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Composed by:: Shri Krishna Jogiswar Bhisma

Kakad aarati kareeto sainatha deva
Chinmaya roop daakhavee ghewuni balak laghu seva
Kaam krodh mad matsar aattunee kaakada kela
Vairagyache toop ghaaluni mee to bhijaveela
Sainath guru bakti jwalane to mee petawila
Tad vryitti jaluni guroo ne prakash paadila
Dwaita tama naasooni milavi tatswaroopi jeewa
Chinmaya roop

Bhoochar khechar vyaapooni awaghe hritkamali raahasee
Tochi dattadev tu shirdi raahuni paawasee
Rahooni yethe anayatrahitoo baktaastava dhavasee
Nirasooniyaa sankata daasaa anubhawa daavisee
Na kale twalleelahee konyaa devaa waa maanavaa
Chinmaya roop

Twat yasha dundubheene saare ambar he kondale
Sagun murti paahanyaa aatur jan shirdee aale
Prashuni twadvachanaamrita aamuche dehabhaan haarpale
Sodooniyaa durabhimaan maanas twaccharanee waahile
Kripa karooniya sai maawle daas padari ghyaawaa
Chinmaya roop

Oh Lord Sainath, we offer Kakad Arati to thee! Kindly accept this tiny service offered by thine
ignorant child;
I make my lust, anger, pride, envy and hatred as wicks and dip them in the ghee of vairagya (dispassion).
The five wicks are kindled with the fire of Guru Bhakti. Lo! Now seen with help of the light (emanating
from the flames of the pancharati), Sadguru Sainath is shining forth with brilliance. That illumination
destroys the darkness (of all sense) of duality and lo, both the seer and the seen shine as One (without any
shade of difference).
Thou pervade earth and heaven and thou art the indweller of the hearts of all yogis. All rejoice that
thou, being the incarnation of Lord Datta, has taken thy abode at Shirdi, so that those who live away from
thee (in the sense of separateness/ duality), may be able to take thy darshan. Thou art not only warding off
the troubles of those who take refuge in thee but also granting them illuminating experiences. Neither any
human being nor any god can discern the glories of thy divine sport.
The heavens are resonating with trumpets of thy glory. People eagerly rush to Shirdi to see thee, Oh
Sai, who art the embodiment of formless divinity incarnated with all divine attributes. Listening to thy
words as sweet as nectar, they forget themselves; and leaving all their prejudices and proclivities (of caste,
creed, religion, status etc.) they take refuge at thy holy feet. Oh Sainath, kindly accept us who are thy
servants and, deign to grant us refuge at thy holy feet.

"Arati Sai Baba"
(Book of Shirdi Aratis)
English Transliteration of the Original Marathi arati songs
with an English Translation, Introduction and commentary

Sri Sainathuni Sarath Babuji
Published by
Saipatham Publications
P.O.Box No.1277
Opp.Kacheguda Rly.Station
Hyderabad, 500 027
Phone & Fax:: 663385, 666370

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