Sunday, November 4, 2007

Services at Local temples on Surat

Last month was full with problems of computer and internet connections. So Had the splendid time with the favorite Shri Sai SatCharitra.

The energy, the presence, it emits is just amazing. Read it repeatedly, and a Sai Baba devotee and a friend, would take me to different Shirdi Sai Baba temples. He would ask me t wake him up at 3 in the morning. By four O' clock we would be in a temple. There is a temple at Chouta Bazaar, in Surat. Three O' clock the services to Sai Baba starts.

Sai Baba's, limbs are pressed, with the chanting of Sai's name. There is a Dhuni kept alive, which is cleaned and fed with wood. After the massage of the body of Sai Baba, bathing is done all with chanting and songs of Sai Baba. On Thursdays, bathing is done with warm water, followed by Panchamrut, followed by warm water, followed by Saffron mixed water and finally with warm water. Same procedure is followed with the idol of Lord Dattayetra's idol.

There are three floors of the temple, than bathing is followed in the basement, followed by the idol on the first floor. All the time different Chanting and songs are sung. Heart use to get fill with joy seeing and feeling Sai Baba's chanting and services.

I use to get particularly attracted to Shayankhand (sleeping room), of Sai Baba on the first floor. First time i went there, in few seconds with a wave of energy i was filled, sat there and watched the beautiful idol of Sai Baba sleeping. Sai Baba is sleeping in the fashion, Lord Vishnu sleeps ( i miss a digital camera badly, could have got the picture and uploaded with this post) with the ShesNaga. The idol looked almost real, and felt Sai Baba will move any moment.

On the right hand side of Shayankhand is a small statue of Sai Baba, heart got filled with the service rendered to the small idol. Bathing went on with Chantings with no hurry. After the bath, the devotee chanted a Stotra, and while carefully making a tripunda mark on Sai Baba's forhead, all the 108 names of Sai Baba where chanted. One can imagine with how much love and care, the services are performed, not as mere rituals.


రామ ShastriX said...

Very nice, Alpesh; thank you.

Loving Awareness said...

I loved India, and I related very much to Shirdi Sai Baba - very much influenced me in my writings.

My site: Loving Awareness

archanaj said...

I am relating an incident follwoed by a dream.

March 2008, went for a cousin's wedding to Trichy, in Tamil Nadu. on the way, we had planned to visit the famous Lord Sri Ranganathar temple there.. and when we went there at 12:00, they dint let us in, as the temple would be closed for 2 hours.. so we had to wait till 2.. it was very hot.. and we waited for 2 hours.. and then as we assembled in the queue, the chains were not opened yet and all were literally climbing over the railings and had to get in. this was inconvenient.. and i was most impatient then. when i saw the paintings there of the Lord with the furious face.. i myself made a face back (ashamed to tell this but i did).. and wondered why all happening like this. but this was for a few seconds.. 'cos in a few seconds we were to enter the sanctum Sanctorum.. and i was composed back.. and as I entered, i was full of apoligises to the Lord. no doubt.. HIS form there, sleeping posture.. was majestic.. enthralling. as i stepped out too, i asked pardon to the Lord..

after this incident.. as i visited Baba's temple once.. i said with all my heart.. that 'i believe YOU are there (in Sri Ranganathar's temple) in HIS form.. so, forgive me for what i did while there'.
i believed HE is God in all forms. months after this happened.. more than 6 months or so..

there was an evenign when i was totally low in energy.. wonderin why havent I got Baba in dreams of late.. and things like that.. it happened to be a wednesday evening.. and i wanted to attend the Kakad arati next morning.
So, as i slept with a mind to wake up early.. i did wake up at around 4;40 or so.. and realised first thing.. oh Baba dint come in dreams.. next.. its still time for wakin up.. so slept again.

it was then.. i got a dream.. the most beautiful.. white.. pure white marble idol of Baba.. resting in the same pose as that of Lord Vishnu.. just as i saw in Sri Ranganathar's temple.. exactly the same pose. and as i see HIM.. surprisingly.. i seem to be not surprised at all. as if that was HIS form, i see HIM.. saying 'Not fair Baba' like that.. having in mind that HE has not come in my dream.. it was alll soo real. And Baba is slowly waking up from that pose.. and the priest(whom iam used to seeing in the Baba's temple i go regularly), is also there besides Baba.. and as Baba is seen waking up slowly, i hear people making preparations for arati (arati was to be at 8 or so.. Baba asks the priest the time and i see a clock showing some time past 7).. it was all like this..
i tyr to sneak out.. and Baba asks the priest to go call me..

somewhere the dream halted. and then a dream.. in which Baba in body form(that was what i was yearning for.. for Baba to come in flesh, though i now realise.. how can we expect Baba to wear that flesh.. when HE is formless.. above and beyond all forms..) and HE comes.. talks with me, walks with me, He takes me to a room, i assume it is somewhere above in Samadhi Mandir and theres a picture of Baba there, the usual one we see, with HIS blessing hand posture upto HIS chest, and a kumkum on HIS forehead.. as i see that picture i stop and look smilingly while Baba walks in front.. then i follow HIM meekly and say, 'its this picture.. oh, its YOUR OWN photo..' and it goes like this.. and when the dream ended and i woke up.. it was past 6..

IT was Thursday morning..

i missed the arati.. still, far more than happy at the wonderful dream.. the mere thought that Baba listens because i was c rying for HIM to appear in dreams..

and the most wonderful being.. Baba's vision as Lord Sri Ranganathar..

i am very very happy to hear that a temple is there with Baba's idol in the form of lord Vishnu sleeping. please.. whoevere can, please post a picture here please.

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