Friday, June 8, 2007

Videos of Sai Baba Palkhi and song

A couple of video clips of Sai Baba palkhi and a beautiful, heart touching, joy giving song called Sai Baba Bolo Sai Baba Bolo

Palkhi procession in Shirdi

The following video clip is from a movie made on Sai Baba of Shirdi. The incident shown is of Sai Baba leaving his body for three days.In the movie a wonderful song has been added showing this incident. On hearing many of the Sai Baba devotees would feel a thrill and hair of the body standing. This is one amazing experience which is recorded many felt when Sai Baba was moving around in a physical body in the sacred land of Shirdi, and even now while in Shirdi, or while in any of his temple, or just talking and discussing about Sai Baba or the experience that the devotees have felt regarding Sai Baba. Also in the video clip is shown Sai Baba's close devotees coming from the different religion, which shows his message of love and 'Sabka Malik Ek' (God the owner is one and only one). Among the close devotees of Sai Baba while he moved around in physical mortal body where the disciple coming from different religions like Hindu, Muslim, Parsis, Christians and more.

Oops coming back to dramatization of the incident shown in the video clip. Once Sai Baba called one of his close devotee Mahalsapati, a Hindu Brahmin, who welcomed Sai Baba, during the visit of Sai Baba in Shirdi, after which Sai Baba seldom left Shirdi, by welcoming him by the name of Sai. Since the perfect Master, the merciful Fakir of Shirdi is being called as Sai Baba.The name itself brings joy and much more in the heart of His devotees, certainly we all have and idea what kind of joy we feel even while remembering the name of the beloved and how difficult it is to convey or to say or to pen down or type it out in this case. Interesting to note that this Mahalsapati did not allow Sai Baba to stay in the Khandoba Temple, thinking him to be a Muslim Fakir from the kind of clothes Sai Baba had wore and 'Allah Malik' slept out of Sai Baba's lips too often. After sometime the same Mahalsapati regarded Sai Baba as his God.

Sai Baba called Mahaslapati and told him that he was leaving the body for three days. Sai Baba asked him to guard his body for three days, and told him that if he did not return after three days, to bury his body pointing to a place and put flags to mark the place of burial. After that Sai Baba left his body. The blood stopped moving in the body, the ingoing and outgoing of the breath stopped. No doctor of the world would certify him as alive. Even few villager felt the same and after a day were adamant for the burial of the body which they thought was dead and would contribute to some kind of disease in the village. Mahalsapati would not allow that, with the complete faith he said Sai Baba will come back after three days as he himself had told him. There were some more devotees of Sai Baba who supported Mahasapati. And early morning on the third day, Sai Baba's body again began to breath, Sai Baba came back, spreading his love and grace, his compassion, which is still going on so powerfully. I can just feel it. Bolo Sadaguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!

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dude jukt keep sai chanting in the music list when you open site sais chanting can be listened

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