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Sai Baba taking sufferings up on Himself

Om Shri Sadguru SaiNathatya Namaha!

Sai Baba taking pain upon Himself for the sake of His devotees welfare

In G.S. Khaparde's diary, it is mentioned that Sai Baba once pointed out His body and said that His body got emaciated, His digestion impaired, His food reduced to bare bread and water(due to looking after worries of innumerable devotees), and yet in spite of these He must go on doing His duty, whatever the consequences.  Such is the Eternal love and Compassion of SadGuru Sai Baba.

In Shri Sai SatCharitra Chapter 7 we can read two examples of Sai Baba suffering for the sake of His devotees. In the first incident Compassionate Baba was sitting near the Dhuni, the sacred fire in revered Dwarkamai, which burns 24 x 7 since He lighted it. A close devotee of Sai Baba Shama, noted that the Protector Sai thrust His hand in the sacred fire of Dhuni. The hand got scorched. Shama immediately pulled back the Merciful Baba. He asked the Holy One, "Deva for what have you done this?"

The Preserver Baba said, "Oh, Shama, you know, a child slipped from it's mother's arms suddenly, and felt into smith's forge!  Hearing her husbands call, the wife of the smith began to blow the bellows vigorously, out of fear, while holding her child in her armpit all the while. While doing so unintentionally she lost her attention from the child for a while. The restless, over-active child slipped from there."

"But Shama, No sooner did she fall, than I picked her up. And as I picking her up, this is what has happened! Let the hand be scorched, but at least the child's life is saved!"

Shama wrote a letter to one of the prominent devotees of Sai Baba, Chandorkar. On hearing the news Nanasaheb Chandorkar rushed with a doctor. But the Unique Baba never cared to show the wounds of hand to the medical doctor. He said, "Allah is our Vaidya"

Sai Baba taking the plague disease on himself

Another incident described in the same chapter of Shri Sai SatCharitra is of the son of G. S. Khaparde. G. S. Khaparde and his wife were having a long stay in Shirdi, according to the wishes of Preventer Sai Baba. Sai Baba wanted to prevent a danger on this family, thus made them stay in holy Shirdi for about two months . We will see this story later.

The little son of Khaparde was sick, burning with fever. This made the mother's heart broken and her head became restless. Her home was in Amravati, and she wished to go there. On finding a suitable opportunity, when Baba came for his evening round near Wada. She clasped the Compassionate One's feet and told about her son's condition. Moreover she said there was the fear of dreaded plague.

Gently the Holy One said, "The sky is overcast, but it will rain, bringing forth harvest and the clouds will melt away.

"Why be afraid?"  So saying, He lifted His Kafni up to the waist and showed inflamed buboes to everyone. The size of hen's egg, four buboes could be seen spread in four directions.

"See I have to take upon myself all your sufferings", said Baba.

Two another such incidents of taking the sufferings of disease in short

Mrs. Tarabai Sadashiv Tarkhad of poona, was suffering from a long-standing disease of eye. Her eyes were in constant pain and watered.  Doctors had failed to cure or even diagnose the disease.

She made a Shirdi visit, and sat in front of  the SadGuru Baba Sai. The Responsive One gave a divine glance in her eyes. Instantly the lady's eyes were restored to normal. The Restorer's eyes were seen watering, and the pain of many years, had to be dissolved in the infinite Bliss.

One Mr. Noverkar was suffering from high fever. He sent his son to Shirdi with Rs.500 as an offering to Sai. As soon as Baba received the sum, His limbs began to shiver and body was in fever for few moments.

Baba explained, "I have to bear the burden of my devotees." 

The task of Sadguru is very difficult and beyond our imagination. They have that Great High Powers to do so. This was not the only way the Merciful took up on and still takes away  the sufferings of innumerable devotees. There are more. We will see them here on this blog in days to come.

Om Sai Ram.

Vaidya = In Sanskrit it means "one who knows" and in Ayurveda it means physician.


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