to Sai, she did not felt right to offer the same, at that moment, as chapatis  was in very bad condition. For Baba it was the most delicious meal.

Om Sai ! Om Sai ! Om Sai !

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