Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Some queries

Received some queries on mail from a devotee. So today am putting the queries and my response on this post. So that it can get, some more responses by other Sai Baba devotees and those interested in spirituality in the comments.

Hi Alpesh,

I hope you remember that we had chat once. One question was coming
again n again in mind. n i was not getting satisfied with the ansers
which i was getting. So i thought to ask u d same.

What is the significance of the "siddh peeth" like Vaishno devi,
Amarnaath, Tirupati balaji. We being a human being always have some
wish, desires based
on the circumstances of life. It is said when god want to bless you
with happiness he made you to come there and there is another fact
that no one can change destiny not even god. its said "honi ko koi
nahi taal sakta hai".

i have read in sai sacharitra that people who didnt have child they
were blessed with the baba's "aashirwaad". Here one questions comes up
in mind that
when somthing is not in your destiny then no one can change it. if
this is true then how can baba do this.

Take other side of this , if it is already written in destiny then
whats the point of asking somthing from god. People use to go temple
with the full hope. So shouldnt we leave hope for getting somthing
from god. Shldnt v accept the fact that there is no one in the whole
universe who can change your destiny.

People says that belief in god make u stronger. but what i feel that
its good to have faith on supreme power. but because of this "moh-
maya" we are bound to trapped in the pain n sorrows. sometimes this
pain is so intense that v even cant meditate on god. This is my
personal expreince about baba.

I hope you would be able to anser my questions i have asked above.


Hi Anshu,

Well Anshu, it is said that spirituality cannot be explained. any amount of explanations will not satisfy the mind and the soul. What satisfies or bring end to the spirituality related questions is direct perceptions or experience.

About the siddh peth, i can say that these places are overwhelmingly charged with spiritual energy. These places has the capacity to materialize many desires. However the materialization of the desires is not the goal of spirituality, but the ending of the desires, which comes through grace of God or Sadgurus like Sai Baba.

Sai Baba had the power to bring something in his devotees life, which was not in their destiny. As you have mentioned he gave children to many who were not destined. He even warded of deaths and grave accidents where ever required, but not always. Prime example is a kid named Babu (will be writing the story on the blog), who was much loved by him, and brought tears in Sai Baba's eyes when he was brought to Sai Baba soon after he was born, and brought tears in Sai Baba's eyes when Babu left the physical body at a tender age of about 8.

Yes you are right we go to the temple full of hopes. That is what makes us go to the temples. We miss something and feel that if that particular thing is attained or received will bring end to troubles, but we ask for with our minds which is incapable of perceiving the highest and which can put an end of all the problems.

In the title of the blog is the statement which Sai Baba used to say, " I give people what they want in the hope that they will begin to want what I want to give them." Sai Baba satisfies our wants and desires so we can know his love and care for us because that is the only way we understand. Then as we start feeling the love and care and protection of Sai Baba, he starts giving us what he wants to give us, which cannot be explained in words not can the mind understand it as it is beyond mind, it is infinite and mind is finite. How can the finite know the infinite, only the infinite has to be allowed to demolish the finite and only the infinite remains. As Sai Baba hinted while explaining the verse of Bhagwat Gita. The hint starts from ‘Isn’t Brahma pure Knowledge or being?’


‘And everything else non-being or ignorance (non-Knowledge)?’


‘Don’t the scriptures declare that Brahma is beyond the range of speech or mind?’

Shldnt v accept the fact that there is no one in the whole
universe who can change your destiny.

Personally i feel Sai Baba can change the destiny, however the point is not about changing the destiny but about going beyond the destiny, that is what Sai Baba is for us. And faith in him with Saburi (patience) can make it happen.

"we are bound to trapped in the pain n sorrows. sometimes this
pain is so intense that v even cant meditate on god. This is my
personal expreince about baba."

Yes that is true, what i do with the grace of Sai Baba is just let the intensity of the pain happen and pray to Sai Baba to be with me in that difficult times, not fighting with it but allowing it to happen as necessity and anything that happens to us , happens according to our own Sanchit Karma, so let if happen and leave is to Sai Baba, total surrender. An incident about sufferings and karma which is posted in the article Sai Baba on sufferings.

i am nobody to answer the questions but am putting my own feelings about the questions.



Anonymous said...

Dear Anshu n Alpesh,

Its been really nice to see that Anshu raised question and present words to his curiosity, and nicely answered by alpesh.

My answer would be something really simple,
Seedh peeth, why there is need of such kind of place or created by supreme power. well as far as i think, it mainly deal with something in disguise for the wellness of human beings, its up to human beings how they interpret. It start simply with trust and end with it too, that is one message GOD wants ever to communicate to us, people do feel anxiety or feel sad, when something gone wrong in the past, or worried which even not happened i.e., future. GOD only want that people do their duties or karma, because it is something which can people do bcoz we have brain. Try to differentiate between right and wrong. Because you will count to your karmas in front of God. I believe one mantra of Mahatama Gandhi will fit his situation perfectly, whenever in doubt see and compare yurself with lesse status people than you. and see what more you are getting from GOD.

Amit Singh

Alpesh Patel said...

Thanks Amit for your good response, very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Lets first accept that all thoughts, feelings, moods etc... arise from the mind, and at all times, as far as possible, strive to have only positive thoughts emanating from therein. Debates, Controversies etc....will only confuse us further. Lets keep it simple, and be ever-smiling at all times.

People going to temple, whether for having a desire fulfilled - This is typically a stage where a strong faith is being established. Once they get what they want, their faith gets stronger, they tend to dis-associate desires with going to temple or praying to God, but retain just the simple yet strong faith in God. Of course, there could be people who still continue to go to temple for getting their desires fulfilled. But lets see the positives - They still have faith right ? That's what's required ultimately, I feel. The Faith evolves gradually.

Destiny and God - This is a topic of constant debate. In all humility, I suggest - Let's take everything given to us and taken from us, as if its done by Baba himself. Accept him as God, Guru, Father, Mother, Friend etc... and dedicate every breath towards him. Lets clutch at his feet for every moment, and dispel all anxieties. For, I feel, that's what he ultimately or indirectly meant by bringing in the topic of Destiny - That we should remember him at all times !

Anyhow, we all know well that life typically is a whole bunch of endless desires in the pipeline. So why not have spiritual desires as far as possible ?

I hope this helps in some way. Baba is all-powerful, and will dispel all your doubts by his dumb-founding leelas. Direct your questions to him, from time to time. His blessings are always with us. He wants us only to remember him always.

Anonymous said...

thank u alpeshji really i felt blessed reading ur answer baba has shown his very much karuna and made u so devoted.Alpeshji really feling veryhappy bcos i also had this doubt can destiny be changed? i searched for years and finally found out that,when baba is doing evrything and he loves us so much that he does not wants us to suffer.why should we worry abt worries?and many times i asked questions to baba he had only one answer "complete ur past sanchita karmas" and these wordfs used to echo wen ever i felt unhappy wit situations.Alpeshji baba the karunamayee has come to relive us from all our past karmas and give us a life of complete devotion.I have heard and felt that the path is razor sharp and sai our support to move on it.Why should we fear wen baba is here.And i heard a devimaa telling "when u go to God he takes away all that excess u have and leaves with very little to live with so that u dont forget him and chant his name always" are we not blessed bcos baba knows and he loves us so much.And wat pain are we suffering wen plp outside have not found God as their refuge and cry with themselves atleast we have Saimaa who comes and wipes our tears when we are on sorrow.A saint sang God give me diifficulties always so that i can rememeber ur name always otherwise this mind will be become so materialitic that u will not be seen ever.Alpeshji plz correct me if i have said anything wrong and would be happy to see ur reply for this.


ravikiran mama

Alpesh Patel said...


I feel very happy to read your very nice :) response.

May the motherly love and blessings and protection of Sai always be on us

Unknown said...

i am shoba sai devotee he had blessed me a lot now i am in big problem.
I want to marry a person we are not loving each other but we have better understanding.My parents are oppposing it .Please you people pray for me some how my parents should accept my marriage.I left everythings into his feet .
Now everything is going wrong in my life both officially and personally .I should come out from all this problem and lead a peacefull and happy life..

Anonymous said...

Hi Shobha,

I think if you are not in love , then one should take a careful decision on marriage , understanding is understanding till such time it is put to test. for that matter even virtues like love/honesty is love/honsesty only till such time it is put to trying test.I dont know your age but sometimes things are best left to time to decide, as there is thin line of difference between understanding,love and infactuation.To share with you my experience , when i was young, tender age & went to shirdi, asking for partner i loved but didnt get that partner finaly as per will of God.i did go a temp phase of depression and frustation, but when i look back at it after being married & happy for years now , God had better plans for me !
when it comes to carrier,you know wherever there are we Indians be it Indian company or MNC for that matter .....thrive on Corporate Politics.its the same story everywhere.even i feel that pain daily for riding against the wave, so keep it up if you hav kept yourself aloof(away)from Politics.sure God is watching & is Proud of you.dont worry...

Good luck.
A Sai devotee...

Unknown said...


Shiridi sai ram ki jai...

I m pratheepa, a sai devotee. I hae got married before one year.ME and my husband tried to start a business all we are getting delayed on what ever steps we make. We rae posponding our children untill we start a business. I m so much worried since we have got no help from any one to guide us in business.
We planned to let a car in rent to other travels which is in contract to companies,but we are not getting any of such travels . All peoples are trying to betray us.
Baba please help us in starting a good business.Laos we planed to do a departmental stores if in travels we are not getting good response but we are getting delayed in starting our business for more than one year. So getting our child is alos getting posponed . Also i have some problem in getting child due to Poly cyst ovary in my utreus. But all our problems are not getting solved.
I m so much vexed due to this delay.
I m not eating sleeping or doing any thing due to this. Also there is dispute between me and my husband due to this.

Sai Ram , Shiridi Maha raj pls save me from my difficulties.

Pls help me in starting my business good. Please so me a good contract to start our business.

I need to do so since i did love marriage aganist my parents and need to face them only if i m good and sound in finance and status .
They are avoiding me only due to my fiance and status. But both me and my husband are working as a software Engineer in good MNC. But we need to get more income to support our childrens and my parents ,brother and sister.

Sai Ram pls help me in achieveing my goals . I need to grow large in business and im ready to put all my efforts baba.

I need to get good childrens with baba blessings.

Please so me a way to do so.

Please pray for me .

With care and love,

Nimish said...

Hi devotees,

I would also like to add something to this topic about destiny that Anshu mentioned.

Dstiny is nothing but the fruits of your own deeds. You get something in life because you have done something in the past relating to it. In the Mahabharat, Lord Krishna was able to save Draupadi from getting disrobed because she had once saved a Sadhu from embarrassment in front of the public by giving him clothes to wear. This was the reason why Lord Krishna was able to save her from embarrassment. Baba always said that I do nothing, everything that is happening is MY karma; I am destined to heal some devotee or I am destined to bless someone with a child. This HE can do only if His devotees have done something good previously. That is one of the primary reasons why Baba always asks us to do good to everyone, so that HE can help us when we face tough times. This is also the primary reason why only the one that Baba choses goes to see Baba.

Hence my dear Sai devotees, always do good to everyone, may be it be people, animals or any living beings. The path of karma is mysterious and you never know when and where you would have to repay your previous good or bad deeds.

Jai Sai Naath.

Anonymous said...

Baba, i have done lot of sins and iam repenting now. Please help me.

Alpesh Patel said...

Please read - Sai SatCharitra Parayan and Sai SatCharitra

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