Friday, May 9, 2008

Kanika Gupta - Devotees experiences

Aum Sai Ram,

These days devotee's experiences are dropping in. Another wonderful experience of a devotee to whom Sai Baba appeared in the dreams twice.

Another experience was posted in comments of the post named have faith and complete surrenderence and yet one more on my experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba. All these three submissions in span of two days.

Below is the experience submitted by Sai devotee Kanika Gupta, which i received at alpesh at saimail dot com.

Om Sai Ram

I am a non medical student and i have just appeared for my board exams and still appearing for my entrance tests.


I started believing in Sai Baba around in September 2007 . Since then He has always been with me in my every task..

In around September - October 2007,I dreamed of Sai Baba .As I am science student so I was very much worried about my studies and my future.He in my dream ,was passing by my house when I saw Him and stopped Him. nd then called my mother .She talked to him in the dream . I invited Him home but Sai Baba refused to come ,I begged Him then He called my mother and told her the reason of His refusal .She agreed to Him and then I said "Baba please give me something" Then He gave me a book which was wrapped in a printed paper and a comb too. hen Hw just went away. his was my first dream regarding Sai Baba. Ever since i started worshipping Him .hen my mother discussed it with pujariji and he told her that Sai Baba had given the gift of knowledge and success.

econd dream I saw was that,e was again passing by my homeand He came upto my house's gate,and He had put red tikka all over my forehead .In the morning , then when I went to the temle the Pujari gave me the red holy color and said that this is very sacred and whenever you go out for some good work just apply this Tikka.

I am very scared of Chemistry .When it was my preboared exams I was very much frightened .I cried whole night. My mother went to the temple in the mornig and there Pujariji gave her a pen wothout asking for it and it was a single pen just kept for me. No other pens were kept there for any kind of distribution. My mother gave that pen to me. I gave my exam with that pen and scored wonderfully well.

Now have my another exam coming up....... If i clear this exam it would be all by Sai Baba's grace.

Other two experiences i am copy pasting here from the comments of above mentioned articles below.

Hi Alpesh,

I am a regular visitor of your website and would like to thank for providing us an opportunity to all sai devotees to share their divine experiences with us.

I would also like to share my recent sai experience and would like to share with all the sai family.

My Sister's daughter who is just 5 yr old has fallen down from the cot and blood was oozing from the nose . All of us were really worried and she was crying literally. I did not understand what to do hence i prayed baba that she should have not met with any facture in her nose and blood should stop oozing from her bose and recover fast . I was just consoling her to stop her crying . But the situation remained the same finally i decided to apply Babas udi but could not found at home hence i prayed baba and took the regular vibuthi and applied on her head and put little of vibuthi inside her mouth . Within few seconds she was relaxed and felt asleep . The next day she woke up with a great and pleasant smile .

Thanks to BABA and request BABA to Shower his love and affection now and always on US.

Jai Sai Ram


my experience with saibaba:
I have to agree with everyone that saibaba fullfills even our small wishes. the reason i am writing my experience today is, i prayed saibaba that i want to pass my exam, if i did i will post this miracle on this website. It is a miracle for me to pass the exam because 95% of the students in this class failed, only few of us passed this exam, and i am one of them. my marks were failing marks too, but with saibaba's grace i passed this course. whenever i fear of something, desperately want something, i pray to saibaba and he is always there for me. I even doubted him many times. today i started my parayanam and i can feel him around me. My only comment for everyone is, don't loose hope, whatever happens, saiababa will take care of you.

om sri sai deva guru deva datta

Thanks a lot to all these devotees for sharing the experiences of Sai Baba's divine love, care and grace with all other devotees.

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Anonymous said...

jai sai ram. baba showing miracle in our life and doing all our task miraculously. i've surrendered myself to his lotus feet. He has taken the charge..i'm free and relaxed and keep baba in mind all the time. Thanks baba. You did wonders!!! please accept my koti parnam and never leave me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to thank Sai Baba for blessing us.My mother fell seriously ill and had to be admitted in ICU.I prayed to Baba to take care of my mother and by baba's grace she got the right treatment and could recover.Baba is indeed omnipotent and his presence is everywhere.

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