Saturday, March 10, 2007

Few peculiarities of Shirdi Sai Baba

Was reading a book Since few days named “ The Immortal Fakir of Shirdi ” compiled and edited by S. P. Ruhela. Under the title of the book we can see the following ( Sai Baba as seen by his contemporary devotees). It suggests much, my eyes fall on it while typing the title of the book. As thoughts were revolving about the same subject when I thought of writing something about Shirdi Sai Baba after reading the testimonies of the devotees and people who had seen and met with Sai Baba in the sacred land Shirdi.

As I was thinking what to write gathered from the reading of the book, my mind was thinking about what to write. As all the devotees had given the account about Sai Baba and their meetings with Sai Baba, according to their own interpretation, according to their own trained and conditioned minds.

Yes truly no one can write or tell the true essence of Sai Baba. All of us can write about our own interpretation. That’s why that sentence in ( Sai Baba as seen by his contemporary devotees ) struck the mind. It is always as we see. No doubt after meeting Sai Baba and or after getting drenched in His love and Grace that as seen go through change. That is what Sai Baba came for.

After reading the book and the testimonies of Sai Baba’s devotees who were fortunate enough to meet him in Shirdi when he was in flesh and blood. And fortunate enough to be guided by Sai Baba through talks, parables, hints, darshan in dreams or darshan at some distant place from Shirdi.

After reading the book it becomes clear that Sai Baba had extraordinary powers, which he used to infuse faith in God and develop the quality of devotion in devotees. Most of us are amazed by some extraordinary powers, but Sai Baba performed miracles or showed his extraordinary powers only to infuse the spiritual interest and to uplift the devotees. Those powers and the number of powers he manifested so easily to infuse the spirituality and to save the devotees can literally amaze one. A big volume of book would be required to write all of them.

Some of them, which struck my mind the most, I will write here. Sai Baba’s eyes were most powerful and magnetic. One could feel them piercing through their heart, mind and soul. Sai Baba could read the past, present and future of all those who met him. Sai Baba would talk about their past and even their thoughts in past, to point out the mistake they had made in attempt, they understand their mistakes and stay away from them. Such was the love of Sai. Sai Baba would describe and event took place much farther in physical distance exactly it would have happened, to show the devotees that wherever they are what ever they are doing, nothing is veiled from him, not even the thoughts.

Other peculiarity of Sai Baba was asking for money. Sai Baba would point blank ask certain amount of money from the devotees. From certain devotees he used to ask it again and again for certain amount till the resource of money with that devotee was exhausted. There was always some esoteric meaning in asking for money from the devotees. As Sai Baba never stored any money with him, all that was collected was given away same day by him, and at the end of the day he was again without money. Sai Baba asked for money from some devotees as they might have forgotten their vow of offering some money to God, Saint or Sai Baba and forgotten. By asking money from that devotee Sai Baba would free him from the debt. Sai Baba used to say he had to give ten times more than what ever he received, thus many devotees considered it very auspicious, if Sai Baba asked for money from them. In the later part of his life in physical body Sai Baba used to get so much money that, the government put some spies, so that Sai Baba could be taxed for the huge income he used to get. Since Sai Baba would donate all the money and no money was left with him, later government officials kept an eye on devotees who used to get money regularly from Sai Baba and they started collecting the taxes from those devotees. Many people in those times, not understanding the esoteric and inscrutable meaning behind Sai Baba's asking for money went away and did not visit Shirdi again thinking Sai Baba was always thinking and asking for money. Sai Baba when was asked once about it said How mind thinks, it experiences and sees things accordingly. Those with spiritual minds and hearts saw it in Sai and stayed with him, those whose minds were engrossed with money left the place thinking Sai Baba was just one of them, to eager for money and left.

Also many a times Sai Baba would suddenly get enraged and would start abusing sometimes no body knew to him and sometimes to the devotees. Many a times Sai Baba in such mood would even beat and abuse the devotee, and throw stones at them. At many instance it was know that when Sai Baba was abusing seemingly in air and none new why and shout Sai Baba was abusing and scolding at. Later it would be known that exactly at the same time some devotee was in danger and was saved miraculously. One such incident was when, Shama was beaten by a poisonous snake. Being bitten thus, Shama went running to Majid Mai in Shirdi where Sai Baba was sitting. Sai Baba on seeing him at once got angry and Sai Baba’s eyes would get red like embers whenever he was enraged and Sai Baba roared "Oh vile Bhaturdya (Priest) do not climp up. Beware if you do so" and then roared - "Go, Get away, Come down." Shama was heartbroken, he thought his God, his solace, his love denied him on climbing up the steps of merciful Masjid Mai, in the toughest part of his life, when his life itself was in danger. After a time Sai Baba became normal and calm, Shama went up and sat near him. Then Sai Baba said to him - "Don't be afraid, don't care a jot, the Merciful Fakir will save you, go and sit quiet at home, don't go out, believe in Me and remain fearless and have no anxeity". Then he was sent home. Immediately afterwards, Sai Baba sent Tatya Patil and Kakasaheb Dixit to him with instructions to the effect, that he should eat what he liked, should move in the home, but should never lie down and sleep. Those instructions of Sai where acted upon and Shama was unharmed. Thus the anger, the words in anger were directed to the poison and not Shama, everybody realized it after.



uday bhaskar said...

nice story dakshina was recievied by baba to make us free from karma and test our like towards money (which is not a permeneant thing )

Saimanoj said...

Om SAI Jai Sai Jai Jai Sai

Anonymous said...

om sai ram plz shower ur blessings on my husband and bless him with long life and stable mind and body baba . i luv u n i trust u . om sai ram

Anonymous said...

Baba you are simply amazing! Like a Magician who just appears in front of you out of no where, its so simple to reach you to connect to you as soon a one looks into your eyes and feels the humbleness of your face. Please bless my husband to stay away from vices and become a more soulful, dedicated, loyal and happy man who honours his rightful duties and relations...Om Shri Sai Nathayanamah! Please Bless all man kind and relieve this earth of unkindness, hatred, infidelity, unfaithfullness, animosity, revenge, terrorism, fear, corruption...Let there only be peace, love, compassion, loyalty, faith amongst fellow human beings and respect for pious bonds that have beeb created and blessed all...May Sai ram bless all to stay away from vice and become wise :-)

Neeraja Nimmagadda said...

O Baba ji, YOU came and resided out of YOUR own affection for us and YOU do not seek any reason to do so.

YOUR love for us is boundless and flows incessantly without any reason or asking from our side. Thank YOU my Lord, for giving me this birth as a human being, Thank You for giving me the chance to know You in this life time...Thank YOU for everything, positive and negative...

Alpesh Patel said...

@ Neeraja Nimmagadda, Very nice and heart touching prayers or communication with Baba!

You are blessed! :)

Anonymous said...

i trust in you baba.....whatever happens...happens only with your grace...jai sai ram

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