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Ranjani S - Experiences

Om Sai Ram,

It has been really long since a post has been written on this blog. Something cause me to read the Sai SatCharitra for 20 times and have been doing that. It's still on, till now 9 times the parayan has been completed and 10th has been started. It's all due to Sai Baba's grace that this is happening.

Just received wonderful experinces by a Saibaba devotee and am copy pasting them from my email inbox. She has sent 4 mails and so the experinces will be posted in 4 parts.

below is the first mail with experiences. Cool happy vibratins took over my mind and body when i read about her seeing the soil of Shirdi, which also awoke the rememberance of the same, and also about the doubt about devotees experinces in Shri Sai SatCharitra and how the doubt was removed in Sai's way of doing it. Giving her the same experience.

Hi Alpesh,
This is my first mail to you. i would like to share my experiences . Please display these experiences in your website.
Iam not sure whether iam sending it to your right mail id. Please reply am i sending this to the right person.
Below are my experiences.i have given 3 sets of experiences. Please put these in your website .
I am very eager to read the sweet moments of experiences of 2006, while I was browsing the internet , I was trying to read some experiences of SAI baktas.That was the year I touched soil of shirdi. After reading some of the experiences, I thought that I should also share some of my moments , But later for some reason, I dint post my experience even that thought remain in my mind, Now , this is 2008 , Thanks to Baba that I found this site! and now again while reading some of the experiences of sai baktas, I really feel sorry that I still dint post the experiences and now I write this for all sai baktas !
I too experienced some of the miracles of baba , which I would like to share … I got a good job in a MNC by the grace of baba. I attended that phone interview on Thursday praying baba that I have to get the job, and while the interview was going on , I was looking at baba's photo and was answering the question ! but I dint answer the questions in the interview well… after the interview was over, I thought I will loose that opportunity of getting the job. later that the moment I cut the call of interview, I really dint ask baba to get me the job. . but I just saw the photo of baba without asking him anything but consoled myself that as per baba's wish let it happen.
Within a week, I got a call that I got selected , and got the job …
Since that time I have never been to shirdi... But I have an very great desire to go to shirdi… after I joined the MNC company ,after few days ,in office I found a friend, who is also a sai devotee… and one day, we were speaking about her shirdi visit, she said she got a mail where it has the photos of shirdi.. I was eager to see that and asked her to open the mail box and I saw the photos with anxiety that when I would touch the soil of shirdi… and after a week I got a call for a project in mumbai for 2 and half months…when I get the call, it striked in my mind that if I go to mumbai , I may go to shirdi.. I have never been out of my home for a long period, and my parents will not allow me to stay alone as they afraid … so I was in a dilemma , whether to accept to go to Mumbai or leave that opportunity as in my home they will not allow. So I just called to my mother , praying saibaba to make my mother to accept to go . She never accept much easily for these cases, but with wonder, she said I could go…
I called my sai devotee (office) friend through phone , I was sharing my happiness that I may go to shirdi as in my home they accepted to send me to mumbai… and she said, it sai's call that u have to go there ..( I felt very much happy) and she reminded me that just a week before I was watching her mail box with photos of shirdi .. I was too happy but then I don't know anybody there in Mumbai... I am the only girl to go there... so I was thinking in my mind that only if I get another girl to accompany me, I would go, otherwise not !
I reached mumbai and there was girl in my own team, so I gave a try asking that shall we go to shirdi , but she doesn't show much interest on the trip and then after two weeks she left the place and come back to chennai. So I thought that is there anyother girl who could accompany me and the days are passing. After a month a girl joined as my roommate , and while some discussion was going on, I came to know that she is also sai devotee.. One day , She was discussing with her team member about the trip to shirdi in office and when we meet on that day night she said their team were talking about their trip. I was very eager to join them and said that if they go, I will join them without fail, and pleased her to accompany me… she said it's not decided fully, it was a plan and may be executed. Then days passed on and there was only one week left out of my 2 and half months period to return to my home place (Chennai). On Friday night while returning from office , I had to wait for bus, there was a stair where I sat and waiting for bus and was talking to baba from my heart that , " Baba , I came here to Mumbai only because I wanted to go to shirdi , if I do not get a chance , how will I reach my hometown back without seeing you , if it is so , for the purpose which I came to Mumbai is not done , Please baba, today is Friday , I really don't know what u will do , I have to touch the shirdi soil on Saturday ( the next day ) or by Sunday morning ". I was keep on thinking and speaking my grief to go to shirdi with baba and the bus came and when I reach my room , a surprise was awaiting for me !!!
it is that , my room mate (sai devotee) has booked ticket to go to shirdi , but by the time I reach the room she cancelled my ticket as because after booking the ticket for me along with their team member to visit shirdi , she was searching me in the place where I used to sit in the office , but unfortunately , when she came to search me , I was not available there … so , they decide to wait for sometime and let me know about the booking when I come to the room, she was waiting from 7.00 , but as the workload was heavy on that day , I reached room by 9.00 PM , as the time was running out , before I reach home, their team and my roommate decided to cancel the ticket as I may not reach by the time they leave to place to catch the bus…and there was no communication between us for some reason … so just few minutes before I enter the room , they called the travels and cancelled the ticket, and at the moment I reach the room , my roommate said " where are you, we are planning to go to shirdi ( i felt extreme happiness) , but we cancelled your ticket as we expect that u may not reach by the time we leave ( I felt extreme sadness) .. Then I asked her to make a call to travels and ask her to book the ticket as because I don't know to speak I Hindi...When she was speaking to the travels person , in my room I was crying a lot, asking baba to allow me to come to shirdi . She called and by Baba's grace, we got the ticket. But the ticket was not confirmed until we reach the place of departure, after we reach, it got confirmed and to my surprise we reached shirdi by Saturday morning ( this was the prayer I did last night that I wanted to touch shirdi soil on Saturday morning )
Now again a wonderful experience is , I have a thought while I was reading satcharita , that , in some adiyaya ( sorry I forgot the chapter number) , the baktas has realized baba in a form of Rama , shiva etc ..
But I used to think in myself that how could it be possible, because in front of them, while their eyes are to the baba's image, how could they see other god's image… Though I have faith in baba.
But It was the day I touched shirdi soil, I experienced that moment … We reached shirdi by 5.30 AM. The bus was parked in front of a hotel where there is a idol in front of that hotel. In that early morning, when we get down of the bus, when I saw the idol, I saw Ganesha's idol there, and I turned my face . The moment I turned around my face, I was thinking within me that , how come in shirdi , a ganesha's idol would be , why not BABA's idol , and again I turned my head to see the idol, I saw SAIBABA's idol there…. I really don't know what made me to see the idol again after I turned around my head !!!! This was my great, wonderful experience , I ever had and I never forget until my life… sirdi satchidhananda satguru sainath maharaj ki jai .
Thanks and Regards,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Alpesh,

thanks to u and the sai devotee for this blog entry.

hope the other 3 stories of this sai devotee would be uploaded soon as i am eagerly waiting for them.


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