Friday, April 24, 2009

Change in domain name to babasaiofshirdi

Om Sadguru SaiNath Mharaj Ki Jai,

When the this blog was started the writer had no idea it would turn into a blog dedicated to Sadguru Sai Baba of Shirdi.

Few minutes before this blog was made i had no idea what a blog is and what it is suppose to do. i was just reading an e book which had a mention of blog and that blogger platform from google was one of the platforms where we can make blog. i followed the link and was experimenting.

It asked for a name out of impulse mynotebook was written. That name was not available and it suggested three other name. A name was clicked on one of them, and it was Soon after the naming a post had to be written.

What was done was, i copy pasted a post which already written much earlier My first experiences in Shirdi. Since intense meditations on Sai Baba where going on in that time, all the post that followed where related to Baba and devotion towards Sai Baba.

Since this blog is dedicated totally to Sai Baba it needs a change in domain name too. So soon it will be hosted on The bog could be unavailable for a day ot two due to this domain name shifthing. Only the name will change everything else should remain the same. The new domain name should look like

I heart fully thank Sai Baba for making me an instrument for this blog and touching hearts of many devotees through it.

The picture attached with this post is the picture of Baba worshiped at the writer's home.
Jai Sai Ram.


Unknown said...

Dear Alpesh,

I am too strong believer of Sai baba. just some months back On street small puppy was suffering sever health problem I tried to help the dog but cld help only in my limits due to some presonal problems. I had requested Sai baba put the suffering dog to sleep forever as I cant see his pain n can not help him. I had also promised baba tat if i dont see the dog then he is with u n i promise you i wil place small silver desing of dog in our home temple. I did nt full fill his promise. as i did nt get time n kept forgettg. Becoz i did nt keep my word baba is angry with me I lost my mobile. I shall be doin this work immediately. As u r babas fav can you please request him if he cld help me to get my mobile. i promise him to visit shirdi.

Please alpesh can u please help me

Alpesh Patel said...

Aum Sai Ram Minal,

seeing a puppy suffer and feeling the pain is good sign. It shows compassion and you are near Baba or God.

Also promising Baba or God or any form of God, one should complete that task. God does not asks for promises, but if we make promises it is our duty and responsibility to do the same. So never promise things and just ask for Baba's help. If you make a promise, see that you complete the same. Baba does not get angry, if you don't fulfill your promise. He is compassionate. But also there is great divinity, and the law of karma makes things happen. Baba has nothing to to with our or anybody's sufferings. In fact many has discovered that Sai Baba takes devotees sufferings on himself is always worried to free the devotees from sufferings. That is one of the reasons Sai Baba is so popular divine Guru.

Now again you are making a promise of visiting Shirdi. Just pray or longingly ask Sai Baba to call you to Shirdi. Complete your first promise and henceforth just talk with Baba with love and faith. Baba is compassion incarnate and He will solve your problem. Just remember Him with love and stop making promises. He does not asks for promises. Just love, devotion, Faith and patience.

priyanka kapoor said...

i am waiting for baba to come n get me out of a big chakravyuh my family is into i know baba aap aayenge aap mujhe nirash nahi karenge

Anonymous said...

saibaba when will i receive letter of lvb.
when lala result of bsc will declared . saibaba please help us .

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