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Offerings - Devotees experiences - temple in Sunnyvale

Hi Alpesh,

I have been reading your website quite regularly for the last couple of weeks. It enriched my knowledge about Shirdi Baba and increased my endurance to problems. Blessed are all the Baba's devotees who receive constant guidance from Baba while in dreams or awake. I am very ignorant to decipher the subtle and cryptic messages from Baba. Baba, please shower your grace on us.

Thank You for giving us an opportunity to share our experiences. Please post the following in your website.

I lost my job in April and am staying at home taking care of my kids. Since September, I have been praying Baba to provide me with a job. To be honest, when I had my job I had a different set of priorities. In my mind I always wanted to go to Baba's temple and do the parayana at home. But I kept pushing it out saying that I am so bogged down with work and kids and just no time to do it.

Since october, I sincerely started praying to Baba. He made me finish the SatCharitra twice and also pulled me to the temple in Sunnyvale, California multiple times. I was able to finish the parayana with ease. Previously, I start Parayana and then give it up midway.

We are blessed with our second child in 2006. For some reason, I keep thinking that she is a blessed child of Baba and is a special gift to our family. To keep this Email short, I will just narrate one incident that happened in October.

So by Baba's grace, I was able to restart my prayers on Thursday October 23rd and wanted to continue praying at home. My daughter also sits next to me during the prayer and offers water to Baba. On saturday, I made a small garland of roses petals and put it around Baba's photo. I went downstairs to get some water and told my husband to watch the children. In a span of one minute, my daughter pulled the rose-petals garland from Baba's photo and my husband unintentionally spanked her gently for doing it and she started crying. I felt very sad to see my 22 months daughter cry and lost the mood to pray. This whole thing happened in front of Baba's photo.

I don't know why, but in the next 5 minutes I told my husband to watch the children while I go to Baba's temple in Sunnyvale. The temple opens at 11:00AM and I was there at 11:20AM. I was crying so much while driving, just being sad at things.

In the temple, I prayed to Baba and came back near the prasad section. Normally I sit for sometime in the temple, but since I was disturbed something pulled me to the prasad section. The volunteers in the temple put all the used flowers in a plate and leave it in the prasad section for devotees to take. Guess What !!! On that Saturday morning, in that plate I saw a big beautiful garland made of Tulasi leaves/stems and red-roses probably from the previous day. I asked the volunteer if that garland is for the devotees and she said "YES". This garland is ten times longer that the one I made and home and beautiful too. In India, there are some many flower vendors and garlands are very common in temples, but not in states.

I truly feel that this is a miracle of SaiBaba. Never did I see a garland in the prasad plate. I always see loose flowers. Also it is very difficult for me to come to temple on a Saturday morning. But Baba pulled me to his feet to teach me a lesson. I felt like he was saying "For a small garland you spanked my daughter. Take this one from my temple and never hurt her again". So I was sitting in front of Baba idol apologizing and doing the parayana. Then the volunteer comes near me and says "Baba wants you to give him water today after the prasad" I was surprised and said "What" ? She repeated and said "I don't know what is between Baba and you, but he wants you to offer him water. There are few other people in this room including an old lady but I think you need to offer him water" I was elated and surprised and nervous about this whole thing. Never did I come this close to Baba's grace. Baba made me stay in the temple for the complete madhyan-aarti and
I thanked him from deep inside my heart for showering his blessings.

Sometimes my intellectual brain makes me think that this is a coincidence but only Baba can give the right answer to an ignorant person like me.

Mee paapee patit dheemanda hoo Mee paapee patit dheemanda
Taarane malaa Gurunathaa jhadkari Taarane malaa Sainathaa jhadkari
Toon shaantikshamechaa meroo hoo Toon shaantikshamechaa meroo
Toon bhavaarnaveeche taaru Guruvaraa Toon bhavaarnaveeche taaru

Thanks so much,
- SaiDevotee

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Anonymous said...

Nice experience My friend and hope to share a few knowledge witj you

Anonymous said...

I normally watch baba's serial casted on Star Plus on Alpesh's blog. So thankyou very much.

I am sharing my experience -
Baba has not given me all that I asked him for, but whatever he has given me I want to thank HIM for that. I undergone a hand surgery recently, and at the same time I was suppose to come to London for my higher studies. I resigned from my job thinking that now I have to go to London but on the 23rd of September I was operated.
I had lost all hopes to come to London and do my studies as my classes started from the 1st Oct and I was on bed rest till that time.
Finally, it was with Baba's blessing that I could come here and study.
Not only this, I did not have enough money to study at London so I thought that now my hand also doesn't work that good, and with no job how will I manage. Baba firstly helped me to arrange for my college fees by giving an opportunity to my father of travelling abroad. This helped my family get some money for my education fees and then my compnay agreed to give me a transfer to London office.This transfer was another miracle for me.
When I say Baba did not give me all that I wanted; I feel bit low. But Baba has actually given me those things that are good for me.

With Baba's blessings, I got a job and I am doing my studies as well. Thank you BABA for all the good things, and sorry for the things that I complain to you of not giving me.

I request Alpesh to pls keep posting the serials of sia baba. He will be blessed for all his good work.

Preethi said...

Om Shri Sai Nathaya Namah
Anantkoti Brahmandnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parbrahma Shri Sacchidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai Jai Jai

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