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How do you go to Shirdi? - The Sacred place.

Om Shri SaiNathaya Namaha!

How do you go to Shirdi? Obviously the question asked is not about the physical or gross means like  do you go by air plane, train, road, walking etc.  It is about our mental attitude. So this article also implies to how you go to any local temple of Sai Baba or the temple sacred space in your home.
As it appeared on Sai Baba says blog, Sai Baba himself once said People do ask for abundance of wealth and prosperity, or for the cure of disease, removal of difficulties, or for fame, honour, power and authority. It is happiness they always ask for.
Shri Sai SatCharitra Chapter 16 verse 40.

So, the above given reasons are the chief reasons for most of us to get attracted to Shirdi or Shri Sai Baba. We mostly go there with reasons of our own.  The reasons we think would would bring about happiness or do away with problems and troubles. Or we might think certain spiritual activity would give us a spiritual push and we might go there with that idea. So basically our ideas rules. We try to push our ideas on Baba Sai.

So mostly, either we go with some demand in our heart and mind. Or we might go with ideas like I will do Naamsmaran, do Sai Satcharitra parayan, attend Sai Baba arati in Samadhi Temple, do pradakshina, do meditation. And all these activities are really very good and helpful and Guru Sai Baba have always asked us to spend more time in such activities.

And there is another way also. We go there for the love of Baba Sai and that place itself. Love rules. We just go there, without any desire. .

Worldly or spiritual. We go empty. We might have lots of things running around inside us, few or many desires knocking hard within our self, if that is the case we just present our present state to the divine grace of Baba. We can I say, Baba I have come to you. I don't know what is best for me. I surrender myself to you and I love you. Whatever within me, good or bad, I offer it to You. I will sit here and love you. Or engage my self in the activities like Naamsmaran, Sai SatCharitra Parayan, doing seva. But all the rest I completely leave to you. I have full faith in You, so will leave the results to You.

If we go with go with one of the many spiritually helpful activities, again we might get stuck. If we just go there and let it happen. Humbly we go to Shirdi. There we let Baba decide what we should do. Because while we are there, Sai Baba is the doer. He does work on us. We are not the doer. The all knowing and all powerful will decide how,when and where to give you.

I have seen many devotees. They think I should and must get a chance to attend arati standing or sitting near Samadhi. Or i must read this much. As if, not doing so will lead to failure in getting Baba's grace and favor.

Actually it's opposite. If we go there without our ideas. Worldly or Spiritual. We are able to receive more.

We can leave the workings and results on the all knowing, all powerful, who has the knowledge of most secrets, the divine light and a perfect guide, our Sadguru Shri Sai Baba.

Om Shri SadChitAnand Sadguru SaiNath Maharaj Ki Jai.
Bow at your holy feet.

Since the gross information is also helpful to most devotees, a detailed post/article has already been written earlier Travelling Shirdi pilgrimage and Places to Visit in Shirdi.

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