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List of Good books to read on Shirdi Sai Baba

Sai_Baba_in_Gurusthan Few devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba, are coming up with a Gujarati book containing some good content. Content like  Sai TatvaRatnavali (Essence of Sai Baba’s teachings given by Sai Baba himself) and translation of Bhaktleelamrut (A book containing Sai Baba’s teachings, which was written while Baba sported in physical form and also read as pothi in Dwarkamai) in simple form.

The book was initially supposed to be distributed free to the devotees.  Fearing that 2,000 books just given away for free, might reach many, who might be least interested in studying the book. Most books can end up lying somewhere without being read. So to ensure that the books do reach to people and devotees who are interested in reading them, it has been decided that a very low amount of about Rs.10 or Rs. 15 has to be collected.

Om_Shri_SaiThis money lower than the cost price can be saved for the printing of next editions of the book.
As a general rule few pages were to be dedicated to the advertisement of the donors for this book. However, all of the donors denied for the same.

So, a plan came up, to dedicated  a couple of pages to a list of really good books on Shirdi Sai Baba.
Below is the same list of hand picked list of good books on Shirdi Sai Baba.
Must read
Shri Sai SatCharitra


Shirdi  Dairy ( Late G.S. Khaparde) - Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Shirdi (also available in Hindi and Marathi)

also available for online reading and download at


Shri Sudguru Sainath Sagunopasana (Aarati) –

Contains Sai Baba aarti lyrics in English, Hindi and Marathi.
Shri Saibaba Sansthan Shirdi publications

All of the three above books are published and available at Shri SaiBaba Sansthan Shirdi

* Life of Sai Baba - By Pujya H.N. Narasimha Swamiji – Publisher - All India Sai Samaj Chennai (phone : 24640784)
This book is also available for free online reading or free download at along with many other good books dedicated to Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi for downloading.

Devotees Experiences of Sai Baba by Narasimha Swamiji 4 volumes - Publisher - All India Sai Samaj Chennai (phone : 24640784) these books to are available for free download on the above link. 

imageUnraveling the Enigma Shirdi Sai Baba in the light of Sufism -  Marrianne Warren - Sterling Publisher


The Incredible Sai Baba – The life and miracles of modern-day Saint
-  By Arthur Osborne - Publisher Sterling
Preview of book The Incredible Sai Baba

* Sai Baba the Master, by Pujya Acharya Sri Ekkirala Bharadwaja, you can read Sai Baba the master online
Sri Gurupaduka Publications – Phone : 08592-33271

Baba's RinanubandhBaba's Rinanubandh - Vinny Chitluri - Sterling Publisher
preview of Baba’s Rinanubandh


Baba's Vaani - Vinny Chitluri - Sterling Publisher
book preview of Baba’s Vaani

Baba's Gurukul, Shirdi - Vinny Chitluri - Sterling Publisher

Ambrosia In Shirdi - Vinny Chitluri - Publisher Bose – Banglore
Also available for online reading and free download

Sai Hari Kathaa - Ravindra Kakadia - Sterling Publisher - (Also available in Hindi)
Sai_Hari_KathaPreview of Sai Hari Katha 


The immortal Fakir of Shirdi - Dr. S. P. Ruhela - Publisher: Diamond Pocket Books (P) Ltd. 
Book preview

Live Experience of Tarkhad family with Sai Baba of Shirdi - By Virendra Jyotindra Tarkhad.
Available for free download, click on the above link for the same

Narasimha Swami - Apostle of Shridi Sai Baba - (Also available in Hindi)


piyushadadriwala said...

sir jai sai ram'

i have colpleted englishbook in mirror image.

Anonymous said...

Jai Sainath.Each & every Sree Saibaba's book must read.Baba surely always help us.

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