Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Saibaba - A yogi and Onion

Last post about Kusha Bhav had and incident of onion, also the parable of Sai Baba contained the subject of onion. This story is also described in Chapter number 23 in the sacred text Shri Sai SatCharitra.

In Gujarati book Sai Sarovar, there is a description of this story in a little detail.
Talking about Sai Sarovar book, the book is very difficult to get as it is out of print. The family of the author Shri Maganlal Tapidas Germanwala is quite poor. Few meetings have been done with the son and family members of the author and we have advised them not to sell of the copyrights which have been asked by a couple of publisher but retain them and we will try to help in every manner we can. By the grace of Sai Baba the work is going on and shortly the Gujarati version will be in print and available in the market.

The post written by me from this book are not exact translation.

Since this book has many unpublished incidents that happened when Sai Baba was physically present in Shirdi, the devotees and readers will like to read them. Posts from this book are written for this blog and scheduled to appear online every morning.

A yogi named Premanand was dedicated to practicing of yoga. Yoga not in the sense it is marketed these days for fitness and better health. They are just a by products of yoga, today the by products have assumed more importance in human lives and the marketers take advantage of it. The real meaning of yoga is melting and merging in the Divine.

Premanand practiced yoga for the real purpose and found difficulties for the goal. Some one advised him to visit Shirdi and meet Sai Baba, who was one with ParaBrahma (Supreme soul) and that He would be the right person to guide him.

Listening to them the practitioner of yoga visited Shirdi. When he came near Dwarkamai, he saw Sai Baba sitting with devotees and eating. He noticed that Sai Baba took bites of onions with the food. Onions were favorite with Sai Baba. The yogi's mind immediately rebelled against this. He knew that the yogis have to stay away from the onions due to it tamasic properties. He was still a little far away from Sai Baba. Sai Baba did not want him to leave like that, and since he knew everything and every person's thoughts, he spoke out loudly.

'Onions should be eaten by the ones who can digest them, to those the tamasic properties cannot influence. For those getting influenced by the tamasic properties should not eat them, that is also true.'

This words and the Divine attraction of Sai Baba removed the doubts of the yogi. He remained in Shirdi for a long time and benefited beyond his expectations.

SadGuru SaiNath Maharaj Ki Jai !

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Hetal Patil Rawat said...

Sai Ram Alpeshbhai,

Can i know from where the picture is taken. Is it a photograph of a temple. If yes can i know where the temple is situated?

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