Thursday, March 20, 2008

Stories from Shri Sai SatCharitra

Om Sadguru SaiNathaya Namaha!

Since past few days Sai Baba's love and grace is making me read the Sai SatCharitra again and again. Few days ago the reading started and completed in a single day! What an amazing experience it was. Then the reading has been completed twice more. Total three parayans of Shri Sai SatCharitra in a week.

Also with the parayan of the sacred book, there is one more change. i get up, or should say am waked up before 4 in morning, take bath in the morning and perform puja in our home puja room. Puja in our puja room was not normally and routinely done through me. My Dad or Mom used to complete that daily task. i would be occasionally called for performing the Pooja, when both gets busy and someone have to do this so it was me. Otherwise i was satisfied with meditation on Sai Baba, getting drenched in the vibrations and grace i feel from the shawl consecrated at Shirdi or the same while reading the sacred and blessed book Shri Sai SatCharitra.

Few days ago i received the scarf that Sai Baba's idol wore in Shirdi. Really a sacred magnificent gift i received from Sai Baba. It is being given special treatment, and it gives me more than special treatment. After bath i use to go for prayers in our home puja room, pray to Gods, do massage to the idol of Sai Baba which i had bought and got consecrated in Shirdi. Apply attar (perfume) to Baba's idol while chanting his name or singing his bhajan with deep love.

After the scarf arrived, it was with the scarf and a huge qualitative change in the service and prayers was felt. Then is the part of reading Shri Sai SatCharitra in my room in front of Sai Baba's pictures. The scarf is worn only after bath and for prayers and reading the sacred text. The sacred scarf is fed with deep prayers, meditation and reading of Sai SatCharitra and it feeds my mind , body and soul with something unexplainable.

After the first reading in a day and after performing the Arati with offerings of prasad, which is normally done after completion of each parayan. Next early morning at 4, took bath and was drawn to puja room. There was a huge qualitative change. It was as if the grace from the scarf performing puja through me. It takes a lot of time by clock, and quiet fulfilling. Then the pictures of Sai Baba are also cleaned perfumed and tilak and attar are applied with the burning of insence stick (aggarbatti). The perfumed smoke from the insence stick makes the environment divine and vibrant in the early mornings. Arati is performed in my room in front of Sai Baba's pictures.

Today was Thursday also lovingly called Baba's day by many of his devotees. Shirdi and Sai Baba's temples are generally overcrowded on Thursdays. Also most of the time the parayan of Shri Sai SatCharitra commences on Thursday and ends on Wednesday. Today after the mind, body and soul satisfying puja was about to start the Arati given at the end of Shri Sai SatCharitra , 'Arati Saibaba, Sokkhya Datara Jiva, Charnarajatali ...', which was the one send to Nanasaheb Chandorkar in the famous Jamner miracle, described in Chapter 33 Shri Sai SatCharitra, along with the sacred Udi. I felt of doing the Arati with the live darshan From Samadhi Temple provided by Shri Sai Sansthan, Shirdi. So opened up the windows media player on the lap top which is switched on almost 24 hours a day. Hit Ctrl + U keys, mms:// is saved in it as don't watch online anything else than the live darshan in windows media player. And there it was, Morning Kakad Arati live from Shirdi. My favorite Uttha Uthha was over, another favorite Jai Jagadish hare was going all and it continued with all the other favorites :) songs and Aratis.

Om Shree SadGuru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!

I give You my tensions, my insecurities to you and you give me so much, invaluable and what not, can i ever speak out or write the glory you deserve for what you do to me and give me. NO! NEVER! everything will fall Short.

Sadguru Deva, my Sadgru Deva!

OOps originally i was reading Shri Sat Charitra and got and urge to write the story of Annasaheb Dabholkar's first visit to Shirdi, as was seen to me while reading. So gave the title, and the above article took place, only after hitting the publish post button in the blogger and seeing the page online i realized the title with what was intended to write has remain the way it is, so will let it remain the way it is.

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రామ ShastriX said...

The scarf looks great on you, Alpesh. Thanks for this nice post.

It's not surprising that you are an AquaMonk like Sri Ramakrishna!

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