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Present Shirdi as said by Sai Baba about a Century ago

Below are the prophetic words that Baba spoke. The words were spoken when Shirdi was an insignificant neglected little village. It had no electricity nor any special to attract people. Sai Baba knew the sacred significant of the place and chose it as a place to stay. Today after a century prophecy of Sai Baba about Shirdi can be seen as a reality.

In Shirdi village, when there were no arrangements for lights also, when
"Yahaa Bazaar Bharegaa, Bade Bade Log Aayenge, Subedaar Aayegaa, Fozdaar Aayegaa,
Naach Hogaa, Kanchan Hogaa, Mere Allaah Ki Kudrat Aabaad Hai,
Mungi Sarikhe Lok Aayegaa, Haathi Aayegaa, Ghodaa Aayegaa,
Bade Bade Khel Tamaashaa Hoyegaa,
Yah Mere Guru Ki Jagaah Hai, Yahaa Guruvaar - Sukravaar Dhoop Daalna Betaa,
Chaavadi Se Le Kar Sadak Tak Tak Mere Allaaah Ki Jagah Hai,
Zameen Ke Pet Mein Haddi Hogi,
Tab Bhi Meri Haddiyaa Logo Ke Saath Baate Karegi,
Meraa Dhyaan Karke Jo Khadaa Rahegaa,
Unke Saath Saat Samundar Paar Bhi Main Khadaa Hoon,
Koi Saat Tukade Karnewaalaaa Ayaa, To Use Se Main Daadha Se Nikaalnewaalaa Hoon,
Waisi Meri Allaah Ki Kudrat Hain"

Thses words of Sai Baba would seem to be simple to the person hearing by ears only, but many learned men like Kakasaheb Dixit, Raosaheb Khaparde were unable to come out with the meaning of these words.

Meaning of Baba's words:

In the year 1882-1887 A.D., Baba had said these words for Shirdi, which was somewhere in the darkness of some corner of Maharashtra State.
"Here multistoried buildings would be built, there would be a big market. Many rich men would come, many high post learned men would come.
Oh what should I say!(Allah) God has not given introduction of his full grace yet (to Shirdi village).
Many people will flock like ants. Great kings (ministers and prime ministers) sitting on the elephants would come.
Son! Whosoever lights Dhoop on my Guru's place on Thursday and Friday all his wishes and desires will be fulfilled.
From Chaavadi till the road, the place is of my Master.
Although when My Sagun Roop (Bodily form) will not be visible my bones would speak to people. They will give courage to my sad devotees.
I will run to My devotees even if they are across seven seas.
I will save My devotees from any type of difficulties and troubles."

In this way Sai Baba had said about the future of Shirdi to Mhlasapati when they slept together in Dwarkamaee and Chaavadi on every alternate day.

Sai Baba's each and every word has come out to be true and we can see how present Shirdi is flocked by people like ants. This only suggests that Sai Baba is Creator, Protector and Destroyer of this world. Though He is not with us physically, we can feel His presence not only in Shirdi but everywhere.

Source : A Gujarati Book "Sai Sarovar" by Magandas Germanwala

Anant Koti Brahmand Nayak
Raja Dhi Raj Yogi Raj
Para Brahma
Shri Sachidanand Sadguru
Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai!!!
Hetal Patil

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