Friday, August 8, 2008

Shirdi Sai Baba devotees experiences

Aum Sai Ram,
Jai SaiNath,

Since last many days, there is no update on this blog. Have been continuously reading Shri Sai SatCharitra and Gospel of Sri RamaKrishna Paramhamsha. i don't even know how many parayans of Sai SatCharitra has been completed. Sometimes the reading of the book gets over in a day, sometimes takes a couple of days and sometimes in three days.

i received some very good expeiences of a Shirdi Sai Baba devotee and a reader of this blog, dedicated to Almighty Sat Chit Anand Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi.

The devotee does not wish to disclose his name, so the experiences will be published as the experience of Sai Baba devotee with Faith and Patience

Below are the wonderful experiences that were emailed for the purpose of publishing them on this blog. i particularly liked the experince about Sai Baba appearing in dream and reminding him about generation old unfulfilled vow.

Jai Sairam. OM Viswa Praanaaya Sainaathaya Namaha

There are probably infinite # of incidents that have been casted for me by Sri. Baba and may be I am not that wise to understand all. Out of the many that I am aware of within
my wisdom and could remember, me being a human doesnt help either. If I could give 1% back to Baba for the 100% he gives to me, I think I have lived the purpose of my life. However, I had to publish these per my promise to Baba, and below are my personal stories.

Incident 1
That was roughly about 60 yrs ago when my grand father had a vow to perform "Naga Prathistha" at Rameshwaram, due to some family borne issues. He did pass away at a very young age(37) himself and my dad was about 6 yrs at that point. I guess my dad and his siblings did know about the vow, but probably never had thought about it seriously, until when my oldest aunt had a threatening dream from the serpant Naga. She did rush to perform Naga Prathistha, but being that she was married by then, the fruits of that never applied
to my grand fathers wishes.

About an year ago( sept 2007), I restarted my acquaintance with Baba, after being on and off in terms of a devotee(i used to go to his temple, perform parayana on and off for a long while). It was like I used to go to him for any help I needed, and then forget him until the next issue came up. I still remember when I saw his picture for the first time. I was about 4.5 yrs then. So, in 2007 I started "Parayana" again(the last time I did Parayana was about 6 yrs ago), and had done 3 in line, and had wonderful time during those weeks. I then slowed a little and since then up until last month was doing a page every day.

So during April 2008, while at 3rd time of "Parayana", i had a dream. There was Baba in it, along with Naga and too many snakes. Baba started telling me about the vow from my grand father and how it went unnoticed for generations. Baba also indicated that the surgey I had last year was because of the unfulfilled vow.

I called my dad, and he was surprised as to how I knew about the dream, when it was vowed, and how it went unfulfilled. A vow that was committed to 60 yrs ago, came back as a dream because of Baba. I did send my dad and all his siblings to fulfill their fathers vow. During first week of May 2008, my father and his siblings did perform Naga Prathistha.

I have in my life been a devotee and a non-devotee of my gods, not to stay at one place, but now internally have found my home, and my god. If not for Baba, I would have never had the opportunity to fulfill my grand fathers wishes and vows. I am glad that I had an opportunity as a grand son to do something for my grand father whom I will never meet.

Incident 2
We had a baby daughter born to us in Aug 2007. She is a very healthy and an active kid. The only problem with her was that she would not sleep thru the night. Being that its just me and the wife who take care of our daughter(we live in USA), and she does not sleep thru the night, we were really getting tired. It was almost 11 months that we did not have sufficent sleep and frustration was mounting.

Up until that point I did not seek assistance from baba or any help. One night, I was really frustrated and asked Baba for help and promised to write this story and above story on the blog, if he cures my daughter and helps her sleep. Strangely, in a couple of days from then, my daughter has been sleeping very well, but not the whole night yet. But I definetely can correlate to how my request is being granted, and I am sure by the time every one of us gets to read this
story she will be sleeping through the night.

Incident 3
I very recently brought a home in USA and the same day when I had the keys handed over to me, I got laidf off. It was totally a harrasment to be jobless on the same day in a foreign country when you buy a home. Within 3.5 weeks from being laid off, I was called back to a same team that I was with originally. Baba, did definetely do this to test my patience and trust in him. Not once in those 3.5 weeks, I had cursed my luck or Baba and he did what he had to.

My confession -
I have done many mis-deeds in my life and probably countless errors when I knew what I was doing was wrong. I probably was deceitful and probably played with peoples trust. I have probably played with peoples emotions and have probably ruptured their hearts. I was short tempered, I was egoistic and I was stupid. I was mean to people and cussed at them as well. I was not an obidient son or a family member. I ask baba for forgiveness in front of you all, and promise to be his child, and want him to accept me back again.
Please help pray with me for his forgiveness of me and thanks to all for sharing your experiences as well.


Kalpna Sharma said...

Baba will definately forgive u and u would be the very trustworthy and reliable person in future by the grace of Shri Sai Baba.

Anonymous said...

I joined my husband to the States on Nov 9, 08. As soon as I got here, back home in India my father had to undergo a surgery. Surgery was successful, however as he was diabetic post surgery recovery was not up to the mark and things got complicated and he was readmitted to the hospital. We were not sure what was happening and if he could make it or not. However since I was far off my mother and siblings didn’t want me to get worried so they informed me my father was recovering. Unfortunately within a week my father’s health started deteriorating. I was restless hence decided to head back to India.
Even the doctors were not sure how long he could make it. I prayed to Sai Baba to help my father fight the battle and if it’s gods wish to take him away then please grant me one last opportunity to go see my father and spend time with him, to cook for food for him, as my father liked my cooking. It was so strange I prayed and booked my tickets to India. With Sai krupa I managed to get tickets during the Xmas season and reached my native on 27 Dec morning. Spent whole day with my father at the hospital, spoke to him, prepared food for him, he ate little and he looked perfectly fine on that day, so we all hoped the bad time is over and now he will recover. However on 28th Dec, 08 , morning my father passed away. I was in deep sorrow but thank Sai Baba to have given me the chance to see my father for one last time, and touch his feet.

Anonymous said...

Baba always looks after his children, helps them in calamities. Sai Baba you know the true please help us. Save us from this sorrowfull situation. Sai sai sai sai sai sai Ram

Suresh.V said...

Sai was always helpul to me for the last 30 yrs, i have got what all i asked in my life. i have soemthing very unrealistic and i know that i will get the same from him, please beleive in him and kindly donate for poor feeding and for medical help.

Anonymous said...

Sai Baba came into my life in December2007 by coming to me in various ways,a book, a dvd, a keychain............and many more its really an unending list.He came to help me in my distressing situation.His call made me go to shirdi instantly like a magnet being pulled strongly.He has always given me wonderful darshsn every time.Been there three times.My prayer to baba is to help resolve my problem with my husband.Baba knows the problem and my pain.I know he will take care of it soon since he decided to come into my life to help me.

doonite1 said...

there is no limit to babas mercies have shradha in him and have patience and he cures all the problems he is god who walked on earth

Anonymous said...

I got to know about baba from one of my friends and ever since then I started believing and trusting him. Baba has shown me miracles and has guided me in many of my impossible wishes. Baba, you know my wish and I know, its not possible to make it happen without your blessings. Baba, guide me some light..a ray of hope ..without your blessings, my life is dark. With teary eyes and a heavy heart, i beg your blessings Baba. If you wish, even the impossible can be possible and the impossible becomes possible. Show me some hope Baba..

Anonymous said...

jai sai ram.....baba i need ur blessings..i am in trouble

Anonymous said...

I write this in a mixture of emotions. I was always a studious kid and did well in my studies in my school but once I got into my college,I never seemed to cope with studies I felt as though suddenly I had lost my abilities to comprehend what was being thought , because of which i did not perform well in my Engineering entrance exam.I did get an Engineering seat but not in the branch I liked. But still I was places in a top company with a salary of more than avg expected. Though i joined the company I absolutely loathed my job as it was nothing related to my field. I quit the job and did my PG in management,I again got a job but this time again it was all wrong, during this period i even had my closest friends who had become my colleagues turn against me. I am now looking for a job, My only question is why am I not able to cope with my job pressures?I always pray to Baba
but i think I am paying for my past karma. I pray to baba to give me the strength to face pressure and give me a decent job. Please hold my hand baba and make me a stronger person.Help me get rid of all my jealousy and fear. Helpp me get a job and make me strong Baba...make me strong. Help me take the right decision.
i also appeal all Baba devotees to help me find a solution to this fear of facing pressure and responsibilities.
Jai Sai

shaktikant mishra said...

Baba came ino my life on 29th Dec 2010 when my father was in death bed.I had soem how managed to travel from Bangalore to be with my father who was admitted to a hospital in vishakhapatnam.As soon as i saw my father in that condition i could hold my tears.I came out of the hospital and saw baba sitting in the compound of the hospital.When ever i passed by that way i used to bow before him and pray for my father's health.After fighting death for 30 days he came out of the ICU as a winner.It was all possible by the blessings of SAI.Baba be with me all the time.I need you.I love you a lot.

Om Sai nathay Namah!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sai Nath...Help me, let me forget my past present and future and submerge my mind,soul and body in your thoughts only. I want to be ONE with you and get rid off from my EGO. Bless me oh dear lord or lords. Mercy on me. Om Sai ram!

Neha said...

The Sai Baba Miracles are great...

My sister was to deliver a baby and doctors since baby was not growing normally.,doctor said that she would have an abortion..

But previous day I asked sai ,.and Sai baba gave me reply that child will be born..and seriouls My sister gave birth to a bay girl the very next day..though it was pre-mature delivery but all's well now

Vijay said...

Om Sri Sai Ram... Baba has help me and our family in various ways, we have been devotte of Sri Sai Baba for many years and I do not recollect any instances were I had prayed for something and we have not received it.Baba is like Kamadenu, every fulfilling our desire and never diswons us.

I am staying in bangalore for last seven years and thru Grace of Sri sai baba my family life is going very well. This is our 5th year of married life and Baba has always taken care of our needs. Me and my wife used to visit Sri Sai baba temple every thursday without fail and thru his Grace the unexpected happen, I found house for myself and this is my own flat, we had intial hurdles but very we prayed frevently to get all the obstacles warded off, every merciful Bhagavan Sri Sai immediately came to our rescue and we purchased the house without any hitch. I long to serve Baba till my death. I ever wish I could see Baba once either in dreams or awaken state. I would condider my human birth to be blessed.

Om Sri Sai Baba... Peace to all....

Anonymous said...

Baba is great as I lost my job baba is great he gave me a new job.I had an aim of setting my own business but I failed 5 to 6 times but I hope by the grace of baba i will start my own business.I trust baba like anything we are very greatful to baba.beleive in him everything will be fine

Anonymous said...

OM sai namo namah ; shri sai namo namah

Anonymous said...

sai baba is greattttttttttttttttttttttttt

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram , Please baba forgive me for my harsh words i used for you ,and my stupid talks about you when i did not get what i wanted , you know better what is good for us and when . please don't turn me down and keep holding my finger tightly ,please baba help grow my patience and faith in you manyfolds .I know , i am weak , sinner,ignorant person , please help me surrender at your holy feet .

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