Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ranjani S. - Few more experiences

Last post was about experiences of Ranjani S. This post has some more experiences she had about Shirdi Sai Baba.

Hi all,

I would like to share one of my experiences. Recently I and my mother went to Shirdi .When I went there, I had in mind that I want to buy one Satcharitha book and read in Dwarakamai and then I wanted to start reading that book. So on the first day, we were doing shopping and bought two Satcharitha books at outside shop.

We went to the hotel and the next day I wanted to take those books and keep on the holy stone kept at Dwarakamai. But on morning, while going to temple, we forgot the book to take along with us. Later I felt bad that I forgot. My mother wanted to see the bookstall of Shirdi temple which is inside the temple premises.

We went there and we bought again two copied of Satcharitha book with a thought that we can present those books, who are in need. Later we went to Dwarakamai, and by god's grace we had that book in hand though we have forgotten the book which we purchased yesterday.

So we thought that we could present the books which we have already left in the hotel room and we keep the book which is in hand for our use. So we went and sat in Dwarakamai and I randomly opened some page and started reading few line of Satcharitha. Surprisingly, while I was reading, I got to read the lines, "keep the book with you, this is for my prosperity". Once I read that I was in full of happiness. I still enjoy that moment whenever I think that. Thanks a lot sai ma

2. I wanted to share my one of the experience.

Few days back, I was away from home, where my only support is SAI. I used to do pooja and later used to read atleast one paragraph of sai satcharitha per day. One day night, I was sleepless, I started reading sai satcharitha chapter -, and while reading I got sleep, but I wanted to continue and finish that chapter and then sleep.

But due to my drowsiness, I closed the chapter at page number - and slept. The next day morning, I was feeling guilty ( A nice story of Rumi about guilty of not praying) that I dint finish that chapter and this was the very first thinking that came into my mind once I wake up. Later after taking bath and pooja was over, I took the satcharitha book and randomly opened. To my surprise, page number - was opened, which was the place I stopped reading during last night.

It was amazing! That's the moment, I came to know that SAI is everywhere and listening to us and he knows whatever we think.

Sri Sai ma… Thanks a lot for this wonderful experience.

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Anonymous said...

I’m sharing one of my experiences which have strengthened my belief in Sai completely, I like a person and we both are taking our professionals seriously and were planning to get married soon. My parents have good impression on him and he is fantastic person. His family is very traditional and well-off Financial. We were skeptical about their Parents acceptance

I have a strong belief that Sai baba got us together and we will be together for ever and in this process 3 years passed away and he became very strong in his career and things have moved very smoothly and both our parents fine with our relation. He taken my horoscope and went with his parents for taking our Marriage dates .To my shock he called me with lots of pain and said horoscope are not at all matching and if we get married only one will exist. Then immediately I showed it to different person he also said the same. What to say the person you love most will be in danger because of you. This has stopped my world for a moment and it has made us realized how much we mean to each other. Even before we are out this, their parents started looking out for other alliance and our parents are also not ready for taking any chance. I felt I may loose him for ever that was a horrible feeling to go through. I’m not worried about the destiny as I believe in baba (Baba says if you believe in me then don’t in Horoscope) but how are parents are reacting. He is like for any reasons I will not leave you .I know we love each other so much and for no fault of us we need to depart and this taught was killing me. He was searching for a way-out.

My Confidence is only my sai I completely believe in him. I stopped looking at things around me and I was waiting for baba miracle as its only baba can do any thing. After two days he called me up and said GREAT NEWS as they shown it to 3 different famous astrologists and our horoscopes are very fine and we make a great couple and all three were like never show horoscopes to half knowledge astrologist and with this their parents were completely convinced.

It’s a miracle really if they might have gone to one more half knowledge astrologist we were never be together. But how can Baba let that happen, with his blessings are getting married in next month.

Thank you so much sai for showering so much on love, blessing and miracles!!!

Anonymous said...

great miracle baba is always with everyone jai sai ram

Anonymous said...

let us show our gratitude and deep love towards baba for his blessings.... om sai ram!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram! We love you, we your devotees are nothing but a part of you. Can't express my love & trust for you. Somewhere, deep down our heart we know that you are omniscient and nothing is a secret for you.

Anonymous said...

Jai sai ram!!

Miracles of baba cannot be predicted by human mind...and i have experienced it lots of time.
Even im currently undergoing the same situation,and today to my surprise i read this post which resembles mine.
Baba had given me hint sooo many times that ,its the same person whom i love he wants me to marry..n wat ever he tells can never come untrue.im facing lots of criticism and pain cos no one is agreeing at home..and my dad has given his n mine horoscope to his guru, and says he'l get me married only if he agrees.I hope he agrees n wat ever baba told me come true.And i trust him that he'l keep very very happy with my guy,tho horoscope says something else.I don wanna beleive anything but u baba..i love u..give my tongue passion to chant ur name forever and sing ur glories and miracles..which are never ending...this birth and forever...
Jai sainath!!!Jai gaurishankar

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