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Words from Sai Baba mouth never untrue the divine power and divine protection

Following article submitted by Hetal Patil, is yet another incident that shows the power of words from the ocean of compassion, Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi. Hetal is also writing on another blog Shirdi Sai Baba experiences and is worth a visit for Sai Baba devotees.

As Sai Baba use to speak that the words from His mouth are never untrue, He never lied sitting in Masjid Mai. Few more incidents that come to the mind on the same subject is from Shri Sai SatCharitra Chapter 13. Where how Bhimaji Patil's severe disease, which kept on aggravating in spite of medication and doctors was cured with Sai Baba's words and sacred Udi.

How the malaria of Bala Ganpat was cured with unusual advice given by Sai Baba and the cure of the disease happened. The logical mind would never accept such advice for cure of disease, it was the divine power of the words from Sai Baba's mouth and the faith of His devotee Bala Ganpat that worked. Medical science would never come up with such a prescription for a disease, the divine power is above the logical mind and the science arising from mind. Another incident that happened with the millionaire devotee Bapusaheb Buti also just indicated that. He was attacked by the dreaded disease cholera, being a millionaire a certified medical doctor and an intelligent man Dr. Pillai assisted him most of the time. Dr. Pillai gave all kind of medicines and prescriptions that the medical science could give at that time. The disease kept on aggravating, Sai Baba told Bapusaheb Buti to drink
an infusion of almonds, walnuts, pistachio (a kind of dry fruit), boiled in sugared milk. Dr. Pillai was shaken hearing the prescription given by Sai Baba but both Bapusaheb and the Doctor had immense faith in Sai Baba's word and the disease was cured followed by prescription fallen from Sai Baba's mouth.

Another one incident described in Shri Sai SatCharitra, Chapter 36 shows the faith of Shama on Sai Baba's word. He told Sai Baba to bless a lady with words that she will have a child. The lady and her husband had tried many remedies from medical to spiritual for a child to be born.

Shama told , "I know the power of Your word and blessing. Your word will give her a string or series of children. You are wrangling and not giving real blessing".

The parley went on for a while. Sai Baba repeatedly ordering to break the coconut and Shama pleading for the gift of the unbroken fruit to the lady. Finally SaiBaba yielded and said, "She will have an issue". "When?" asked Shama. "In 12 months" was the reply. The cocoa-nut was therefore broken into two part, one was eaten by the two, the other was given to the lady.

The Shama turned up to the lady and said, "Dear madam, you are a witness to my words. If within 12 months you do not get any issue, I will break a cocoa-nut against this Deva's head and drive him out of this Masjid. If I fail in this, I will not call myself Madhav. You will soon realize what I say".

Sai Baba has prescribed us many ways for our spiritual growth and ending of our miseries, like reading of Sai SatCharitra, remembering and chanting of His name and Mantras or the God and Sadguru that we are devoted to. Performing Aratis, Puja to His picture or idol, singing His glory, giving or surrendering our miseries and difficulties to Him and much more. The assurances that fall from His mouth we come across while reading Sai SatCharitra and His stories and discussing His leelas.

Below is the article from Hetal

Appa Kulkarni:
Appa Kulkarni was a Talati (a government official who keeps record of land of all villagers) of Shirdi. At that time Talati was considered as a king. He had such powers that he could change government records as per his wish. People were so illiterate that whatever Talati said they accepted it blindly. They did not have courage to go to collector also.
Appa had changed some papers on his own wish, so somebody had complained against him. Its investigation was to be done by a provisional officer of Kopergaon. In the primary investigation of papers, the officer found to be something wrong. So the provincial officer called him to Ahmednagar to ask him some questions face to face.
On the day decided, before going to Ahmednagar, he first went to Dwarkamai, he bowed to Sai Baba’s feet. He was very anxious and sad. He was frightened also. He caught Sai Baba’s feet and requested Sai Baba, “Save me, save me”. I am so stupid I do not have such a brain that I can understand your incredible strength and effect. This is the result of my bad deeds, I have done such deeds due to my ignorance. Oh God! Now you please save me, I have come for your rescue”.
Sai Baba is very kind. He is kind to a criminal also. Sai Baba said, “Son, you don’t go to Ahmednagar. You go to Nevasaa ( a village nearby Shirdi). Don’t go directly to the court/office, before entering the village, you will meet Mohiniraj, you bow to him, He is Allah only. Allah would do you good.”
Provincial officer’s order was to be present in Ahmednagar court, but Shirdi’s officer’s order (i.e. Sai Baba’s order) was to go to Nevasaa. Appa knew that Sai Baba is Brahma, His words are like Brahm Vani, they cant be untrue.
Sai Baba tests his devotees, but if any devotee puts his total belief in Sai Baba he is free from all calamities. Appa had full confidence in Sai Baba’s words, so he decided, “What ever may be the consequences, I would adhere to Sai Baba’s words. Government may give me any punishment for not going to Ahmednagar court. Sai Baba with thousand hands is seated here to save me”.
Mohnish means Lord Shankar. See Sai Baba’s greatness! Although he was God incarnate, He sent Appa to take blessings of Lord Shankar. After praying to Lord Shankar, when Appa proceeded to the outskirts of the village, he saw the provincial officer seated at that point, who Appa was to meet at Ahmednagar. The officer turned some pages and with the inspiration of Sai Baba, he declared Appa to be innocent.
Appa returned to Shirdi and fell at Sai Baba’s feet. He said, “Oh God, You are only Lord Vishnu and Lord Shankar. To make the world pure, You have come, whose stories when read, heard or sand, men could cross the world of oceans. Oh my kind Sai I bow to You.

Sai Nathay Arpanastu
Anant Koti Brahmand Nayak
Raja Dhi Raj Yogi Raj
Para Brahma
Shri Sachidanand Sadguru
Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai!!!
Hetal Patil

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