Saturday, March 21, 2009

Caught in the bewilderment of Maya

This is one of the greatest paradox. The remover of the darkness, the darkness like fear and anguish. The light of His grace has removed burdens of minds and material burdens of hundreds and thousands devotees. So many devotees have felt and feels, that the burdens of the minds vanishes as the darkness vanishes upon taking the darshan of Shri Sai Baba, the embodiment of Sat Chit Anand. Not just when Sai Baba was physically present in this world in the sacred land Shirdi but at His Samadhi in Shirdi or any local temple or even a picture or a statue which has being worshiped with devotion and with love.

This, Sai Baba suffers. Entrapped with Maya He suffers endlessly for His devotees whose very nature is Bliss. Sai Baba cares for His devotees and takes their pains upon Him. He becomes intensely sad when His devotees has to pass through the law of Karma, where even the divine does not interfere. Sai Baba suffers when He does so much for His devotees and grants their wishes.And the devotees gets more and more entrapped in the wishes and does not care to give their mind on what Sai Baba says and where He is pointing to.

Sai Baba suffers for His devotees as a mother suffers on the sufferings of her child. There is nothing that the mother wants from the child, only the well being of the child. If ever the mother wants something from the child that too is for the well being of the child. This one aspect of Maya troubles the Sat Chit Ananda in the form of Shri Sai Baba.

"I to go somewhere sometimes, I just go and sit down at the same place. But mind is caught in the bewilderment of Maya and suffers a deep plunge. This Maya is very difficult to overcome and reduce me to piteous condition. Day and night, I keep thinking of my own people." From Shri Sai SatCharitra

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Anonymous said...

Jai Sai Ram...

Very beautiful Alpesh...u wrote vry nicely & true... Recently, I visited "Shirdi - Sai Darbar" & I was talking 2 my mother & relatives dat "Sai Maa..." always bears da burden of all Devotees / Bhaktas... He suffers a lot & we all r foolish people, always du da mistakes again & again without thinking dat we r making our Sai problem & we r really giving Him pain & problem & on da other side...Baba never complaint...He always carry all da problems happily... "My Prostrate in Sai Lotus Feet..."

Baba, I m really vry vry sorry for all my mistakes... & I'll try not 2 repeat again & always want to be in ur Lotus Feet...Thanks 4 everything...Thanks Maa...Sai Maa...

Thanks Alpesh for sharing wonderful words...

Jai Sai Ram...

Anubhav Saini...
"Sai Charno Ka Daas..."

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