Tuesday, March 11, 2008

saimail an email service for Shirdi Sai Baba devotees

For all the devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba, there is a email service powered by google called saimail, where you can get an free email id yourname@saimail.com. The services is powered by google and has all the features that gmail has. So if you want and email id yourname@saimail.com click here to register.

I have just applied for alpesh@saimail.com, it said i will get the approval details after 48 hours, so cannot say much. For those who use gmail, i feel all the features of gmail would be just nice. Since i got a gmail id for me, it is the one which is used most due to the ease of features it has.

Also with this post is a high resolution picture of Sai Baba, sent by the Sai Baba devotee, Mahadevan - a Yogi living in Chidambaram (Tamil Nadu)and right now by Baba's Blessings with the permission of authorities doing correction works for the forth coming edition of TAMIL Sai Satcharita!

Shri Mahadevan is the one who has also sent the high resolution wallpaper of Sai Baba on golden throne and image of new or renovated or new Gurusthan posted in previous post, to be posted on this blog so that maximum devotees can download them. These pictures are good addition to the collection of Shirdi Sai Baba pictures. I am thankful to Mahadevan for the same. Also he has mailed saimail details to me, with the request of posting it on the blog again so that maximum devotees can get the benefit.

updating next day.

After 24 i got the following email. I singed in and it is exactly gmail, with one little but important change, there is a Sai Baba picture on the top left of the email account. Sai Baba's little portrait is always there while we are working with our emails.

Dear Gurubandhu,

We are happy to welcome you to the Sai community and share with you the limitless grace showered upon us by our beloved Sadguru Sri Sai Baba. We invite you to partake of the euphoria in losing one's entity to rejoice in Sai identity, for the very purpose of Saimail is to remind us of the flawless unconditional love Mother Sai has enveloped us in. Saimail is the link that forges us all together as a seamless whole under the holy banner of Sri Sai thus claiming us for his own. We once again welcome you warmly to this privileged community.

Saimail is different. Here's what you need to know.

Auto-save, keyboard shortcuts, customized addresses, super fast search, conversation views, labels instead of folders, email address auto complete, instant messaging, superior spam protection and more. Sound cool? We think so too. Welcome to Saimail.

We hope this email will help you learn about some of the features that make Saimail unique. To get started, you may want to:

· Visit http://www.saimail.com and enter your Saimail ID as alpesh and the default password ******** to login to Saimail.

· On your first successful login, you will be prompted to change your password.

· Check out the Saimail Tour in our Getting Started section.

· Import your contacts to Saimail from Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, Hotmail and others.

· Visit our Help Center to learn about Saimail's features, like free POP access.

Saimail is a humble offering at the feet of Sri Sai Baba, by American Saisatsang Kendras (ASK). It is a free email amenity, which any Sai devotee can avail. Saimail is a voluntary and ardent effort of a team of Sai devotees as an exercise in devotion.

Feel free to contact the Saimail administrator at support@saimail.com with any questions you may have.


Saimail Team


dipoo said...

sairam i cant able to create saimail account. help me my id is dipoo007@gmail.com

Alpesh Patel said...

Check it now, sorry i forgot to put the registration link.

Anonymous said...

sairam i am not able to register.there is no register option.............. please help

Anonymous said...

sairam...i registered.didnt see the option properly.........

jai sai ram

Alpesh Patel said...

clicking on the link provided under ........ click here to register ... will land you on registration page where u will have to fill up details for registration ......... here is the direct link if you want http://www.saimail.com/contact/register.php

SEEker said...

Please fill the SaiMail ID Request Form available at http://www.saimail.com/contact/register.php to request your SaiMail ID.

Anonymous said...

the sailmail registration page isn't working, what should i Do?

Alpesh Patel said...

Yes it does not seem to work.

I had done the registration the next day this post was written and have regular difficulties even logging in.

SEEker said...

here is the SaiMail ID Request form http://www.saimail.com/register.php

Saibaba said...

Please send email to support@saimail.com for any issues with your SaiMail account.

Alpesh Patel said...

Ok thanks

Anonymous said...

this link of registration is not working.........plz help me out...........

jai sai ram

Alpesh Patel said...

Om Sai Ram Satarupa,

Please send an email to support@saimail.com stating your problems and they will do the needed.

Ankit said...

guys i was able to register with this link.... do try it out...

sai ram

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kusum said...

i m not able to make my id
plz help me my id is cherrykum@gmail.com
and tyhis is also not working
help help
jai sai ram!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi There is no link to register

SEEker said...

Please send email to support at saimail dot com

A said...

Om Sai Ram....

Sai Baba I am really very distressed from this life. In this young age I have faced a lot of difficulties in life. I am fed up of this life. I can't see even a ray of bright light. It's mu humble request to you to please call me in your service. I do not want to live this life any more. Please show me the path to to end my life. Babaji pls reply me..

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