Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sai Baba - Garib Nawaz

॥ ॐ सांई राम ॥

Sai Baba, God, Sadguru, Divine personification, the sacred, the highest, Karunasagar ( ocean of compassion), grace bestowing, the one who fills us with divine love, Data (giver), guide, the one who takes His devotees pain on Him, the one who frees from bondage, the list can go on.

Devtoees go to Sai Baba, remember Him, perform His Aratis, visit Shirdi, visit temlples, sing bhajans, sing his name (Namsmaran), perform puja, read Sai SatCharitra, light lamps, do seva, do seva (service) of poor and needy and hungry, and even this list can go on and on, so many devotees so many ways of devotion.

Sai Baba is also called as Garib (poor) Nawaz, what does the garib means, poor by money or health or failures. Yes that has a meaning, and we all recognize poverty in these terms, and seek escape or avoidance of this kind of poverty. But there is another poverty we should seek for or rather look at as we already have, which enables us for deeper hunger for devotion or bhakti, creates hunger for richness of Sai's love, Sai's grace, Sai's Kripa.

The poverty of mind, the poverty of self. Most of us also avoid to look at the poverty of mind and self. If we have to think about our selves, mostly it will choose the positive sides which makes it feel better, makes the self greater. I have this good quality and i am proud of it. Many a times it takes a corrupt form that of comparison in devotion. Look that person is always going to Temples, sing glories of Sai Baba, and/or any of the many forms of devotion, but .............. and this but can have numerous reasons .......... and the reasons the mind or self gives is not to bring the other devotee down but to feel great about the self, to feel 'look i am right'.

While praying to Sai Baba, while devotion or anytime because devotion has to be all the time. Not for half or couple of hours in a day and then put aside for the rest of the day. Devotion and remembrance has to be carried on while on work or rest, while playing with the children or talking with the friends or relatives. The hunger for Sai's love and devotion should lurk all the time.

Feeling 'i am right' or 'i am great' can prevent this. As Sai Baba's bhakt's we do have many plus points, by His love and grace. More important is to look for the poverty rather than this richness of self. We can get stuck at the richness, the richness that is good. It is there by His love and grace, now let me find the poverty that is within me and when i look at the poverty within me, it will create and urgency to get rid of it. To get rid of it i will remember and get devoted with more intensity as only He can remove the poverty, only the devotion can take away that poverty.

As long long as there is a feeling of me. i am the body, i am the mind, i am great the poverty is there. No matter how many plus point my mind may see comparatively. When that feeling goes, which goes by His grace and love, only His grace and love is felt and remembered, we can call ourselves true devotees. It should be Tu Hi Tu (you and only you).

Suddha Chaitanya

Nana (to Baba): Pray, tell us about SUDDHA CHAITANYA

Sai Baba: That is the origin, the essence, the foundation and the permeator
of the entire Universe sentient and insentient, as also the end of it.
The source is SUDDHA CHAITANYA. You cannot exactly describe,
'CHAITANYA', but every moment it exists in your existence. There is no
place without it, but it has no form or name. In that, it resembles air,
which has no colour or form to be seen and whose existence however, is
unquestionable. This SUDDHA CHAITANYA is called BRAHMAN. The wise do
upasana of it under the name BRAHMAN and then, they are called
BRAHMAVIT. All manifestations of life are contained within it. It is the
origin of all appearances, perceptions and knowledge. It is the one root
of the many. It pervades everything. It may be characterized at SAT and
ANANDA (bliss) and finally EKATVA (unity). All of us are that. We are
not distinct from that.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post,The Precious jewel of this I liked the most was

"Devotion and remembrance has to be carried on while on work or rest, while playing with the children or talking with the friends or relatives. The hunger for Sai's love and devotion should lurk all the time."

Anonymous said...

Hi Aplesh
I need a baba's book sri sai charitra hindi version.I tried on my pcs but i cant.plz tell me how can i get online .thanks really sai blees u

Alpesh Patel said...

Om Sai Ram Anju,

Kindly visit for same.

Unknown said...

om sai ram plz read this.mein kal mandir gaya tha prashad to nahi de saka par yeh aap ke liye

Alpesh Patel said...

Thanks Dev

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