Thursday, February 21, 2008

Surrender to Sadguru SaiNath

Few days ago on one of the posts on meditation on Sai Baba, there was the following comment of a Shirdi Sai Baba's devotee and lover who has not disclosed his or her name.

'Hi, i'm a strong believer of sai baba since 8 years he has transformed my life and helped me in every moment of my life i dont understand one thing when ever i think of sai my eyes are filled with tears and even friends are commenting on that i dont bother about all of them but in deep of my heart i have profound love to my guru and really dont have any worldly desires but i have big question in the journey of spiritual knowledge i found i'm not understanding my guru's love towards me i dont know i will cry like a child who miss their mother and i always prefer him. now my life still with lots of problems in some times i lost my belief in sai too but still my love for sai is alot i always believe in my efforts i will put my efforts first then trust my guru for his help is this wrong pls help me what stage is my bakthi with my guru i hope this site will give some answer to me Thanks alot in advance'

The one who has commented shows in the comment, the profound love of Sai Baba and the feelings of bhakti (devotion). First of all my friend you say that you are strong believer of Sai Baba since 8 years, my feeling is 8 years or what ever time by clock or calender more important is the love you feel from our Sadguru. When ever you think of Sai, your eyes are filled with tears, this is the sign of deep love and bhakti. Love and devotion are more profound, more powerful then are our petty self. They are not in our command, tears are not in our command, they just show that we are overwhelmed by something greater than us, something more profound than us, the love for our Sadguru, the love of and for compassionate Sai.

Friends do comment, as it is human nature to comment on everything, things they know about, things they have felt and things they don't know about and haven't felt. Those who have not felt this would term them as something crazy something mad. Even you say the worldly desires are dying, which comes naturally with the development of bhakti, the devotion getting deep within. now we cannot expect our friends running after worldly things getting attracted towards worldly things, those who think attaining and gathering worldly things are the true means of security and happy living, some positive remarks about the signs of bhakti. Naturally, bhakti or devotion does not hold much importance. But we do many a times feel in a kind of hanging positions with such remarks, more so when we face difficulties in life. I have gone through this lot many times.

I feel you should read Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. Some more about it you can read on the post Is understanding of intellect enough? In in India buy at subsidized rates from.

You also say you cannot understand Guru's love. Obviously, we cannot understand it as it is far more profound, far more greater than our understanding. "i dont know i will cry like a child who miss their mother and i always prefer him". Well this is it, we don't understand, but we do feel it we cry and we miss as a child missing mother, this is bhakti my friend, we don't cry for anything else from Him, we don't cry for because we miss a bigger house or a better car, WE MISS HIM, that is bhakti, certainly i would not call myself a devotee if truly would not miss my Baba, His tremendous love, His tremendous grace. Yes we do sometimes ask for worldly things also it's ok as a child loving his/her mother would ask certain things from mother, but this things fall of as love penetrates deeper.

The last part "i always believe in my efforts i will put my efforts first then trust my guru for his help is this wrong pls help me what stage is my bakthi with my guru i hope this site will give some answer to me". Believing in our effort first, i don't think so. Has not our Sadguru said a lot of times 'cast your burden on me.' Has not he said in Shree Sai SatCharitra chapter 50, that, "why should you take the responsibility of the actions on you? Do not entertain the sense of doership in doing good, as well as for bad deeds; be entirely prideless and egoless in all things and thus your spiritual progress will be rapid."

My efforts, the sense of doership, Baba asks us to leave, Baba asks us to be entirely prideless and egoless in all things, in so called spiritual and not spiritual endeavors. We should be nothing surrendered to our Sadguru Sai Baba and give Him the power of attorney of all our thoughts, deeds and words. Trust on Guru should be prior and it should not be my efforts, when we surrender all the efforts are His not ours, if i have to put effort i will put total effort in everything i do and know well that it is for my Sadguru He is doing it through this entity we call me and not for any results. Whatever is done is for Him and for His love, the responsibility lies on Him and not me, the me and i should dissolve in Him, in His love. Oh my Sadguru you are the doer and not me. Only the Sadguru can help none else, and so we should ask for help from Him and Him alone. Forget about the stage of bhakti, something so profound as bhakti we cannot divide in stages and understand it, let the bhakti penetrate deeper in the being, let the love work let the tears cleanse, just let Him and His love and His grace work. Nothing is more powerful and important than the love and grace of Baba, we should just surrender to it, be totally His. Now my efforts don't count, my efforts have no meaning, Only His love and His grace has meaning.

Om Sadguru Sainath Maharaj, the Sadguru with tremendous love for His devotees, we bow to you, we surrender to you.

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