Monday, May 7, 2007

Bhupali aarti Composed by Sant Janabai


Composed by :: Sant Janabai

Uttaa paandurangaa aataa prabhaatasamayo paatalaa
Vaishnawaancha melaa garudapaaree daatalaa
Garuda paarapaasunee mahaadwaaraa paryanta
Suravaraanchee maandee ubhee jodooniyaa haat
Suka sanakaadika naarada tumbara bhaktyanchyaa kotee
Trisool damaroo ghewooni wubhaa girijechaa patee
kaleeyugeechaa bhakta Namaa ubhaa keertanee
Paatteemaage wubhee dolaa laavuniyaa janee
Oh Lord Panduranga, the day is about to break. The coterie of the devotees of Vishnu throng by the
garuda dhwaja {the temple flagstaff };
Thence up to the main door of the sanctum sanctorum all gods wait in an echelon with folded
hands for thy darshan;
Not only great sages such as Suka and Sanaka and celestial minstrels such as Narada and Tumburu,
but also Lord Siva, the consort of goddess Girija, holding his trishul (trident) and damaru (a two-sided
hand-drum), call on thee;
Namdev, thy devotee par excellence in this Kali Age sings thy glories. Janabai, his maidservant,
stands by gazing agog to have a glimpse of thee.

"Arati Sai Baba"
(Book of Shirdi Aratis)
English Transliteration of the Original Marathi arati songs
with an English Translation, Introduction and commentary

Sri Sainathuni Sarath Babuji
Published by
Saipatham Publications
P.O.Box No.1277
Opp.Kacheguda Rly.Station
Hyderabad, 500 027
Phone & Fax:: 663385, 666370

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