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Chanting Sai Baba Name – Naamsmaran

BabaCrossLegged Aum Sai Ram,

Let us offer pranam (bow with reverence and surrender) to Sadguru Sai Baba with deep love and gratitude.

With His great fondness for Chanting of God's name, Baba repeated 'Allah Malik', ceaselessly and would often make his devotees hold a 'Naam-Saptah (a week long chanting of the Name), in front of him which would go on day and night, continuously a week. - Sri Sai SatCharitra Chapter 4 - verse 82

Those devotees, reading Sai SatCharitra and other stories of Sai Baba must be aware of the importance given to Naamsmaran or Namasmaran, (chanting and/or remembrance of God's name),  also if we read blog post Sai Baba's youthful love of art and music we know how fond, Baba was of devotional songs.

Today i was reading the newly arrived Sai Leela magazine.

There is a very good short story related with Naamsmaran (remembering chanting and singing of divine Names and chants). Let's start with this short story of Sai Baba.

nanasaheb-chandorkarAs advised by Nanasaheb Chandorkar (One of the  Contemporary devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba.), his wife used to do Naam-Jap regularly. Once when She was sitting near Shri Sai Baba in Shirdi, He said, "My mother you grind a lot of grains, but the outcome is useless."

Sai Baba was referring to the chanting or remembrance of God's name in a mechanical way. When the name is chanted, sung or remembered, it should have the feeling of love, bhava, with it. When we call our near and dear ones, there is an element of love in that, when we call a complete stranger on the road it is different than a mother calls her little child. So the name of God, chanted or remembered, without any love or feeling is of less use.

When we chant the name of Sai Baba let it be, a call for His divine love, Let us call Him from the very depth of our heart seeking His presence, His love and His grace. The yearning for Him, should be there. 

oldphotoBaba jokingly used to say to Nana, "Nana, amongst all these people, there is not even a single swan? There are just crows!"

Lets read a quote from Shri Sai SatCharitra, the gift to us, which is overflowing with divine grace of Sai Baba.

In Shri Sai SatCharitra Chapter 3, Hemadpant sent a request to Sai Baba, through Shama for collecting and writing His divine stories.

Below is a quote from what Sai Baba said in reply to the request.

"Shri Hari (God) is the sport of His own devotees (i.e. He dances to their tunes), hungering to the simple and guileless (devotees), and enslaved, altogether, by love. But to Hypocrites He remains unattainable always. "

Sai_baba_face Sai Baba gives us the way to enslave God in our heart. That way is love.
When no cunning desires are left the love of God is captured. Our mind is basically cunning and we should always stay at guard watching it. It constantly seeks everything, in name of God. It poses itself I am loving God, when there is a horde of desires on attack, one after another. So honesty with the self is most important.

Meher Baba says about Hypocrisy " Hypocrisy is the unforgivable sin, even God cannot forgive it. He is willing to, but He can't get through, because we wrap ourselves in these veils of hypocrisy and posing."

Few more quotes of Shri Sai Baba on NaamSmaran or chanting and remembrance of Sai Baba Name, from Shri Sai SatCharitra chapter 3.
“Moreover, one thing I tell you Shama (Madhavrao Despande), I grant all the wishes of him who chants my name with love and faith, which, in turn, enhances his devotion to me.”

“Repetition of the name “Sai, Sai” will burn down the sins, resulting from the evil desires of Kaliyug. A mere prostration prostration before me is enough to destroy the past sins of speech and hearing.”

sai_rare_photoSo, love for God is most important, or seeking to get ourselves filled with love of God. We seek what we don't have. We should seek for something that we are not aware of, a state of being overflowing with joy and bliss. Some state of being where insecurity and fear cannot attack, which makes us free from the burnings within us.

So when we chant Baba's name it should be with love and yearning for His love. When devotee calls for God's love He comes running to Him.

Was just reading an example by Ramakrishna Paramhamsha, which fits here well. He says that mother of 5 or 6 children does her work, when all children are busy with their games and toys. But as soon as a child cries for mother, she leaves all work and rush towards the child.

So, it's useless if child is busy playing with the toys and keep repeating mother's name. The mother will come running when the actual call or cry is made for her.

This yearning and love also applies to worship of Sai Baba. It would be as meaningless, if the rituals are done mechanically. Love, Love and Love for Baba, is the right path.

Om SadchitAnand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
O' Baba let our minds always seek for your divine love alone.


Monica said...

Nice Post. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

pleas bless my husband and me with your ever loving grace and make our faith in u grow tenfold. let your beautiful picture be ever fixed in our minds and your name engraved in our hearts.
Om sainath jai sainath!

Alpesh Patel said...

Om Sai Ram,
We cannot develop divine love. From the bottom of the heart just ask Sadguru Shri Sai Baba for His divine love and grace. We just have to surrender to Baba. While chanting Baba's name or worship or prayers, just ask Baba for His divine love and grace. Shraddha and Saburi.

Chaitanya venkat Kondaveeti said...


BABA you are the driving force for me and entire family.We wouldn't be in this suitation with out your grace.Sometimes i feel, most importantly a person needs stomachfull of food to have(what ever he love to have) and tight sleep(with out any agony/stress).With your grace i have them in my life always irrespective of suitations.Still because of life game daily i bring something infront of u.pray for it/cry for it. I dont know what exactly i want because i can't manage to be on same mood always so how could i know what i want and what is good for me. You are my father, u know what i am and u know what are my needs and what is the best for me.waiting for the best moment for your grace.I always try to follow your path and your saying's.

I believe you are always with me,listening me and watching me.waiting for your krupa. Shower your blessings on us.

SAI SAI ani vedumu manasa..SAI padamulu vedakuu manasa..SAIee manakii margam manasa..Beautiful lines.


Anonymous said...

Your blog contains many valuable info about Sai. May god Sai bless you

Alpesh Patel said...

Thanks! Om Sai!

Mukti Jean said...

Thank you for this wonderful discourse. It has brought Baba closer to my heart and understanding. Om Jai Jagadisha Hare!

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