Wednesday, July 16, 2008

celebrate Guru Purnima

Aum Sai Ram,

Haven't been able to write since long. Since few days was feeling like writing on the the Bhakti the simplest way to God. Have been reading Shri SaiSatCharitra continuously since past week. Some times the reading gets over in a day sometimes it takes two days. Surplus time is spent in reading Gospel of Shri Ramakrishna.

Following mail was found in the email inbox and so have sat to write this post after seeking
Sai Baba's blessings, that His grace writes.

Hi Alpesh,

Om Sai Ram,

Kindly tell me( or provide me the links )how celebrate Guru Purnima which is on July 17th.
I'm planning to do Sai Sacararita Parayanam and Guru Charita Parayanam.
And also planning to give food for any one Orphan institute.Thinking to take day off from work.
Kindly provide me some tips/advises.

The writer of the mail has written the answer itself with the question. Taking a day off from normal work and dedicating the mind on SatChit Ananda Shri Sai Baba, on the auspicous day of Guru Poornma is great. However Gurupurnima this year falls on 18th of July and not on 17th.

The writer also pours out his hearts feeling of Shri Sai SatChritra parayan and Guru Chraitra Parayan. Also of provoding food in Orphan institute.

The benefit of the way of Bhakti (devotion) is great. All that Bhakti requires is devotional heart and mind. There are many ways of Bhakti and devotees may enjoy any of the way or can enjoy the multitude dimensions of Bhakti like Prayan of Sacred texts, singing and listening to bhajans and devotional songs, Performing Arati (It's much better if Arati is performed on regular basis or at least after Parayan), lighting lamps and incense sticks (this too should be done on regular basis), meditating on Sai Baba's picture.

There are many ways of putting our mind on Shri Sai Baba what ever our heart tells us is best for us. Sai Baba is sitting in our heart and from our heart, He tells us what the best way to put ur minds on Him is suitable for us.

Sometimes we read something or hear something about Bhakti and our heart tells us, yes this is what i should do. There are many ways of devotion and to put our minds on Sai Baba, Sai Baba the inner guide tells us what to do.

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Anonymous said...

Sairam Alpesh ,
Happy Gurupurnima to you,
Simple yet pwoerful what a nice way you have explained.I totally agree with you and this is how it should be .Baba is in our heart,He wants sincere devotion and no paraphernalia's .Devotion is seated where there is Love and Love is seated where there is Piousness...with piousness and loving heart we devote ourself to our SATHGURU SAI and HE becomes ONE with Us.JAI SAI RAM
Baba guide us all.
At the Feet of my Sathguru Sainath

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