Sunday, May 4, 2008

Have Faith and complete surrenderance

I received the following quote from Meher Baba, from a Sai Baba devotee.

* To the struggling, failing and faltering humanity I say, "Have faith." Turn to God in complete surrenderance and receive the Divine love. You are equally a part of the one indivisible Divine life. There is not a single atom that does not vibrate with this divine life.

There is no need for anyone to despair. The greatest of sinners as well as the greatest of saints has the same unfailing Divine assurance. Meher Baba

This quote was meant for the short stories blog, to write a story on this theme. Since the quote is on Faith, naturally i was drawn to write stories related to Sai Baba for this word, the story came to my mind was of Kakasaheb Dixit. His great faith and and surrender towards Sai Baba. Kakasaheb Dixitji's story in sacred book Shri Sai SatCharitra Chapter 23, was mentioned with a story of lord Krishna on Divinity and ego.

i felt the story would be more appropriate on this blog rather than the short stories blog.

Kakasaheb Dixit was wealthy and affluent man. He had suffered injuries in an accident in London, from which he recovered but there remained a lameness in his leg. He was a friend of Nanasaheb Chandorkar. Nanasaheb in his talks with Dixitji talked a length about Sai Baba with him, and asked him to visit Shirdi, and a cure for his lame leg would happen as many such diseases and physical ailments where cured by Sai Baba. Kakasaheb Dixit a man of wisdom replied that he was more interested in curing of lameness of mind, rather than lameness of his legs.

Kakasaheb's visit to Shirdi and meeting with Sai Baba was a great one. He was welcomed by Saibaba with the words ' I was waiting for you'. According to Kakasaheb's wish the lameness of his leg remained but much happened with the divine love and grace of Sai Baba for the removal of lameness of his mind. Saibaba used to call many of his devotees with a nick name, with meaning. He used to call Kakasaheb as Langda Kaka (Lame uncle), indicating that the lameness of the leg will remain.

Kakasaheb's faith and surrender was total. One story described in Shri Sai SatCharitra chapter 23 given is a classic example of his faith and surrender. Kakasaheb also left his job and built a wada ( a building for free accommodation for devotees visiting Shirdi) . Another incident indicating his total surrender was that Kakasaheb once gave away one thousand silver coins in a trunk to Sai Baba, Sai Baba asked him to keep the same, saying that it would be of use in the future. This time Kakasaheb did not listen to Sai Baba and stuck to his decision. Sai Baba agreed and opened up the trunk, took handfuls of coins from the trunk and gave them away to the people and devotees present in Masjid.

It is reported that there was no change on Kakasaheb Dixit's face on seeing this incident of his hard earned savings getting distributed within seconds.

There are many incidents of Kakasaheb Dixit which will be posted in future on this website / blog.

Sai Baba assured Kakasaheb Dixit that he would be taken in Viman (Airplane) by Him, a symbol of taking his soul with him. It happened, Kakasaheb left his body, while traveling in a train, talking about SaiBaba (mind on Sai Baba) with shri Dabholkar, and left his body while doing so and siting. This kind of leaving the body is rarity, people are either sick and lying on the bed, suffering while the body is being left. Talking about Sai Baba, in a sitting position and leaving the body without a trace of pain, shows the immense love of Sai Baba towards him.

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Unknown said...

Hi Alpesh,

I am a regular visitor of your website and would like to thank for providing us an opportunity to all sai devotees to share their divine experiences with us.

I would also like to share my recent sai experience and would like to share with all the sai family.

My Sister's daughter who is just 5 yr old has fallen down from the cot and blood was oozing from the nose . All of us were really worried and she was crying literally. I did not understand what to do hence i prayed baba that she should have not met with any facture in her nose and blood should stop oozing from her bose and recover fast . I was just consoling her to stop her crying . But the situation remained the same finally i decided to apply Babas udi but could not found at home hence i prayed baba and took the regular vibuthi and applied on her head and put little of vibuthi inside her mouth . Within few seconds she was relaxed and felt asleep . The next day she woke up with a great and pleasant smile .

Thanks to BABA and request BABA to Shower his love and affection now and always on US.

Jai Sai Ram


Alpesh Patel said...

Aum Sai Ram,

Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience of Sai Baba's care and divine love.

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