Monday, April 28, 2008

Tinu Sharma - Devotees experiences

Jai Sai Nath,
i would like to share my experience with all of the Sai devotees. it so happened that my mom had some health problem and so my parents decided to go to Shirdi. They planned to go on 17th April 2008 by Jhelum Express., which departs from Ambala at morning 6-10 am and arrives at Kopergaon at 9-15 am the other day. in this way they thought to spend the entire day at Shirdi and return back the same night by the same train which departs from kopergaon at 10-15 pm night and therefore they went for booking their tickets . Surprisingly they cud not get the tickets of returning from the same train ,therefore they had to get the tickets for another train which departs from manmad at morning 4-10 am. My parents were little sad about this but they consoled themselves by saying that its Baba's will. Now what was Baba's will would u like u to it is.
It so happened that while going to sShirdi after Bhopal there was an accident of trains on the track and therefore the train in which my parents were traveling had to be taken thru nagpur which reached kopergaon in the evening 6-00 pm. so now isn't it clear that when one wwho will arrive at 6-00pm at kopergaon how can he take the train for returning at 10-pm that is just four hour later. this shows that Baba knows everything and he takes care of each and every minute of his devotees . He is the supreme power.Thank u Sai Baba i love You very much please come to me soon. i'm waiting for You .


ramesh said...

om sai ram
Is true sai ram always saves his devotees.You were lucky to get such experience.
Jai Sai Ram

swamy said...

Hi Alpesh,
I would like to send my experiences to be posted on your blog. Can you please send me your e-mail id?

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