Thursday, November 23, 2006

Visiting The Local Temple

As I entered the Temple of Sai Baba again the grace or the vibrational energy or the subtle energy is felt. It is a temple situated about 2 kilometers form my home, with a huge and beautiful murti of Sai Baba, with a Dargah of a sufi mystic in front of the Dargah. physically it feels like a sap running upwards, from the base of the spine, through the head, concentrating itself at the third eye. The concentration of the intensity is not brought about by any effort, it just happens as the writer goes to any spiritually charged place. When the mind is empty, empty of wants, desires, insecurities, fears, watching Sai Baba's murti the sap runs with a intensity, the intensity one feels when meeting a dear one after a long time. Before entering the temple i was told by a friend to pray to Sai Baba, to flatten her flat tummy. It was just a joke cracked on me, as sometimes get upset when such things are asked from Sai Baba. Yes indeed, when our minds our filled with wants and desires, those very wants and desires perhaps, blocks the grace of Sai Baba which is ever flowing. On coming out of the temple, i told the friend that i asked Sai Baba, to take away the want of getting slim, and thus getting more and more attracted to Sai Baba and his grace, allowing the grace to purify, to cleanse, the head and the heart.

Sai Ram


Anonymous said...

Yes, sometimes i even get upset abt myself for asking petty things from baba, scolds myself saying that doesnt baba know what to give and what not to give.

Anonymous said...

As u said that whenever i see baba that too even on road my heart jumps in happiness.

"murti the sap runs with a intensity, the intensity one feels when meeting a dear one after a long time. " ------ very very true.


Anonymous said...

nice friend..
really liked to read


Anonymous said...

OM SAI RAM iam sowjanya by grace and blessings of BABA iam alive today.Baba is all to me i do things olnly after asking baba today iam very happy with baba's blessed life with good husband and more over now iam expecting baby. all thi is due to baba.while reading satcharira i feel like babais with me and he is watching me. i am thankful to baba . om sai ram

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