Friday, November 24, 2006


Was on the bed, with the head band on the head. This head band has got tremendous grace or power what ever one may call. On wrapping the green colored strip of cloth which I obtained when i visited Zarzari Bhakhs, tomb in Khuldabad, a village near Ellora Caves, near Aurangabad.

More about on this link
I came to know about the tomb from the book Meher Baba on The Perfect Master Shirdi Sai Baba
which i happened to buy when i visited Meher Baba's Tomb in Ahmednagar, 100 kilometers away from Shirdi. The book can be read online as a part of a huge volme called Lord Meher written by Bhau, with whom also i was able to meet and chat with him one on one while he was replying the answers to the emails from Meher Baba lovers all over the world.
Link to the book Lord Meher online (Shirdi Sai Baba Chapters)
Talking about Bhau he is now a days conducting excellent live chats on every Sundays 5 p.m. Indian Standard Time( Check your time zone accordingly), those who cannot attend to the live chats can request the chat log from
Stephen Shev email id *nuesos*at* earthlink* .net* (kindly remove the stars and add @ instead of at)
Link to live Chats with Bhauji
Yes i was Talking about the strip of green colored cloth they tie on the head when we visit the tomb of Zarzari Bakhs. Link:Some more about the place
That cloth has the most amazing grace flowing from it. More of it in the next post as i am feeling a bit sleepy, i would have liked to go on, but the eyes, body and the brain needs some rest. Other than the link provided, more could be found on web using the google search bar on the top of the page
for now.
continued after two days( Nov, 27th 2006)
I was suppose to continue, the very next day. Somehow it was not to be. The next day was a little bit tough. Next day the insecurity had made the attack on my system. The business of a restaurant in a club have running with loses since last 6 months or so. 3 months due to rainy season and another 3 months because of the disastrous flood that had hit our city, covering 90% of the city for 4 days. The debt have been pilling up since. I have never wanted to be financially reach, pilling up money, in the bank account. Still the money required for everyday living is essential. And since i am shutting up that business, with debt, a great wave of insecurity had struck on my system. It struck mentally and emotionally. Whole house(body) was shaken. It felt like attacked on the nervous system also, even few tears rolled down the eyes. And I was left with the feeling of not being able to do anything. The brain was denying to think, to make any efforts. I had to lie down with the picture of Sai Baba on my chest as even looking at Sai Baba's picture was an effort heavy on me.

When one becomes sensitive, it is always difficult, and to be meditative, to be devotional, one must be sensitive. Sensitive to the surroundings, sensitive to the other living being. Has not Sai Baba said, "
He who carps and cavils at others pierces Me in the heart and injures Me, but He that suffers and endures pleases me most. To be a successful businessman one needs to be ruthless today, calculative, with a sense of grabbing as much money as one can, never minding one's own sensitivity or of others.I have been a failure in it, since about 6 years or so. But i am much happy, much much happy a deep satisfaction, of i would not say earning, but getting and feeling the Sai's grace. It all started about 14 years ago. A couple of my friends, asked me to travel to Shirdi with them, i agreed. It was just a outing with the friends, nothing special. But since my heart had great inclination for spirituality and Saints, my heart did had a respect for an entity called Sai Baba. Those were not the weekends and not even Thursday, when we visited Shrdi. So there was no rush in the Temple. We had darshan of Sai Baba's Grand Murti. It was not a grand Murti then, Now nothing is as grand as that. Yes we had the darshan and in those days devotees were allowed to sit in front of Samadhi and Murti. So we sat there for about 45 minutes. There was a feeling of serenity but nothing to shake me up. Then we had darshan of Gurusthan under the neem tree, right behind the Sai Baba's Samadhi Temple. We went strolling with ease toiwars the Masid Mai. Stepped up in Masid Mai, where Sai Baba had spent most of the time, while staying in the Holy land Shirdi. Not much crowd, so at ease, we strolled in Masid Mai, respectfully bowing at few places.

From there just in front of the Masid Mai, is placed a Stone, on Which Sai Baba use to sit.There was a queue of about 5 devotees, for placing their heads with respect on the Stone, on which Sai Baba used to sit. No hurry, let the queue be over and then i'll place my head on the stone, i thought. I stood facing the Masid Mai, at ease, for the queue to get over. Suddenly i felt that i was hit with the something like sand found on sea beach, on my calf area on my legs. I wondered who would be doing this and turn my neck to see below what was hitting my leg and from where and who is doing it. And whole of my body was filled with vibrations, kind of soft and not harming electric current, but very powerful. As the queue got over i placed both my palms on the stone and my forehead on the stone while kneeling. A strong current was felt passing through palms, in entire body. The spinal chord was felt as if charged with electricity moving upward, condensing itself in the forehead, just above and between the two eyes. It had a great impact, i sat besides the stone still drowned in that energy, and since there was no rush would occasionally place my palms and forehead on the Holy Stone, charged by the presence of Sai Baba. I would have sat there for the clock time of 1 hour or so, but time time was not felt during that period. Since than the holy land of Shirdi has been attracting me, Stories and talks about Sai Baba, Sai Satcharitra, watching Sai Baba's picture and feeling that same current, no current does not seem right word, the grace of Sai Baba feeling me, has all been an integral and most attractive part of my life. Some saving of money i rush to Shirdi. Sai Baba's picture, The holy Book Sai Satcharitra, the shawl sold in Shirdi Sansthan shop, which had been wrapped around Sai Baba's Murti, all gives me the sense of the energy passing in my body, heart and brain.

I was writing about the green colored cloth, wrapped on my head when i visited Zar Zari Zarbakhs Tomb. That has most amazing grace. When i wrap it around my head, so much grace is felt. The powerful grace seems to work on head so powerfully, when placed near the heart it gives solace to heart. I have been keeping it, with me since. Like a ornamental chain we wear on our neck, i wear it.
The grace is always felt with it. When ever there is a great disturbance within, like it happened two days before, it's grace seems to hold the whole disturbed system. Passing through such great, disturbance, which even seems to hit the physical nervous system, the grace through it gives much support.


Anonymous said...

I found some time to read the link of Meher Baba online book that talks about shirdi sai.It contained facts that i never read in any book abt shirdi sai and it was too good. thanks for sharing it.

Alpesh Patel said...

Yes that book is really nice, i have reread it again and again, also about
other perfect Masters like Baba Jaan, Upasni Mahaaraj............ are worth

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