Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kiss of Sai Baba while sitting in sacred Dwakamai, the holy land Shirdi

Om Sadguru Shri Sainathaya Namaha !

I would have never dreamt of writing a blog post with this title on this blog. But i have to do it, after getting a comment on the last post  Intense love is all that Sadguru wants on the facebook and replying to the comment. Experiences of devotees with Shirdi Sai Baba,  where they feel Shri Sai’s presence always fascinates me.

In last post it is mentioned that a contemporary devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba, Mahali who had deep spiritual love for her Sadguru Sai Baba, had a dream vision in which Sai kissed her cheek before giving her the message.

Now the comment on the facebook from a Sai Baba devotee, Neeraja Nimmagadda, where the last post was linked. It goes, “Jai Sairam! My life too changed from 2004, when I came to know about Sai Deva for the very first time! For me He is more than 200% true and alive! Without Him, I am nothing. Thank U Alpesh for this soul touching leela!!!! Baba too came in my dream and kissed my ear! I felt the kiss immediately and could still feel His old lips on my ear after waking up too....Love U Sai Deva...”

BabaStandingReading this comment i remembered Sai Baba’s kiss to me. Not in dream but in vision. In February of this year, i was lucky to spend about 6 days in Shirdi. It was really a great stay. Might blog about the same, if Sai wishes. On the last night of stay, i was in the sacred place Dwarkamai during the night kakad aarti. I sat near the wall where Shri Sai used to stand leaning against the wall, and we can see Padukas_dwarkamai_shirdipadukas on the floor and the place where the great  old sage used to put His divine elbow on the wall, while lovingly chatting with the devotees and the residents of Shirdi. Inquiring about their well being and other daily cores of their lives.

As, always the moments of sitting in the compound of the Masjid (Dwarkamai), where Sai Baba spent most of His time while in flesh and blood, were really pleasing. His loving presence, so alive fills the body, heart and soul.

I always like to mentally and heartily communicate with Baba in Masjid, wherever i might be. Normally before sleeping is the best time for me to comunicate with Baba. When the mind and heart are at peace. When the heart and mind is agitated, mentally i do pradakshina of either Baba’s Samadhi, it is not possible these days physically. But, nobody can stop me doing it mentally :). Or pradakshina of Gurusthan.

So, with my eyes closed. My senses filled with Sai’s presence, i wasBaba_Smiling_Original_BW mentally sitting in the Masjid (Dwarkamai) right in front of my divine, beloved Baba. Initially, it was like some martial art style meditation. I was sitting right in front of my Sadguru Sai, with my body erect, happily lost in the divine energy that prevailed within and without.

Then, perhaps my mind and body got a little tired. No! it was the heart that was tired. The heart wanted the full glory of love with Baba. The heart said, enough of this meditation. Love is most important while with guru. So, everything was relaxed. The communication of Baba with my heart-full love, then begun . Out of the blue Baba began dancing and whirling. He went behind me and after few moments, He kissed my right cheek.  

Dancing Baba I could actually feel amazing feeling on the spot where my cheek was kissed. Not only that, the vibrations from that spot where Baba kissed, ran like electricity to my heart, brain and throughout the body. For me nobody is greater than my SadGuru Sai Baba. Nobody more loving and more compassionate. Nobody can give what Baba gives.

As this is written the heart dances with joy with the chant of His charanpadukaholy name . And the face beaming with happiness which cannot be described. The whole thing is living again as this is written. :) :) :) What can i do? other than bowing to Sai with deep gratitude flowing from the joyful, love filled heart?

Readers, who have any experience of getting kissed by Baba either in dream or vision, please share your experience in the comments.

Om Shri SatChitAnand Sadguru SaiNath Maharaj Ki Jai !


Neeraja Nimmagadda said...

Jai Sairam tears wouldn't stop flowing down my cheeks reading your vision in Dwarkamai...and thank you for accepting what I wrote...for me too, Sai Baba is Everything...absolutely everything:)

Vivek Chauhan said...

Om Sai Ram. Love you Sai baba

baba's meelu said...

I m not kissed by baba yet... but i know SAI deva is great...nobody can give us watever baba can give... We love u deva... my life is meaningful only because of U... i was alone n u holded my hand..n now m very happy with u deva... plzzz be with me alwazzzzz....

deva main apko roz itni kissses deti hu ap kam se kam ek to do.... hehehheheehe... waiting ... waitingg..

vijay said...

Jai sri sachidananda sadguru sainath maharaaj :-) His name brings happiness and joy in my heart. Gr8 post. keep it up


SAI.... What you have done for NISH, no body can do it.It was a miracale to get 8 band in IELST in Australia.I know you are with he. I am relaxed from her side because I know you are taking care of her.Thank u BABA .I can feel your presence at this time also.I can smell you.I can hear you.

Koti Koti dhanayavad for changing me and my life


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

om sainath to day i am here becos of life is urs..pls care

Anonymous said...

baba please connect ...... need u more than ever .....I pray for ur love baba OM SAI NATH

Anonymous said...

I want to feel my Sai's presence with me but probably I am so bad that I can not feel him.

Anonymous said...


In my dream once i saw BABA in Dwarakamai as we see in movies or television serials, i went near to him to ask something, but was afraid, instead i asked him for UDI, which he applied on my forehead. All the time BABA's face was some serious.

I am not that great a devotee or sincere, but i love or like BABA very much, i get distracted with todays lifestyle, cigrattes, wine and beer, girl-friends which i am unable to avoid, may be that's the reason of his seriousness in my dream.

I know i will have to take this hard path of leaving all this desires, i know i will have to do it. I would like the love of BABA on me all the time, i wish his blessing on me and my family. I fear that he does not get angry on me.

Chandra kanth

Alpesh Patel said...

Om Sai,

Take the path of devotion. Start giving more time to meditating on Baba's picture, reading Sai SatCharitra and other stories of Baba, Chant his name. As the devotion gets stronger, unnecessary things will start falling itself with the help of Baba's grace. We cannot leave our desires, His grace can make it happen. So we just have to do above things. Stick to Baba, give more and more time to what Baba says.

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