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Spiritual experience and miracles from Dev Baba life

Om Shree Sadguru Sainathaya Namaha !

continued from - Dev Baba - A spiritual Devotee of Sai

In last chapter was the discription of the birth of Dev Baba and the miraculous happenings soon after the birth.

The divine grace was with Dev Baba all the time. Primary education of Dev Baba was in Marathi language. Then he was admitted in Wilson English Medium school. However, the attendance in the school were not regular. He was attracted to Swami Samarth math nearby and spent most his time in divine contemplation and meditation.

As a young man, he had to join Kurla Municipal Kirde Kendra as a teacher of physical education. Due to his spiritual nature all the students were his favorite and treated them with love and care. But the social minds of the students were at work. Few students from a particular sect thought that the the students from other sects were favored over them. This thought led them to lodge a complain against him.

A fellow teacher far from spirituality and who considered physical inflict was the answer to most problems, decided to give a good trashing to Dev Baba for favoring student of a particular sect over others. Few well wisher teachers who knew about this, went and warned about the same to Dev Baba.

Dev Baba casually said, "Oh, but he won't come to school tomorrow. Later it was known that the teacher with the intention to give a good thrashing to him had gone for swiming that evening and was drowned and died.

Dev Baba realized that Sai Baba had bestowed him with siddhis. The incident had a great impact on his mind and he decided to dedicate his life totally to spirituality and service to God.

He traveled to many sacred palces. After the visits to many pilgrimage he went to Himalayas and practiced Hatha yoga.

In 1945 his mother was seriously ill, he knew she would pass away soon. He gave her a mantra to recite in the last days of her life.

Then he went to Shirdi and began parayana (reading of sacred text or pothi in set number of days, preferably 7 days) of Shri Sai SatCharitra. Sai Baba used to encourage many devotees for regular reading or parayans of Pothi (sacred Text), for their spiritual progress. While the reading was on half way, he got a message through telegram that the condition of his mother was very serious.

Dev Baba in the Samadhi Temple asked Baba if he should go. Yes was the reply that he received. Now he was in quandary as to how he would go that far in such short time. He also ponderd why Sai Baba asked him to visit his seriously ill mother when the time was so short, and the journey so long.

Amazing, he was lucky to get the darshan of Sai Baba after His Mahasamadhi. Baba stood in front of him. He had brought a horse and asked him to follow accompany Him in sukhshma sharir (etheral or astral form). They both reached his home in Dadar. Met his mother and gently assured of peaceful passing away, assuring that Sai Baba himself was present there to take care of the destination.

Here returned to Shirdi and continued his parayan. When he told the people about passing away of his mother and that he was there, the people were quiet amazed, as they saw him seated for prayan all the time.

In 1952 he married Kishori Bai, who shared the devotion. The couple moved to Ambarnath stayed in their ancestral home. On the first floor a Mandir (Temple) was made in 1967, a saat dhatu murti (idol made from the alloy of seven metals) of Sai Baba was installed and the pran prathista ceremony (invoking the grace of God in the idol) was performed.

Many people were attracted to Dev Baba and were guided to his Istha Dev Sai Baba. He took Samadhi on Thursday, May 25th, 1994 Vaishak Vaidya Apara Ekadashi. He asked his relatives not to perform rituals or religious ceremony following his Samadhi.

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