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Blissful joy that subdues our sufferings

Om Shri SaiNathaya Namaha,

Last post was about Sai Baba taking the sufferings upon Himself. In layman terms this becomes little difficult to understand. Although numerous incidents happened, people actually experienced that their suffering ended and there were many witness to those incidents. If we read the leelas of Shirdi Sai Baba, these sort of incident happened almost daily. They have not stopped after the Compassionate One left His physical body, which is called MahaSamadhi.

Blissful Joy is my Nature

In the Sacred text Shri Sai SatCharitra chapter number 19. Sai Baba have explained "Know that which is knowledge incarnate, or Supreme pure Consciousness or Blissful joy -- that is my true nature. So meditate on it regularly."

Those chapters (18 and 19) of Shri Sai SatCharitra has excellent guidance for meditation from Master Guide Baba himself.  But here the topic we are about to see is different and the above quote is relevant with it.

Since Sai Baba is one with the almighty, He is also the ocean of bliss. The topic of this particular was knocking on the door of mind and i stumbled upon an article signs of spiritual perfection by Meher Baba as a help to this post. I consider it a little miracle :). The quote below fits perfectly well.

The second sign is the atmosphere of bliss that Perfection radiates in its immediate vicinity, an atmosphere that a stranger in search of it cannot help feeling. A Perfect Master not only enjoys infinite bliss but also experiences universal suffering. The acuteness of suffering however is nullified or subdued by the overwhelming feeling of bliss. Hence Perfection can outwardly appear blissfully calm in the face of every kind of suffering and persecution.

The acuteness of sufferings subdues 

Now what was going on in my mind to understand this in layman's term. Lets suppose we individuals are glass of water holding some amount of that spiritual infinite bliss. More an individual is spiritual more bliss he or she experiences and also radiates the same.

Nobody is free from suffering. It's a fact that sufferings visits each and everyone.  Lets imagine suffering as ink. Now suppose a drop of ink is dropped in a small glass of water. The color of water (consciousness or chitta) will change. It will all be the color of ink (suffering). So individual with very less spiritual advancement will experience that more intensely. If the same drop of ink is dropped in a lake or river (more spiritually advanced beings), the same drop of ink will have negligible effect for a short time.

While Sadguru's are infinite oceans of bliss. They can consume rivers of inks with and diffuse it's effects. This explains that when Sai Baba took upon the pain and sufferings of devotees, not a trace of pain was seen on his glowing benign face. Not only this the Sadgurus or spiritual Gurus are the ones capable of awakening the source of infinite bliss in each one of us.

What should we learn from this?

We can also understand from this that more the person gets spiritually advanced, he or she experiences more and more bliss. The smile and experience of bliss and happiness is not easily disturbed with challenges and trials of life. Happiness and bliss becomes a the nature of those people. They carry it with them along with the other good qualities like compassion. As Sai Baba has taught us to seek His blissful nature, we should seek His blissful nature and love and grace. Then there would be no need to ask for mundane things which our mind feels would bring happiness and harmony.

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