Friday, May 23, 2008

Couple of devotees experiences

A couple of experience i received from Sai Devotees.

Few Days after I landed in USA first time (JAN 2000) I moved from New York to Miami, FL (Florida) in search of job. From Miami airport I took a CAB (Taxi) to reach one of my friends house for a temporary accommodation, After reaching my friends house I was off the cab after taking my luggage except one hand bag where I used to keep all my certificates/passport/visa/INS related docs + $1000,after the CAB has left I realized my hand bag was missing. I was shocked after knowing this bcoz all my career related docs within that bag. Miami was a high rated crime area it is very tough to get back any thing if you loose some thing in the public.
People surrounding me already lost hopes getting the bag back since it has $1000 cash. I called airport authorities they said they don't keep the records of CABS, I was totally blind and don't know what to do, then I begged our Sai Sadguru asking "BABA you said you live in every creature, please, help to get my bag back by influencing the CAB driver".
A BIG MIRACLE HAPPENED ,by evening I got a call from the CAB driver, I was surprised how did he managed to get my phone number(my friends house in Miami) where he dropped me at,.CAB driver told me that he saw the cash and certificates within the bag and he wants to return it back as it is, Next morning He returned the bag with Cash, while returning the bag I asked him how did he managed to get my present Phone number, he told while checking the bag for my address he found the phone number of one of my friend in New York (where I came from),so he called my friend in New York and took my phone number at Miami and then called me directly. My friends with me were very much surprised for this incident since returning the lost items (with Cash) from a CAB driver in Miami Area is quite unusual.
So Saibandu's BABA lives in all creatures, it's true, if you call him from bottom of your heart he can influence any one on this universe. [:)], He's the only ultimate rescuer for all us,his mercy on us is immense

Sai Vishnu

i want to send one more miraculous experience of mine,

My experience goes like this

We were returning back from a trip to guruvayur. We were 2 families’ three children and four adults in our Scorpio jeep.

We stopped for lunch at around 3 pm. after that we started of towards Bangalore, as we were going my husband was driving he noticed that the tar on the road was unevenly put, so to keep the vehicle on track he adjusted the steering and his hand sleep within seconds the vehicle went and hit the bus coming from the opposite side my husband action was so perfect that the jeep went and hit the back of the bus. all of us were so scared that we did not know what was happening. though i was full of fear seeing my husband in that situation i went on telling him that everything will be fine. Vehicle on the right side in the front was damaged but you wont believed no one was hurt, only my husbands cousins son had small scratch on his cheeks. That is it.

Some of the people helped us on the way and we reached near salem . Left the vehicle at a workshop. The workshop owner helped us in arranging a taxi and we returned home safely.

Sai you saved us .Sai you are so great that you help your devotee out from the clutches of death. Sai i know you love me so much that you help me in all areas of my life. i love Sai, i love you so much. please tell me how i make you happy too.

loving devotee


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