Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sai the consciousness that pervade everywhere

  • Sitting here I know everything and I am everywhere

    Though He looked like living in Shirdi, He was present everywhere. This all-pervasiveness of His way daily experienced by His devotees. Our humble prostration to this all-pervasive Sadguru.

  • Though Baba has no body now, He lives there and everywhere, and will effect the welfare of the devotees even now as He was doing before when He was embodied. Saints like Baba never die, though they look like men, they are in reality God Himself.

  • I require no door to enter. I have no form nor any extension; I always live everywhere. I carry on, as a wirepuller, all the actions of the man who trusts Me and merges in Me."

  • Being quite desireless, you should meditate on the Lord, Who is in all the creatures, and when the mind is concentrated, the goal will be achieved. Meditate always on My formless nature, which is knowledge incarnate, consciousness and bliss. If you cannot do this, meditate on My Form from top to toe as you see here night and day. As you go on doing this, your Vrittis will concentrate on one point and the distinction between the Dhyata (meditator), Dhyana (act of meditation), Dhyeya (this meditated upon) will be lost and the meditator will be one with the Consciousness and be merged in the Brahman.

Above are some quotes from Shri Sai SatCharitra, the book that bestows grace and vibrates with the presence and divine love of Sai Baba. As mentioned in post The Gospel of Sri RamaKrishna that book too vibrates with the divine love, and pushes the mind towards the divine love of God, for me Sai Baba.

The reason for putting all the quote is the striking experience of Sri RamaKrishna as a devotee, of the all-pervasiveness of God. The conciousness that vibrates everywhere not an iota is left.

Read the following experience where Sri RamaKrishna fed a cat with the food intended for Divine Mother. Below is what Sri RamaKrishna said about the same.

The Divine Mother revealed to me in the Kali temple that was She who had become everything. She showed me everything was full of Consciousness. The image was Consciousness, the altar was Consciousness, the water-vessels Consciousness, the door-sill was Consciousness, the marble floor was Consciousness -- all was Consciousness. I found everything inside the room soaked, as It were, in Bliss,

Bliss of God. I saw a wicked man in front of the Kali temple; but in him also I saw the power of the Divine Mother vibrating. That was why I fed a cat with the food that was to be offered to the Divine Mother. I clearly perceived that all this was the Divine Mother-even the cat.

After the above incident. this act of feeding the cat with food intended for Divine Mother Kali, was reported by the manager of Temple Garden as a complaint.

Most of the devotees of Sai Baba feels the vibrating conciousness while in Shirdi, in Sai Baba Temple, while performing Sai Baba Aratis, Chanting His divine name or Mantras, reading Sai SatCharitra or reading other books on Sai Baba (have received quite a few mails of devotees who feels the same while reading this blog), meditating on Sai Baba's picture or Idol, worshiping Sai Baba. As Sai Baba indicated in the Sai SatCharitra Chapter "Meditate always on My formless nature, which is knowledge incarnate, consciousness and bliss.", when we can see and feel Sai Baba as all-pervasiveness vibrating conciousness in everything in animals, in animals and even in inanimate things. The feeling of the vibrating presence is the start and the mind should be fed on that as much as we can. That is while regular devotion in any form is needed, just like bathing or cleaning of our bodies is done regularly, regular devotion to Sai Baba, should be done regularly. We don't say it will be ok if bath will be taken after a couple of days, or our dinning table or the living room will be cleaned after a day. More important than those is our mind and our herat which should be cleaned everyday with devotion.

The above incident reminds of few incidents where Sai Baba showed oneness with the animals a story about Sai Baba's showing oneness with dog and stories about Sai Baba showing oneness with cat and horse are already posted on this blog.

There is one more incident that is mentioned in Shri Sai SatCharitra Chapter 42.

Sai Baba said to her - "Oh Laxmi, Iam very hungry." Off she went saying - "Baba, wait a bit, I return immediately with bread." She did return with bread and vegetables and placed the same before Baba. He took it up and gave it to a dog. Laxmibai then asked - "What is this, Baba, I ran in haste, prepared bread with my own hands for You and You threw it to a dog without eating a morsel of it; You gave me trouble unnecessarily." Baba replied - "Why do you grieve for nothing? The appeasement of the dog's hunger is the same as Mine. The dog has got a soul; the creatures may be different, but the hunger of all is the same, though some speak and others are dumb. Know for certain, that he who feeds the hungry, really serves Me with food. Regard this as an exiomatic Truth."

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