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Some facts about Sai Baba's Picture in Dwarikamai

Aum Sai Ram,

A posting was done on Hetal's blog about the picture of Sai Baba in Dwarkamai. An ardent devotee of SaiBaba, who also attends Aratis, puja, Sai SatCharitra parayan and other spiritual events at Shri Kakasaheb Dixit's residence wrote a detailed history of the picture or portrait of Sai Baba at my email id. I am posting it so that the devotees come to know the detais of the same.


This is refference to your post Dwarkamai Photo History.

As per my knowledge the painting which is in Dwarakami is not the original it is a replica of the original, which is kept in Dixit wada the present day museum and even the one in museum is not the original for which Sai Baba posed. The one for which Baba had posed was in Shri Moreshwar pradhan's familly and in 1970's by Sai Baba's orders the same was given to Dixitji (grandson of kakashaeb dixit), this original painting is now in Dixitji's house, the one in Shirdi was later on painted by Jaikarji by his imagination in his studio, If you see the original, the one at Dixitji's residence Shri Sai seems to be happy with a faint smile on his face and the one in Shirdi Sai Baba seems to be a little in pensive mood. Also in the original one has panch aarti, 5 fruits and baskets kept next to Baba, the one in Shirdi has 1 aarti and coconut only.

In his life time Sai Baba had posed for only 3 paintings, out of which Two are at Dixitji's residence. All 3 were painted by Jaikar Saheb.

It was Shri Moreshwar radhan's desire to have a life like painting of Saibaba with him so he requested Shaymrao Jaikar Saheb to come with him to Shirdi and paint the same.

Jaikar Saheb was reluctant to go as he thought what would he get by painting a portrait of a poor fakir like Sai Baba. On their arrival,  Shirdi Saibaba's permission had to be obtained for painting his portrait so they requested Saibaba for the same, but Saibaba knowing Jaikar Saheb's inner thoughts declined the same.

Then on Shama's intervention Saibaba replied " Why should I a poor fakir have an oil painting of me? You Shama may get a portrait of youself done".

As Sai Baba rarely denied to Shama's request,  He gave permission for the same. Baba said instead of painting 1 picture paint 3 and hence Jaikar Saheb carried on the orders given by Sai Baba.

After the paintings were done Pradhan Saheb asked Baba, what is to be done with the paintings? Saibaba asked him to retain 2 and give 1 to Kakasaheb Dixit after blessing it Himself.  This picture is now kept in Puja ghar of Kakasheb and is there since 1913. After Mr. Pradhan's demsie his family did not take good care of these portraits and were not kept in good condition in 1970 Sai Baba appeared in Mr. Pradhan's son & grandson's dream the same night asking them to handover the same to Dixitji, hence next morning as per Sai Baba's orders one of the 2 paintings was handed over to Dixitji and till date is worshiped at his residence.

The present one which is kept in Dwarkamai was painted later on by Jaikar Saheb. Even the picture that is posted along wth the above article on your blog is not the one in Dwarkmai it is a replica of the same. I am attaching the picture of the one in Dwarakami as well the one at Dixitji's residence with this mail. You can see the diference in facial expression and other details.


Sai Baba devotee

P.S.:  and yes in both the paintings at Dixitjis residence when you see the portrait of Baba you feel that from every angle Baba is looking at you. His features are amazing. You actually feel as if you are seeing him in person just as Baba ever said seeing my picture is equivalent of seeing me in person.


Anonymous said...

om sai ram,
dear alpesh i just want to say thank you to you as you are doing a graet job by sending all the bhakts his leela. can all the bhakts please pray for us and ask sai baba to solve the problem i and my mum is going through. please mujhe reply karna aur sai ma se hamare liye pray karna

Alpesh Patel said...

Just read Sai SatCharitra repeatedly, and Baba will surely end your problems, if you don't have a hard copy of the sacred book, Shri Sai SatCharitra, mail me your postal address and it will be posted to you in few days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alpesh,
I am very much impressed by your work yaar.
Though I am not a big person to wish you, all I can say is Keep up the good work.
Sai Devotee

Anonymous said...

Aum Sai Ram,

Hi Alpesh,

once i had mailed u for to know the fact of sai baba's statue whether it is original or it has changed periodically, u had replied that it is original for the benefit of more readers i had written in comments but i dont know whether it has reached to u or not please send me the mail if u have more details

Anonymous said...

very very nice this way u are really informing ppl about sai leela s and even to the people who were unaware of sai baba's sai ram

Anonymous said...

can u please send me the photographs of the original paintings with high definition.Saibaba will bless you. My email id is,

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram,
I want to know whether Sai Sat Charita to be read only said timings, or it can be read at any time a day.

Alpesh Patel said...

Om Sai Ram,

Please refer Sai SatCharitra Parayan


Sai SatCharitra

Anonymous said...

Hi Aplesh,

Can you please share the photo of shirdi saibaba
sitting in dwarakamai, the one painted by jaikar
with high resolution. I wanted to paint baba's picture on a very big canvas.In the above photo, Saibaba's facial feature's are not seen properly.
I please request you to send me the photograph with high resolution. I wanted to start to paint this starting this gurupournami. please help me by sending this photo.

Anonymous said...

you are graet devotee of Shirdi:) May Baba bless you alltime

Anonymous said...

Where can I get the photo of sai satya vratha
like satyanrayan vratha picture.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing such unique photo of saibaba by sir jaikar,
please keep posting such great thing.

Friends there is new web site of saibaba canvas painting & Rangoli ,they have just concentre on baba`s face.

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