Sunday, July 17, 2011

Website for booking passes for Darshan Aarti and rooms in Shirdi

Om Sai Ram,

Last article was about the new online services to be provided by Shri SaiBaba Sansthan Trust (Shirdi).

The site for online services like time for getting specific time for Samadhi Temple darshan, attending specific Aarti of Sai Baba, Online booking or reservation for accommodation, provided by Shri SaiBaba Sansthan Trust (you can have a look here) and donating money to Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust has been launched.

General tip for booking darshan passes, aarti passes and room booking in Shirdi.
Rooms and darshan passes will be booked according to availability. So it will be better to book the rooms and passes well in advance, especially for Thursdays, weekends, holidays and festivals, to avoid any disappointments.

Some more details on new website launched
Click ---> for the same. The devotees or pilgrims wishing to avail this facility will have to register on the site first. Click ---> link for registration. The darshan passes and aarti passes will have to be collected from Shirdi. Below is a snippet from the website.
“In online pass system, devotee has to provide personal details and select time slot for Darshan. Using the acknowledgement generated online, devotee will get an actual Darshan pass at Shirdi. Devotee needs to undergo biometric scanning at verification gate before proceeding for Darshan. Devotee can avail Darshan only in selected time slot.”

Below is the list of Details Required for Registration so keep those details handy before you hit the registration link.

1. Valid Email Id
2. Personal details, such as
  - Name
  - Contact address
  - Contact number
3. Your photo (Max 50 KB). Valid file format - JPEG,BMP,PNG,GIF,JPG,TIFF
4. One of the following Ids:
  - UID

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Anonymous said...

Sai baba !! you know all my problems na prabhu ?I am first of all sorry because I scolded you a lot yesterday and today...It is just because of the depression and disappointment I had...I really love you so much prabhu...Please answer my prayers quickly prabhu...All I need is that my appa should come out of his bad habit...If you do so...I'm sure that will be the happiest thing in my life...My parents have suffered a lot in their life so here after always keep them happy and healthy...don't let them suffer at any cost...also give us both a good job soon...I am waiting here for you with faith and patience answer my prayers soon u a lot...Jai Sai Ram !!!!

Anonymous said...

He sainath,i do not know why your blessing is not coming to me now a days.I know I must have done some bad karma,that's the reason you are angry with me.How can I survive without your blessing.Baba for two years i am sick and also lost my job.Some body snatched my job away.according to your saying I did not cursed him but some time I get too much disturbed.I want you to give me justice.Baba i do not know what to do.I am totally in dark and getting in depression day by day.Baba please forgive my sin and take me under your lovely wing as i was earlier in your wing.Baba i am really..really very sorry for my any mistake committed knowingly or unknowingly.Baba please show me the path of life....Please give my old confidence back...Baba I want to come to you.{lease call me as soon as possible.
He prabhu..he guru..Please accept my pray and bless me...OM SAI RAM !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jai Sainath. I want to be your slave for my life as you have blessed me with my transfer & now I am living in Chennai happily. Its a miracle. Every day you are blessing me with all your graces. I am pretty much blessed by you. Now I have one more prayer sainatha. After 12 long years of marriage, we are not blessed with a child yet. We are very much worried and also beg you for more prasaadams from your side for a child to call us appa & amma. We are in deep sorrow and also cursed by the society for that. What to do. I know its the paapa karma we did But sainath, as a devotee of you, i need not worry about the paapa as you will erase every thing like you did to DHAAMU ANNA, your beloved associate. We request and beg you again to shower your blessings every day & every night and bless us with a child as soon as possible. Thanks a koti in advance for blessing us soon. More over I should stay till my retirement in Chennai office itself & also My dad's property should not be sold to anybody. You should give me the power to settle the property in my mom's name itself & we should have it in our own gramam. Please accept my real prayers and bless us. My mom should live 101 years with wellness. I love you sainath. Please bless us.

Anonymous said...


manjusha solagudi said...

once the word sai comes from our mouth,he completely take us into his control. he makes us pray him to get rid out of our sins. then bless us.sai changes our lifes he makes us more happy.
if he is not there my life would be dissaster. he saved me in each and every step of my life. my happiness and my life now is just baba biksha to me. baba please control my mind and make me remember and pray u all the time.

subhasish Mitra said...

BABA Pl help, i am helpless as you know my problem, Unnecessarily i am being harassed.

Anonymous said...

Jai sainath, always keep ypur blessings on my family. givem me courage and wisdom so that i am able to fulfill all their dreams for whole of my life.

Anonymous said...

This is a fake site! None of the links work! You all have done a disrespect to Shirdi Sai Baba by doing such fake things in his name!

Anonymous said...

Every thing is working boss......Jai Sai Ram

Anonymous said...

Sai baba please hlep me!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram Please Help me, You are helping me a lot, but still I need your support for my life until my way to you seva..

Anonymous said...

Jai Sai Ram. Please save our baby, my husband and me from my mom in law and sister in laws. Give us opportunity to serve you always. Jai Sai Ram.

Anonymous said...

Is this service really working? seems to be down despite of all attempts. anyone had luck trying to reserve a room or Darshan timeslot recently?

Alpesh Patel said...

Yes at this time it is not loading. They might be having some technical problems or going through an up-gradation.

Anonymous said...

Oh sai deva my saviour of all my misery why deva you are not coming into my vision now a days please forgive my mistakes please come I want to see you deva longing to see you deva.

Anonymous said...

My sai deva is everything for me my saviour and giver.

Ashok ARORA said...

Ashok Arora - I underwent for liver transplant surgery for around 16 hours at Gurgaon . Before surgery I remember my guru & never remember you . After my surgery you along with my guru (Nainital wale baba) came to my vision & blessed me. Since then I wish to visit your temple at Shirdi.Pl. call me since the period of almost 3 year is over & my treatment is still going on.

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