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A brief of Radhakrishna Mai's life before Shirdi arrival

Stories written here are from Sri Sai Sarovar, a book written long time back in Gujarati Language, however is not the exact translation.

Original name of Radhakrishna Mai was Sunder Bai. In 1899 A.D. Sunderbai turned 17 years of age. And she was married in a home Thane district. Due to fate, the husband of Sunderbai passed away on the eight day of the marriage. This brought about great misery in Sunderbai. She was broken and shaken from the very roots of the being. As the time passed it did not heal the mental and emotional conditions she was going through. She was sent to her maternal uncle’s house so that the change in outer environment might bring about a healing change in her conditions. Even that did not help. One early morning in the year 1902 A.D. she woke up and started running from her maternal uncle’s home, never to return. The feeling of Vairagya, dispassion towards worldly life had taken over her strongly. For five years she roamed about in various pilgrimages all over India, under tough conditions. However, one who had gone through the emotional shock from that shaken the very roots of the being, the hardships were easily trodden.

At last after many pilgrimages and meeting many holy people she came to Shirdi and Sai Baba asked her to stay in Shala (School) situated between Dwarka Mai and Chavadi.


Anonymous said...

I am searching for a long time some information on Radha krishna mai. Can I have her complete life details please as I heard she died very young and a sad death

Alpesh Patel said...

Yes Prabhat it is true, will be writing more about Radhakrishnamai as i get time, from the books i have.

Om Sai Ram

Hemanth said...

I found the below article on the following site about Radhakrishna Mai

Radhakrishna Mai was called by the name ‘Sundarabai Dahitankar’ at her father-in-law’s house. She became a widow at a very early age. She came to Shirdi and resided there with the aim to serve Sai Nath. She was given the name
Radhakrishna Mai, as she would always keep a statue of Krishna with her.
Her face was very attractive and impressive. By practising religious austerity and penance she had acquired mystic powers of being able to vanish.
When Baba returned from Lendi Bagh to the Dwarakamai,devotees would wash his feet at the footsteps (stairs). Radhakrishna Mai used to roll down in that water by becoming invisible. Hence no one ever saw her doing this. Only
Vamanrao Patel (Sai Sharananand) had seen her lying at the lotus feet of Sadguru Sai Nath. Swami Shivanand has described the importance of Sacred Water (Teertha) of Guru’s feet in Gurugeeta, which is as follows “The bath taken in pilgrimages in the seven oceans brings only a
thousandth part of the effect produced by drinking a drop of water that is used for washing the Guru’s feet.”
Radhakrishna Mai would answer many questions. The same answers were given by Sai Nath while sitting at the Dwarakamai which used to be at a considerable distance from where Radhakrishna Mai would be sitting. Once Sai Nath told Vaman,
“Babu, this Radhakrishna has been worshipping me for the last so many births.”
The end of Radhakrishna Mai in Shirdi was very tragic and miserable even though she was a true devotee of Baba and served him sincerely.

Why did it so happen? Because this ascetic was blemished due to the result of some actions in her past birth or as a consequence of some foul action performed in this birth. Her dead body was sent by a Mahar to Kopergaon Hospital for Post Mortem. Even after the devotion of several births, if a small mistake is committed in the spiritual path then the end can be very bad and painful. At that time Sai Nath scolded the devotees standing there and said, “Oh, Radhakrishna Mai’s devotion was very pure and
of a high level. If it is beyond our understanding then what devotion can you have?”
Sai Nath by becoming formless and shapeless was always self rejoicing and self absorbed. He was a Siddha. He did not want people to disturb him. He did not want to conceal his identity. Therefore, it is assumed that Sai Nath created
Radhakrishna Mai and started distributing money to devotees. Shri Vaman Patel, i.e. Sai Sharananand (1889 – 1982) lived in Shirdi in June 1964. He was a close associate of Baba.
Information about Radhakrishna Mai has been given by him.

Shiva Shakthi Sai said...

Vamsi said...

Siddhayogini Sri Radhakrishna mai’s death mystery revealed by Siddhaguru Shri Ramanananda Maharshi

Must and Should Watch and share this.............................................

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