Friday, June 13, 2008

Devotees Expeiriences-Satya

Jai SaiNath

Hi Alpesh,

i want to write my own Experience with Shri Saibaba.
2 months ago, i met bike accident and i got some minor injuries,
but my left hand was troubling me a lot. it was not fractured, but it was squeezed when i fall down on the floor.

i consulted Doctor, he gave me some medicine, but after 1 month i did not find any
improvement, after that i prayed Sai Baba and applied oodi(ash) to the hand daily
for 10 days, and it was cured by Shree Sai Baba.Now i am completely get rid of from the pain.

And on last Saturday i went to Shiridi , when i told to my mother on Friday
she was so tensed and she told me to take care since i was going alone.

but next day before catching the bus in the morning i called to my mother
and she replied with bold voice that i can go and come back, she has no tensions in her mind.
then i was surprised, and i asked here about the reason and she replied to me that in her dream
Shri Saibaba appeared and said to my mother that "don't be tense, I will take care of your son".
after i came to know it , i was wondered and felt very happy!!.

Every aspect of my life , he is helping me every second.
Especially while searching for the proposal, we got so many proposals for the marriage
from last 1year and 6 months, but nothing that i liked. i wexed with the marriage
then i handover over the task of searching the right girl to me to Shree Saibaba,
i used to pray him sincerely for 3 months without any tension in my mind,
and he did for me.
i got beautiful girl with nice character, and i was engaged on Apr 2008.

and i got the software job with his grace only, even though i have so much circle of friends
and relatives , no body helped me.
because of Sri Sai Baba, i got the job in MNC. and i am well settled now by his Grace.
So i just want ot say to every Sai devotee, just keep remember Sairam in every minute with the
100% faith on him and have patience (wait for the things to be happen with great patience)
one day he will fullfil our desires on time.

Jai Sairam!,
Thank you for your Endless affection and love towards me...

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Unknown said...


my name is Venkatesh
here my almighty god sri sai baba
had given me the wish which i used to worry about it
that is the job which i got with the grace of him
i am just nothing .today i got the job means is just his blessings and grace on me
i want baba with me in every moment of my life

thats all with the grace of the sai charitra
and guru charitra books
which i used to study regularly


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