Sunday, June 20, 2010

Experiencing Mukh Darshan in Shirdi Samadhi Temple

Sai_darshanSince last few months Sai Baba is calling me to Shirdi every month. Last visit, almost a month ago, we had a plan to visit and sit in Dwarkamai, as we left our room.

On the way, we had a chance to take Mukh darshan so, we decided to go for that, followed for our Dwarkamai visit. I was about to experience once again, that it is not us who decides what to do and what has to be done.

I happen to borrow a pen from a devotee sitting besides and jot down few words, while i was sitting i Mukh drashan (A place form where we can have darshan of Sai Baba's Samadhi and Idol).
“ Sitting here in Mukh Darshan is an experience in itself.Gazing on Baba’s face am stuck. It was supposed to be a quick 1 minute darshan. But what can a small piece of iron do, when placed near a divine magnet?


Many a times Sai Baba has said, “Our ways are different. Just meditate on my form.” Am doing it and the magical experience is difficult to put in words.

Whole world within goes through a magical transformation in seconds.

i’ll stop writing here, and enjoy the silent and unfathomable communication that happens, while just watching Him.
‘Om Sai Ram’

By the way there were two other devotees with me, in great hurry. i signaled them that i would stay there and they could carry on their decided work. They also had decided to stick there and did parayan of Sai SatCharitra and chanting of Sai Baba’s name


Unknown said...

om sai,,,,,,,,,

Unknown said...

Om Sai Ram, please help me to come out of my financial problems. Am a great devvotee of you Sai Ram.

Anonymous said...

jai sairam

Anonymous said...

Baba, you know my sorrows and pains, you are the best person to tell how much i have suffered in this life. Please bring me up from this.

Anonymous said...

Baba, i have been crying for 4 months now about what i lost an came to shirdi for Mukh Darshan. Kindly give back the life i lost.

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram thanks a lot Baba for giving me inner force and i know you are always with me and protect me in all the way please baba put my two sons on the right way and give me happiness , peace and love in my house with my family.

Anonymous said...

Baba always guide me, my husabnd, my son, mu daughter and the whole world to a better path.

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