Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sai SatCharitra and Saibaba experiences - Meena

Aum Sai Ram,

Yet another mail from a devotee of her experiences with the pothi ( sacred text ) Shri Sai SatCharitra and Sai Baba of Shirdi.

my experience with baba goes like this.

i am actually a very anxious person. i worry for all the things.

3 years ago my son had to go to London to study his special effects for animation.he was going to a place were i have no friends or relatives. i got worried and my anxiety level increased that is when a Christian lady near my house asked me to read Sai Satcharitha.i started reading it .gradually everything fell into place. Sai took care of my son so well that i never had to worry a bit. he was very successful in his studies there and came back to India safely.

my second son wanted to do his sound engineering in Mumbai.though we had a branch of that college in Bangalore he wanted to do in Mumbai now you can imagine my situation.i used to cry day and night getting worried how a 17year old will stay alone in a new city like Mumbai. i went into mind was completely blocked. i was confused and angry with god that why he was testing me in all these ways.again started praying to Sai.then a miracle happened. my husband came home from work and said that one of his friend is shifting to Mumbai and since he is alone he will take care of our son.and that is it my belief in Sai became fixed. now my elder son is in singapore and he believes in Sai very much. my son who was studying in Mumbai got a placement there and is doing good.i have a school going daughter who loves Sai very much. even now when i miss my sons she consoles me saying that sai will take care of all the problems just trust him.

so my dearest Sai i am thankful to you for being with me always please don't leave my side.protect my children and show them the right path.


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