Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Prasanna - Devotees Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba

One more mail received for posting on blog of, how Sai Baba responds and is always there for devotees on many difficult situations.

Below is the message i received.

Dear Alpeshji,

I regularly read your website and find lot of useful info.Thanks for this
wonderful site and BABA would definitely shower His blessings to you.

I've been a staunch devotee of Baba for the past 15 years and I owe
everything to Baba and all is due to HIS blessings.Baba had shown
innumerable miracles in my life and always gives me a feeling that HE is
always with me.I sincerely pray to HIM that HE should hold my hand always in
this birth and all upcoming births and help me in reaching HIM.I'm posting
some of very significant ones,

Request you to post these to the website.All these incidents prove that if
we surrender ourselves to HIM and pray for solutions instead of brooding
over problems,HE will definitely show the way.HE always says'U look to me,I
look to you'

* Even after 5 years of marriage,I was issueless.We had consulted many
doctors and most of them said that the chances of getting a kid is very
less or almost nil.We were very worried for almost 1 and half year.I prayed
to BABA in all possible ways and I thought that he is testing our patience.I
had left the decision to HIM.I was mentally prepared and decided that we
would either adopt a kid or leave the matter there itself.
See the miracle now .On Dec 25th 2000,I along with my
in-laws,sister-in-law and my husband visited Mylapore Saibaba temple during
evening around 7:00 PM as we were in Chennai at that time.We had darshan
and came out.Then my husband recollected that the car keys were inside the
car which never happened.With the help of Ayyappa swamy devotees,they were
trying to pull the glass doors down and all these were happening till 9:00
PM.On my mother-in-law's suggestion,myself and sis-in-law went to the temple
again to pray to Baba.As it was closing time,we went and quickly were
returning back.The poojari called me and offered me a glass of milk (which
was offered to Baba earlier) for drinking.I was really surprised as this is
a very,very rare oppurtunity and felt as if it is a blessing.The car doors
got opened and we returned back safely.On Dec 31st,we went to another
Saibaba temple at Injambakam which is on seashore.Following that week,it was
confirmed that I had conceived.

By HIS blessings,I delivered a baby girl and she's 7 years old now doing
well.Nothing is possible for HIM .Have immense faith and patience.HE will
surely help.

* My father had a heart problem with an enlarged heart and so he
wanted to arrange my marriage quickly,By HIS grace,the marriage got fixed
but there were financial problems as the money that was expected didn't get
arranged.The marriage was fast approaching and everyone was tensed at home.I
prayed to BABA and did read SAI SATCHARITRA and completed in 7days.See the
miracle that happened on 7th day of completion.Our distance relatives who
happened to be my mother's colleague as well came in a taxi on Thursday
morning and gave us the required money.We were very surprised.They said that
they came to know about the problem and so they travelled around 5 hours and
came personally to the home for giving the money.

It is simply out of imagination that can ever such things can happen.Yes,it
is possible only by HIS grace.

After 3 years of my marriage,my father fell seriously ill and was
admitted into hospital.I flew from Chennai praying to Baba.3 heart valves
out of 4 are spoiled and doctor said that his chances of survival are almost
nil.We were praying to Baba requesting him to take care of
him.Miraculously,he started recovering after 3rd day and then onwards he
survived another 2 years.During these 2 years,Baba had given him an
oppurtunity to serve him.HE took care of all his debts,freed from financial
debts and then also,provided him a small job as my brother was doing his
post-graduation.My father used to give SEJ Arati almost everyday these 2

To my knowledge,he had two desires - my brother's PG completion and wanted
to become a grandfather.

My brother successfully completed M.Sc with first division and I had a baby
girl around the same time.My father was so excited and had a silent heart
attack on 5th day of my delivery.

I was crying in front of BABA where my father's body was laid down in our
house.When I was staring at BABA,the face in the photo had enlarged so big
and HIS face was so shiny like gold with full of happiness.It seems as if HE
is trying to convey that my father was with him and hence consoled me.

Only with HIS help,I was able to come out of this.

* I was praying for my brother's job and marriage as my mother is
alone.By HIS grace ,he got a job and also married recently.When we returned
from marriage and opened the door,we could feel sambrani(vibhoodi) smell in
the house indicating HIS presence.This experience was truly unforgettable.

* Recently my husband got a very good new assignment in Mumbai which
is again by HIS grace.We will be moving there shortly.Before taking
decision,I requested BABA to confirm if this decision is good.I visit a BABA
temple very often.In this temple,there will be a blackboard where BABA' s
sayings are written every week.When I've asked HIM to confirm and came out
of temple,I saw the below lines on the board which made me very happy and
got HIS confirmation
"You visit any place in this world even beyond the seven seas,I'm always
with you"

Once I felt very worried very much about the fact whether I would be able
to serve him in future births,whether I would get HIS grace.On that day,the
below lines were written on the blackboard which again had relieved my worry

"I would never leave anyone in between.I would guide them until they reach
the destination(BABA)"

Like this,the list continues .I sincerely thank to BABA from bottom of my
heart and wish to occupy a place in HIS DARBAR.



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Anonymous said...

baba you have blessed so many people pls bless me with a child baba. its been more than four years for our marriage pls help baba doctors tell i can never become mother we tried for ivf but it failed. sai baba pls listen to my prayers

Anonymous said...

baba i came to know about your miracles from my sister who is ur firm believer ... baba please give me and my wife a child and also please remove all the financial problems of mine .. i will be always your follower

Anonymous said...

Dear Baba,

I prostate humbly before your lotus feet to please grant me the object of my prayers. You are omniscient and all pervasive and You come to the rescue of all that earnestly seek your blessings. I have been praying for the past 3 years at least for my marriage with my true love. You have put us through so many tests and trials of patience. Please Baba give us the blessings for us to get married to each other by the end of 2009 and live a wonderful life and make all those around us happy and help me to continue serving you humbly for the rest of my live and lives to come.

Anonymous said...

Dear Baba

Thanks for all that you have given to me & my husband.

Divya said...

Dear Baba
We love you. please be with us always and shower your blessings on us

Unknown said...

baba I always believed you & had lots & lots of faith in you.Ever since I started believing in you,you were always with me talking to me & helping me in every course.But now I'm suffering with a big problem that is about my marriage with my dear one.She is also a devotee of you but the trouble is with their dad who believes in caste,he also a great devotee of you.Baba its all in your hands,do the miracle again my lord plsss.....I always rely on your feet

Anonymous said...

Dear Baba, you have always been with us and helped us wheneven we were in difficuly. Right now I am going through a very difficult phase, please help me overcome this. Please Saibaba Please Saibaba. I also thank you for all that you have done to us and shower us with your blessing.

Anonymous said...

My baba,u did a lot for me.what ever i want u gave me .i can't do anything for ur help but i can fallow ur words.i will be in a position that u want.
I beg u all that ,we should love every body around us and should help them upto our extent then only we r the real devotees of "lord saibaba" and baba will b with us.........

Anonymous said...

sai baba thanks for giving me everything.....u ve fulfilled my all dreams which i thought was immposssible ....listening to ur stories had changed my life .....till i die i ll do ur pooja ....bless everyone baba........jai sai ram

Anonymous said...

baba,please help our family tide over the financial crisis we are going thru.I cant bear to see my husband in this state.please bless my beautiful kids

Anonymous said...


Please make my family as your humble servant. We should worship you everyday and do regular poojas.

Anonymous said...

My Dear sairam,

You have been with me in my time of need and helped me out.Now i desperately need you,please baba come an dhelp me immediately i believe you are with me but still i am not peaceful.Baba please make him and his parents realize my love and get us married to each other.We both got yur darshan in Shridi as lovers .My next visit to shridi should be with him as his wife.I have told you how much i love him and why i need im.Please sairam help me.I know you have given me so many positive symptons yet i am expecting a great miracle from you.Please guide me and help me i cannot share my feelings to anyone other than you.

Jai Sairam maharaj

Prasanna said...


As far as i ever know you are the only source of hope to me in every aspect but now as you know like i'm in serious trouble. I wish you could reach your voice and help me baba.

Om SaiNath Maharaj ki jai.

Gayatri said...


Im gathered with many problems its not getting over but its just increasing but I knw U only give me strength to face it . Baba now at this moment none of my relative friends are with me nobody trust me anymore. Baba please solve all my problems please give me back all my loving ones. Baba even Its not my mistake evrytime I get punishment no matters coz I knw U are thr with me.
Baba please understand my feelings.
I wish U could here me.
Sainath maharaj ki jai.

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